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iPads in Education- Part 2

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Essential Questions for using iPads in Education. What is the difference between transformative use and automated use of iPads in the classroom?
Six activities to try out as a teacher. Many apps to get teachers started in creating with their students. QR codes available to link to apps.

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iPads in Education- Part 2

  1. iPads in Education Automating vs.Transformative
  2. Century Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Skills, Literacies & Fluency Educational Consultant GloballyConnectedLearning.com Langwitches.org/blog
  3. Essential Questions iPads in Education
  4. What is the Difference bet weenAutomating? Transforming?
  5. Text How can you use the iPad toDifferentiate Learning?
  6. How can the iPadTransform Teaching & Learning?
  7. What is YOUREssential Question
  8. iPads as a Teaching Tool
  9. Access to Curate Access toInformation Media Differentiated Instruction Organized Professional Development Mobility
  10. iPads as a Learning Tool
  11. ! , & ; / $ / # ( 4 * 8 , 1(!"#$%&()&*+,-&.%&( Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences!$/#0$1.%()01$%&(2$10&3(45&.&(6"7$8(9$/,1*+,.%(:/*,;5,;1"/&(:/*;&5,;1"/&(
  12. Bloom’s Taxonomy for iPads Creating Audioboo iMovie ComicBook! ReelDirector SonicPics Animoto Puppet Pals Toontastic Doink Evaluating Mobile Science HootSuite Skype Zite FlipBoard Instapaper Goodreads Wunderlist RSS 360 Analyzing iThoughts Today’s Explain 3D Cell GoSky Lino Popplet Diigo GoDocs HD Documents Everything Simulation Watch Applying ZigZag Poetry Keynote Visualize Posterous Presentation Xperica GearHD ShowMe Creator Board LinkUnderstanding 123 Good Touch ScreenChomp Motion Math Idea Sketch Corkulous Blogsy Pages Charts Reader DrawRemembering Stack the Evernote NxtApp Ansel & Clair’s Word iBook Noteshelf eClicker Globe Countries Peek 4Kids Adventure Seek HD Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano~ GloballyConnectedLearning.com~ adapted from Kathy Schrock’s Blooming iPad
  13. Apps
  14. From Automation
  15. ToTransformation
  16. Imagination
  17. iPad Fluency Knowing what app to use for a specific purpose...Knowing what and how to combine apps to create and share...
  18. QR Reader by QR Code Cityhttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scan/id411206394?mt=8 Scan
  19. iBook
  20. Book Creator
  21. Audioboo
  22. ComicBook!
  23. iMovie
  24. Reel Director
  25. SonicPics Lite
  26. iThoughts HD
  27. Animoto
  28. lino
  29. Popplet Lite
  30. Noteshelf
  31. Keynote
  32. Pages
  33. ShowMe
  34. ScreenChomp
  35. StoryRobe
  36. StoryKit
  37. eClicker
  38. Draw
  39. Noterize
  40. Resources
  41. Langwitches Google Reader iPad Bundle
  42. Langwitches Diigo Bookmarks
  43. Activities
  44. 1. InterviewApps Suggestions: iMovie ($4.99), AudioBoo (free)Directions:You will interview a real, historic, or fictitious person. Ask them about a specific event in their lives(historic period, eye witness event, family story, contribution to society, expert advice, etc.) • Script introduction to the person you are interviewing, give background information about the person. and formulate interview questions. • If using iMovie: Take an image of the real person you are interviewing (and maybe the surroundings/settings) or find and download an image (licensed under Creative Commons) of a fictitious person and pertinent images that would go with your interview. Import the images. • Record the audio of the interview • Keep your interview between 3-5 minutesShare:Export the movie to YouTube or Vimeo (if you have an account), then email me the link. I will embedthe video clip on the example page of this wiki. If you do not have an account with these services sendme the video file via Yousendit or DropboxPublish the audio file to AudioBoo, then email me the link to your audiobook and I will embed the fileon the example page of this wiki
