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The rise and fall of group buying in China

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In first half of this year, the domestic group buying market was cultivating in a vibrant scene and the landscape of group buying websites has been intermittently under convulsion.

The grim reality is such a crowded market, fueled by venture capitals and vicious competition, filled with counterfeit products and not guaranteed offline service, is shrinking and becoming a grotesque gallery of layoffs, closings, late payments, dissatisfied clients, and shattered.

Will China group buying market is just an online Titanic? This is the quesion we discuss about in this issue.

More articles you can find in "e-Commerce Insider", which is a monthly report dedicated to the Chinese e-Commerce market.

Other focuses in this issue:
- e-Commerce second most favored adventure for china startup
- The rise of social e-commerce in china will be unstoppable
- Watsons lands in taobao mall, pushing promotion
- Vancl's bleeding loss, troubled ipo dream and much more
- Chilly wind of china e-commerce winter blows.

This report is issued by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

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The rise and fall of group buying in China

  1. 1. e-Commerce Insider I DecemberThe Rise and Fall of GroupBuying in China
  2. 2. Article from e-Commerce Insider, the monthly report monitoring market trends in China Get the full report asia@mail.atelier.net Its best time Its worst time Its future?? First half of 2011 Second half of 2011 Still promising, market consolidation In March, group buying 1,486 group buying sites Below will be the survivors: sites had increased by 732 have died so far  Top 10 group buying 20% of the remaining sites sites accounted for 74.8% have not updated with new of market share products Total number of players Most Struggle with exploded to 4,057 counterfeit goods, dissatisfied customers, layoff, late payment etc
  3. 3. What else are within e-Commerce Insider this month? Get the full report This report will give you… asia@mail.atelier.net Up-To-Date Market Data – List of graphs & charts on e-commerce Internet company insights 360buy.com Lashou.com  Transaction size of China online luxury market 2010-2015 55tuan.com Meituan.com Amazon.cn Miqi.com  Coach’s flagship store on Taobao Mall Amazon.com Newegg.cn  Snapshot of OKBuy’s page on Tencent weibo Coach.tmall.com Sunning.cn  Snapshot of Vogue talent corner in Thecorner.cn Coo8.com Thecorner.cn Dangdang.com Tiantian.com  Shipping & delivery policy across major 3C B2C platforms e.dangdang.com Tmall.com  Glimpse of Jumei luxury channel ju.taobao.com Vancl.com Jumei.com Weibo.com/vancl  Comparison of 4 key online cosmetics players in China Lafaso.com Youa.comBrands & Retailers Strategy Updates  Topics covered in this report Online Online Group Internet 3C platforms B2C Market Luxury Cosmetics buying
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