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iPads In Education- Part 1

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Globally Connected Learning workshop. iPads in Education: PartI I- Introduction

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iPads In Education- Part 1

  1. iPads in Education Part I: Introduction
  2. Century Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Skills, Literacies & Fluency Educational Consultant GloballyConnectedLearning.com Langwitches.org/blog
  3. http://globallyconnectedlearning.com
  4. http://langwitches.wikispaces.com
  5. http://langwitches.org/blog
  6. @langwitcheshttp://twitter.com/langwitches
  7. Let’s Take aCloser Look Home Button
  8. Headphone JackLet’s Take a Rear Facing Camera Turn On/Off MicCloser Look Mute Volume Control up/down Speakers Connector
  9. Cameras rear facing front facing
  10. Connectors Projector/TV Camera
  11. Video Mirroring
  12. Getting Started
  13. Tap- Select/ Open an app Navigation Pinch- (click) Zoom in/out Double Tap- Zoom in/out (in most apps) Two Finger Swipe- Scrolling- Move from one Scroll in-site Screen to the NextHome Button- Double Tap Close an app Home Button- Multitasking
  14. Moving App Icons Organizing Your AppsHold your finger on an icon app until it starts wiggling, then click drag & drop Deleting Apps Click on “x” after icon app is wiggling Get out of Edit ModePush the Home Button to make app icons stop Creating Folders wiggling Drop a wiggling app icon on top of another app
  15. Cut/Copy/Paste Cut/Copy/ PasteHold your finger on an icon app until it starts wiggling, then click drag & drop
  16. Double Tap Home Button Volume/ Brightness/ Swipe to the right Lock/ iPod Lock Brightness Volume iPod skip/play
  17. Search Your iPad SearchSwipe to the RIGHT to get to Search Screen. Search apps,emails, contacts, music, etc.
  18. Turn Your iPad into a Photo Frame Picture Frame Button Tap the button to start the slide show. Change mode under Settings
  19. Taking Screenshots Screenshots Push the on/off button and Home button at the same time until you hear a camera sound Go to Photo Album The screenshot is automatically placed into your Photo Album
  20. Connecting to a Wifi 3.1. Settings 2. 5. 4.
  21. Downloading an App Search & Choose 2.1. 3. App Store Install 4. Apple ID & Top Password Featured Categories Chart
  22. Download iBooks ShowMe Google Earth Doodle Buddy
  23. Activity1 Using iBook •Go to “Store” •Choose Top Free Books” •Download the book •Explore Highlights, Dictionary, Search, Table of Content, etc. Share
  24. Activity1I Using Google Earth •Find the school campus •Take a screenshot Import into Doodle Buddy •Label parts of the school •Label North, South, East & West Share
  25. Activity III App Store •Go to the App Store •Choose a Category •Explore apps •How would you use this app? •How would you use this app for and with your students? Share
  26. Activity IV ShowMe App •Go to ShowMe app •Record a quick sample math lesson for your grade level. Share