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Leading the new Literacies: Digital, Media, Global Project Based Learning

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Three new 21st century literacies need focused integration in curriculum and teaching: digital, media, and global. Do you wish to engage your school into DIGITAL LITERACY upgrades? How do we help our students critique and create MEDIA that prepares them for future careers and college? Do you want to GLOBALIZE your classroom? These questions will be addressed in this lively and hands-on session Michael Fisher and Silvia Tolisano will share Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs' newest model that provides practical steps in identifying each literacy in classroom practice as they intersect in dynamic projects for our learners K-12.

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Leading the new Literacies: Digital, Media, Global Project Based Learning

  1. Leading New the Literacieswith Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano & Mike Fisher
  2. Shanghai Saratoga Online
  3. of a Modern Learner Snapshot
  4. LiteraciesDesigningNew SilviaRosenthalTolisano@langwitches
  5. welearn?Howdo
  6. Collaborative &Social we learn? How do
  7. I think… I see… I wonder…
  8. Literacy Digital Media GlobalLiteracy Literacy
  9. Literacy Digital Media GlobalLiteracy Literacy
  10. Literacy Digital Accessing Selection Creation Capabilities Capabilities Capabilities Capabilities Curation
  11. Mike Thornton http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/61256?present=true
  12. Literacy Digital Information Network Citizenship Literacy Literacy Digital
  13. Literacy Digital InformationLiteracy
  14. “The World only how you learned it)”. withwhatyou CAN DO KNOW Thomas Friedman caresaboutwhat you (and it doesn’t care SilviaRosenthalTolisano-@langwitches
  15. Googleable http://edu.blogs.com/edublogs/2012/06/googleable-or-not-googleable.html
  16. Minecraft Video
  17. & Curate Building Knowledge Collaborate Content
  18. The Machine is Us
  19. Making Learning Visible
  20. Literacy Digital NetworkLiteracy
  21. SilviaRosenthalTolisano@langwitches Eric HellwegHarvard Business Review: Network Technology Network Identity Network Intelligence Network Capability Network Literacy
  22. CSI- Twitter
  23. SAMR Model Development
  24. Transmedia Storytelling
  25. Literacy Digital Citizenship Digital
  26. Privacy?
  27. Digital Dossier
  28. Copyright Copywrong
  29. Literacy Digital Media GlobalLiteracy Literacy
  30. Ender’s Game
  31. Receptive Capability
  32. Literacy Digital Media GlobalLiteracy Literacy
  33. Literacy Global is not achieved with sporadic projects
  34. Don’t just talk the world, about collaborate and learn withthe world! consult, speak, Inspired by Vicky Davis, Julie Lindsay and my Global Network.
  35. Mindset Global Pedagogy is not about a skill set, but aabout
  36. Pedagogystrategies,approaches
 & techniques to facilitate learning
  37. Global Mindset
  38. It is not but WHAT you connect you know, HOW about
  39. Projects Global Skype in the Classroom Mystery Skype Read Around the World
  40. Mindset Global Regularly Bring in Outside Experts Use Google Maps & Earth Consistently Collaborative Reading & 
 Writing Opportunities Participate & Initiate Crowdsourced Projects/Surveys/Docs
  41. Educator What is the ProfileGlobal
  42. Connectedness Global
  43. Explorer Attitude
  44. Imagination Global
  45. becoming a Steps Global Educator in
  46. Speaking Sideways
  47. I don’t translate, nor wonder what comes first...the verb or the noun? I know how to respond to something unexpected. I am comfortable and not terrified. I can relate, communicate and connect with others. I know that a language is the sum of words, common history and traditions. It feels intuitive, unconscious and smooth. Language Fluency
  48. What is Amplification?
  49. Overwhelmed? Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano @langwitches
  50. IS is not in addition to the work and sharing online specifically, of being an educator. the Work Sharing It . Ewan Mcintosh
  51. Examples Ideas Classroom fromthe &
  52. Co-Teaching Across Oceans
  53. Social Reading
  54. Student Bloggers
  55. Co-mmenters
  56. Movie Making China-Australia
  57. 7 Billion Others
  58. Blogging-Quadblogging
  59. Selfies- Survey
  60. Slavery Project
  61. Language Learners
  62. Visualize Poetryhttp://visualizepoetryaroundtheworld.wikispaces.com/
  63. I used to think… …now Ithink… DMG literacy was…
  64. Literacy Digital Media GlobalLiteracy Literacy
  65. This Rocks… This is Lame…
  66. Professional Development
  67. Tech Tsunami https://www.flickr.com/photos/mnorri/4465285015/
  68. image licensed under CC by @ransomtech https://www.flickr.com/photos/ransomtech/5431191060/
  69. Change image licensed under CC by Will Richardson https://www.flickr.com/photos/wrichard/3743686850/
  70. https://www.flickr.com/photos/datruss/5216340720/
  71. Positive Disruption Design
  72. Scenario Imagination Tweak Share
  73. GPSGoals Process Success
  74. CROWDSOURCE GOOGLE FORM https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamescridland/613445810
  75. DOCUMENTLEARNING SilviaRosenthalTolisano@langwitches
  76. I think… I see… I wonder…