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Cfs tacloban updates volunteer orientation

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Important reminders for Tacloban HOPE Volunteers!

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Cfs tacloban updates volunteer orientation

  1. 1. HOPE worldwide Philippines
  2. 2. Where we bring HOPE?
  3. 3. TACLOBAN Russell Reyes CPN – 0932.891.1131 Established Children Centers to implement the activities below for 2weeks in every evacuation centers Time Frame :Dec 15,2013 to Mar 14’ Children’s Activities e.g.play, art, movie therapy Psychosocial Support First aid therapy & Counseling Essential Nutrition (feeding) BOHOL Wi Lazaro CPN – 0932.868.3565 Established Children Centers to implement the activities below for 2weeks in every evacuation centers Time Frame :Dec 27,’2013 to Mar 14’ Creative Activities play, art, movie, sports therapy Psychosocial First aid therapy & Counseling Relief and medical activities Essential Nutrition (feeding) Education on the Prevention of child abuse and trafficking Relief and medical activities Education on the Prevention Case Management of of child abuse and trafficking orphans and vulnerable children with special needs Case Management of orphans and vulnerable House repairs (disciples children with special needs house) DAANBANTAYAN Jr. Vipinosa Jerry Tonel CPN – 0917.510.7869 Housing Project for Disciples Dec 27, 2013 to March 2014 Livelihood assistance Fishing boats and fishing kits Dec 15, 2013 to March 2014 Relief and medical activities on – going (Nov 2013 to Mar 2014) Construction of water source and Installation of water filters for the community Construction of common shower rooms and laundry area for the community Daycare Center (church) ORMOC Jake Sungahid CPN – 0942.450.2300 Shelter kits for 200 families Community clean – up drive for one month Relief and water filters installation (on-going) AKLAN & ILOILO Jerry Tonel CPN – 0922.838.0060 Relief operations Iloilo Dec 22 | Aklan Dec28 Construction of water source, shower rooms, laundry area and filter station Daycare Center (church) building construction and operations
  4. 4. QUICK SNAPSHOT • • • • • • • • • • • 14 Million people affected 9 Regions affected 3.9 million children are affected Php 120 Billion approx damage Local government is operational We are now in rehabilitation phase e.g. cleaning up/rebuilding their homes (there is already calmness) 361 members under Child Protection Program Access to potable water and sanitation No electricity in most areas. Some establishments and households are only using generators Only Globe or Smart is functioning (Some areas globe, some areas SMART), no SUN Relief operation is only until Dec 31 (source: local workers)
  5. 5. UPDATE • Coordination with the CSWDO Tacloban, MSWDO Tanauan and Tolosa, DSWD Field Office VIII • HOPE is a member of Child Protection Working Group with UNICEF, DSWD Field Office VIII • Ocular and courtesy visit to Brgy. Bislig in Tanauan, Leyte and Brgy. Quilao in Tolosa, Leyte • HOPE Child friendly space(CFS) – established in Tanauan (2nd Class) and Tolosa (5th Class) – 100% devastation, 100% of houses are damaged
  6. 6. CHILDREN’s CENTER Services: ages 5- 15 years - Scheduled ‘classes’ - Children’s activities (art, workshops, group sessions) - Essential nutrition (feeding, vitamins) - Medical services (minor illness) - Access to potable water - Provision of school supplies - Intervention with their parents – PES, livelihood activities (e.g. boat replacement, duck raising, training on manicure/pedicure)
  7. 7. CFS Schedule • 10:00 – 12:00 (5-10 years old) • 1:00 – 2:30 (11-15 years old) • 16-24 December (launching of CFS and Christmas party) • 7 January 2014 – CFS operation will resume • January 2014 – Put up the 2nd CFS in Brgy. Quilao, Tolosa, Leyte.
  8. 8. Volunteer Opportunities (where you can share HOPE?) Services Activities Volunteers needed Qualifications Child Friendly Space Singing, dancing, 3-5 vols story telling, games, serve food, woundressing Teacher or at least CM worker Housing 10 vols Basic knowledge in carpentry 4 vols/session Married couples with children, preferably Wood cutting, masonry Parent Effectiveness Lecture, group Services workshops
  9. 9. Things to remember • • • • • • • • Prices are high (food, water, petrol) No electricity – other areas are only using generators Get SMART or GLOBE sim (for CP or pocket wifi) Observe water discipline (drinking/washing/bathing) Advantage if you have backpacking skills (light packing) Wet wipes is a MUST for women; bring toiletries Bring off lotion and/or sun block Arrange with HOPE staff at least 1 wk before deploying (billeting is a challenge and expensive)