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  2. AMPLIFIERS Presenter lavanya v
  3. Introduction Amplifiers are intermediate element that the increase the magnitude of the signal from a transducer Can be conveniently displayed or recorded In cases where a reduction is needed in the magnitude of the signal from the transducers called attenuators
  4. Types of amplifier 1) Mechanical amplifying element 2) Hydraulic amplifying amplifying element 3) Pneumatic optical amplifying element 4) Optical amplifying element 5) Electrical amplifying element Instrumentation and measurement work 1) Ac amplifier 2) Dc or direct coupled amplifiers 3) Carriers amplifier 4) Chopper amplifier
  5. Pneumatic amplifying element  In order to amplify pressure signal P2, a ball type relay which is operated by the motion of an elastic diaphragm which gets deflects due to P2  If the ball is at lowest position, pressure P3 is atmospheric while at the top most position  P3 equals supply pressure P1  P3 changes from zero gage pressure to P1 due to small change in P2
  6. Optical amplifying element  A ray of light gets deflected by 2θ, from a mirror attached to the moving member and the distance X0 moved by the light spot on the scale X0=2Rθt R-distance between the scale and mirror
  7. AC and DC amplifier  Input voltage V1 to be amplified, is supplied to grid of valve1  Voltage V2 from valve 1 is applied across the grid of valve 2  Coupling between the two valves is through a capacitor C, in case of an amplifier  If the capacitor is omitted, the component of the signal is retained and it becomes a direct coupled amplifier
  8. Chopper amplifier  The input signal is ,by a chopper, made to produce a square wave voltage  The chopped or modulated signal is amplified by an ac amplifier  The original signal is recovered by the demodulation and filtering  For a dc voltage V1,the chopped voltage Vi to Vo are of square type and  After filtering , the original signal is recovered as V2 With gain G=V2/V1 V1 V2 input output Vi V0 Chopper
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