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HUGGGGEEEE money to be made in China

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Donald Trump knows money. But did you know how much money you can make teaching English in China? Because it's a lot of money. You can read the full blog post here.

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HUGGGGEEEE money to be made in China

  1. 1. visit us at https://blog.laowaicareer.com tweet us @laowaicareer
  2. 2. Teaching English in China Salaries in China range from 25,000 to 100,000 dollars per year. The following is a more detailed guide.
  3. 3. Kindergartens $18 US per hour. The figure rises slightly if little preparation or outside work is involved.
  4. 4. Boarding Schools 480 to 1,090 US dollars per month. Plus an apartment and flights. One month holiday for the spring holiday, two months during the summer and two week’s fully paid vacation.
  5. 5. Private Language Institutions Since children range from as low as grade school pupils to business people, student skill level differs a great deal. The schools, however, tend to have a high rate of student turnover.
  6. 6. Career Teaching Career teachers make as much as 40,000 US dollars per year, usually paid in foreign currency.
  7. 7. Business English Teaching In most cases, the centers provide tools of work such ad lesson plans as well as a housing allowance on top of the base salary averaging 970 UD dollars
  8. 8. Bonus Click on the link below to read the full blog post! https://blog.laowaicareer.com/money-bags-teacher-salary- china/
  9. 9. LaowaiCareer.com blog.LaowaiCareer.com • Search Jobs • Register as a Job seeker. • Subscribe to our Newsletter, Job offers and Blogs • Read our blog