  45. 2. Book RecommendationApps Suggestions: Sonic Pics Lite (free) StoryRobe ($0.99) , StoryKit (free)Directions: 1. Decide on a book that you would like to recommend to a specific audience (your students, book club, parent community, teacher colleague, administrators, etc.) 2. Write a short script to summarize the book, highlight why you feel your audience would like/ benefit from reading it. Add further resources (links, websites, movies, other books on the topic, etc.) about the setting, characters, topic, author, etc. 3. Find 5 visuals/images online to include in your recommendation. 4. Use Sonic Pics Liteand import the images, then record your script, advancing the slides as you are recording 5. The Book recommendation is to be between 90 seconds and 3 MinutesShare:Please export your recommendation as a movie: • send to YouTube (if you already have an account) to then share the link with us. I will embed the video clip here on the wiki • email the movie to me, so I can upload the video clip to my account and embed it here on the wiki
  46. 3. Comic Strip.Apps Suggestions: Comic Life ($7.99), ComicBookk ($1.99), Comic Creator ($),Comic Strip ($0.99), Cartoon Studio Free ( Free)Directions:You will develop a comic strip. Convey a message, an invented or true story, express interestinginformation about the topic of your choice.(Ex. A current news event, cyberbullying, Facebook etiquette, Using iPads in the classroom, a holiday,a funny story, etc.) • Storyboard your comic, by deciding on your story, setting, characters, dialogue • Have 3-5 related images in your iPads Photo Album (take your own images or search for creative commons or public domain images online) • Use a Comic creation app of your choice. • Choose a layout to accommodate the number of your images • Import your images from the Camera roll or take you own images with the iPads camera. • Add speech bubbles and stickers (if available)Share:Save your comic strip image and email to me or share on Twitter (dont forget to mention my username@langwitches)
  47. 4. Create an eBookApps Suggestions: Pages ($9.99), Google Docs (web based), iBooksDirections: Create an eBook with information for your students to read about a specific subject,topic or area of interest. (Ex. Monarch Butterflies, South American Countries, Student Created Essay orPoem Anthology, etc.) 1. Create a word document in (Google Docs, Pages or Microsoft Word) 2. In Pages save document as an ePub file. If you used Word or Google Docs, save as .doc, then convert the file with the free online ePub converter. 3. Drop the ePub file into your iTunes library 4. Sync itunes library to your iBook 5. Find and open your eBook in iBook.Share: Email the completed ePub file to be added to examples page.More Resource • Step by step flyer to create your own eBook for the iPad
  48. 5. Tutorial DesignApps Suggestions: Showme App (free) or ScreenChomp (free)Directions: • Choose one of the above screenrecording witheboards. • Create a step by step Math tutorial for students (choose a grade level) or a tutorial that showcasing you favorite iPad app, you want your students to start using (take screenshots of your app to be included in tutorial) • Your tutorial should not be longer than 3 minutesShare:With SchowmeApp: Share the tutorial clip by uploading it to ShowMeApp.com from within the app.You will need to create an account when prompted.With ScreenChomp: send it to the "cloud"after recording is complete, you will receive a unique URL(Web address). Please note (copy) that URL and email it to me. I will share the link on the Wikisexample page.
  49. 6. Epic Citadel ChallengeApps used: Epic Citadel (free)Apps Suggestions: iMovie ($4.99) , Sonic Pics Lite (free), StoryRobe ($0.99), StoryKit (free),Keynote ($9.99), Brushes ($7.99)Directions: • Create a digital story utilizing photos from the app Epic Citadel • The digital story may include text, or it may not. It may be a collage, a poem. It is entirely up to you, as long as it tell some sort of story - use any apps you like to create your story • Take screenshots (press down the on/off button and home button at the same time) • Record your voice to go with your story • Use any apps you like to create your story, ex. iMovie ($4.99) , Sonic Pics Lite (free), StoryRobe ($0.99), StoryKit (free) • Your story must be no more than 3 minutesShare:E-mail the completed story in their final format (movie, audio, presentation, image, etc.) to be includedin example page.
  50. Image CreditsFacebook by EscapedtoWisconsin http://www.flickr.com/photos/69805768@N00/3292899689/Baby with iPad http://www.flickr.com/photos/umpcportal/4581962986/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/oxtopus/5102485260/Children with iPad http://www.flickr.com/photos/scottvanderchijs/4912947547/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/angels_have_the_phone_box/5796098016/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/fritzon/4711241023/