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ICSME 2019: Software Engineering Research: Beyond Impacting Practitioners

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The culmination of the Usenix Security 2019 keynote by ex-Yahoo CSO, ex-Facebook CSO, current Stanford adjunct Alex Stamos was an imposing challenge “The nerds inherited the earth. We gotta do better.” Indeed, every living being on this planet both benefits and feels the impact of us nerds (a term I’ve never been fond of, as a female, but that’s another keynote). Much ado lately has been on improving academic-industry collaboration in software engineering research, but what about the “living beings”? I will share an introspection of what I’ve learned during my 20 year academic career intentionally involving as much industrial collaboration as possible and my thoughts on bringing “society” and its needs as a first class customer in achieving software engineering research impact.

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ICSME 2019: Software Engineering Research: Beyond Impacting Practitioners

  1. 1. Software Engineering Research: Beyond Impacting Practitioners Laurie Williams North Carolina State University laurie_williams@ncsu.edu
  2. 2. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. -- Matthew 5:5
  3. 3. The nerds inherited the earth. -- Alex Stamos, Stanford USENIX Security Keynote 2019 … we gotta do better.
  4. 4. Centennial Campus On penetrating your psyche …. Truth!
  5. 5. Making the world a better place
  6. 6. Making the world a better place
  7. 7. Ecosystem of Scientific and Societal Impact State of Art State of Practice State of Society
  8. 8. SoA SoP SoS “Every line of code has a moral and ethical implication.” --- Grady Booch, ICSE SEIS Keynote, 2015
  9. 9. The Stamos Hierarchy of the Actual Bad Stuff that Happens Online to Real People Misuse InfoSec Alex Stamos keynote at USENIX Security 2019 [Alex had said “abuse” rather than “misuse”; underlining emphasis added.]
  10. 10. InfoSec Account Lifecycle/Passwords Patching Simple Config Errors Old App Vulns USENIX {
  11. 11. https://twitter.com/worldwise001/status/1161683477676171264
  12. 12. Ecosystem of Scientific and Societal Impact: ICSME State of Art State of Practice State of Society
  13. 13. WHO am I serving? WHAT is their challenge? •The goal of this research is to aid [stakeholder] to [solve problem] through [research technique]. • The goal of this research is to help practitioners avoid insecure coding practices while developing infrastructure as code (IaC) scripts through an empirical study of security smells in IaC scripts. • The goal of this paper is to aid researchers and tool makers in improving the utility of static analysis tools through an empirical study of developer action on the alerts detected by Coverity, a state- of-the-art static analysis tool.
  14. 14. Stakeholders @ ICSME
  15. 15. Problems @ ICSME
  16. 16. In the absence of a stakeholder and/or problem … How is the world a better place?
  17. 17. State of the Art State of Art State of Practice State of Society State of Art
  18. 18. Do you care about the kids?
  19. 19. Centennial Campus State of the Practice State of Art State of Practice State of Society
  20. 20. Industry Has …
  21. 21. Academia Has …
  22. 22. Together We Have …
  23. 23. Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby …
  24. 24. Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby …
  25. 25. Intentional relevance check
  26. 26. Continuous Deployment Summits 2015-2019 Security Summit 2019
  27. 27. Protection Poker
  28. 28. Centennial Campus State of Society … and my mother and father and neighbor and boss and friend and sister and brother and dog and wildlife … … State of Art State of Practice State of Society
  29. 29. “… considering the needs of the users and developers of software as well as considering the potential impact software could have on people.” State of Art State of Practice State of Society
  30. 30. “… contributions that highlight how software engineering can address the opportunities and challenges posed by the rapidly accelerating pace of technological advances impacting the economic, political, environmental, social, and technical aspects of society.”
  31. 31. Software Engineering in Society @ ICSE • The goal of this research is to aid [stakeholder] to [solve problem] through [research technique].
  32. 32. Contributing to ICSE SEIS
  33. 33. Stakeholders @ ICSE SEIS
  34. 34. Problems @ ICSE SEIS
  35. 35. Drive car Lock car Steal car <<threatens>> <<mitigates>>
  36. 36. Whistleblow Communicate to journalists <<mitigates>> <<mitigates>> Host child porn Sell illicit drugs ???
  37. 37. Connect with friends Communicate news <<mitigates>> <<mitigates>> Fake news Bully ???
  38. 38. Appreciate nature Build relationships <<mitigates>> <<mitigates>> Stalk you Sell you stuff ???
  39. 39. SoA SoP SoS The Balance of Impact
  40. 40. Personal takeaway … People
  41. 41. The nerds inherited the earth. -- Alex Stamos, Stanford USENIX Security Keynote 2019 … we gotta do better.
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