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Towards Rubicon: A Story About Libraries That Turn And Face The Strange

Keynote at the annual REBIUN conference, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, November 9th 2016

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Towards Rubicon: A Story About Libraries That Turn And Face The Strange

  1. 1. Towards Rubicon A Story About Libraries That Turn And Face The Strange Christian Lauersen Copenhagen University Library Email: cula@kb.dk Twitter: @clauersen REBIUN 2016, November 9th 2016, Palma de Mallorca
  2. 2. Towards Rubicon
  3. 3. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Turn and face the strange You, after my talk
  4. 4. To embrace the change and face the strange we need to ask the right questions
  5. 5. What’s the purpose of higher education?
  6. 6. What changes effects higher education?
  7. 7. Which challenges and opputunities does these changes bring?
  8. 8. To which challenges and oppotunities in higer education is The Library the answer?
  9. 9. Screw the burning platform! Hail the burning ambition!
  10. 10. Ask yourself: Are you in the saving libraries business? Or in the supporting higher education business?
  11. 11. So why are we here? So why are we here?
  12. 12. To make higher education succeed. (Not Libraries)
  13. 13. A better world?
  14. 14. The Monessen / Pittsburgh case
  15. 15. Game changers in higher education
  16. 16. Liberation of information
  17. 17. Limitation of information
  18. 18. New ways of collecting information
  19. 19. New ways of working with informationNew ways of working with information
  20. 20. Education and learning has been liberated from the classroom
  21. 21. Behaviour
  22. 22. Answers?
  23. 23. Access Data Education Science SpaceSystems
  24. 24. Content
  25. 25. Ideology and reality
  26. 26. Library World From The ”Outside In” Library To The ”Inside Out” Library Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC
  27. 27. Data litearcy and data management
  28. 28. Discovery
  29. 29. Education
  30. 30. Learn them to catch fish Don’t catch fish for them Learn them to catch fish
  31. 31. Don’t only focus on your own catalog Go beyond your own catalog
  32. 32. Embed Embed (both virtual and analog)
  33. 33. Support a learning culture Not only ressources for learning
  34. 34. Space
  35. 35. Are we making libraries for books? Or libraries for people?
  36. 36. Common ground Interdisiplinary Lack of evaluation and authority
  37. 37. Supporting student success
  38. 38. The librarian The most important asset of any library goes home at night – the library staff - Timothy Healy
  39. 39. Librarianship is not neutral
  40. 40. An example on how to turn and face the strange: Digital Social Science Lab Faculty Library of Social Sciences, Copenhagen University Library
  41. 41. An open platform for education and events on digital methods Hardware and software for harvesting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data A dynamic and aesthetically inspiring learning environment
  42. 42. The library as hub: Community and peer-to-peer
  43. 43. Flexibility Functionality Inspiration
  44. 44. AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE TRADITIONAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT An alternative to the classic learning setup
  45. 45. Digital Social Science Lab http://kub.kb.dk/DSSL The Library Lab https://christianlauersen.net
  46. 46. Future of Libraries Task Force Preliminary Report
  47. 47. So how do libraries turn and the face the strange?
  48. 48. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Nom nom Culture eats strategy for breakfast Nom nom
  49. 49. If you want to die, isolate If you want to live, collaborate
  50. 50. Tell your library story
  51. 51. Everybody is an ambassador
  52. 52. Find valid methods for measuring impact and make better libraries
  53. 53. A Danish Library Impact Report Results from Roskilde University Library
  54. 54. The Library is a part of something bigger
  55. 55. See the bigger picture
  56. 56. Never waist a good crisis
  57. 57. The Library is nothing without people
  58. 58. Diversity is king! It’s the mix of people that makes a great library
  59. 59. Leadership and direction
  60. 60. See you on the other side of Rubicon Never forget to face the strange Christian Lauersen cula@kb.dk @clauersen https://christianlauersen.net