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Marketing Plan For Android App

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Marketing Plan For Android App

  3. 3. AGENDA  Executive Summary  Situation Analysis  Goal  Strategy  Tactics  Implementation  Performance Evaluation  Exhibits
  5. 5. “KADHIMS” is a new generation app which helps customers to satisfy their needs easily to anyone who had internet access. Other e-commerce site tried to cram the maximum amount of information possible into every single page where as ‘Kadhims’ focused on providing only the relevant info.
  6. 6. Everything kadhims do revolves around the obsession with providing the customers a memorable online shopping experience. Kadhims delivery partner work round the clock to personally make sure the packages reach on time.
  7. 7.  Innovation and Technology competence.  24*7 Customer support service.  Advance Advertising and Promotion.  Inventory Management.  Multiple Payment Method.  New to Market.  Less internet. Knowledge in small cities.  No delivery to remote areas.  Negative Perception about online transaction .  Global Availability and Accessibility.  More lucrative discounts to attract customers.  Untapped Mobile Users.  Coverage of all parts of India.  Low internet penetration.  Small value orders in remote areas with high delivery costs.  Less usage of online buying.
  8. 8. There exists a strong threads with Small players and emerging competitor. POINTS OF PARITY POINTS OF DIFFERENCE • Discount on purchase. • Home Delivery. • Gifting Services. • Cash on Delivery. • Express Speed Service. • Cash Back offer. • GPS tracker to identify the place easily.
  9. 9. The procurement model is at the heart of Kadhims success, as most delays or troubles occur in this part of business. Kadhims employed consignment model i.e. procurement based on demand. It is the robust logistics at Kadhims that sets it apart from other wannabe e-commerce sites. An amazingly well-oiled warehousing and delivery system. Offers a huge range of titles which really sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. What makes it stand out?
  10. 10. The main objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectations of customers in the targeted segment. Kadhims segments market on the basis of; Internet Users Shoppers Young Generation Educational Institutes
  11. 11. An effort to influence consumer perception of a brand or product relative to the perception of competing brands or products. The generation of this app is to occupy a clear, unique, and advantageous position in the consumer's mind. MARKET POSITIONING
  12. 12. MARKET ENTRY This app will enter into the market world by launching in Google Play and APP Store and Apple APP Store for IOS. At the same time there are various other app stores on the online market where we can upload the app such as:  SlideME  Opera Mobile Store  Amazon App Store  App Brain  Get Jar  Samsung Apps
  13. 13.  India has an internet user base of about 250.2 million as of June 2014.  Demand for international consumer products is growing much faster than in-country supply from authorized distributors and e-commerce offerings.  Customer Support function for an e-commerce website is one of the most important touch points for the business in terms of building trust, customer acquisition and maintaining customer loyalty.  Thus the market trends are in favour with this app generation in the e-commerce sector. MARKET NEEDS AND WANTS
  14. 14. MARKET ANALYSIS  Overall e-commerce market is expected to reach Rs 1, 07,800 crores (US$24 billion) by the year 2015 with both online travel and e-tailing contributing equally.  Big segment in e- commerce is mobile recharge with nearly 1 million. transactions daily by operator websites.  Kadhims is currently in growth stage.  Sales revenue is increasing every year.  As e-commerce market is booming up rapidly the growth and progress of the company increasing its sales.
  15. 15.  Initially when Kadhims started out, it wasn’t easy for us to earn the trust of the customer.  The discomfort of paying by cards, on account of security fears is another challenge.  Thus we have now tried to address that by introducing the ‘cash-on-delivery’ option.  The fact that highest number of orders and sales get registered during weekends proves to be tough at times for logistics and customer service.  The fact that we have to work 24 / 7 and the customer perceptions around it also bring some difficulty.  (For example, the customer places an order at 12 am and counts the number of hours for delivery right from then!)
  16. 16. The company’s main goal is to create a different experience for shopping and open platform for everyone to become merchant. It required a product portfolio to get registered as a merchant on Kadhims. Product is placed depending on the category of the product. Product undergoes a Quality check by the company itself before getting live.  The company main objective is to attract users to the site of Family, Friends, Brand Building.  Provide selection which make it easy to Find & Discover products.  Provide details to evaluate a product Description, Specifications etc.  Price well have to be competitive to the most obvious options  Brand presence on social networking sites.
  17. 17. The good intentions of Kadhims is providing high-quality customer service. There are several internet blogs that suggest about its service quality. A major reason for this could be the growth in number of customer service executives not keeping pace with the increase in business volume. This strategy make the customers aware about this app generation.
  18. 18. The key collaborator will be E-commerce sites and the strategy which provides the customer with best price, quality and service.
  19. 19. Kadhims began operations on the consignment model; goods were procured from suppliers on demand, based on the orders received through the website. Kadhims had developed a lot of in-house innovation and organically developed best- practices that have now become the industry standard by the creation of this app.
  20. 20. The new entry of the product with the same features will eventually create a potential competitors. Initially the company present in the Google play and APP store such as Jabong, Myntra etc. will surely study about their drawbacks and aims to raise their profit and try to improve their apps reviews and ratings.
  21. 21. Excellent user experience on the E-commerce website in terms of usability, speed, clarity will enhance the loyalty of existing customers and move a step ahead of brand awareness by using context retention.
  22. 22. Customer value Working towards customer delight will obtain customer loyalty gradually. Mobile internet usage is increasing there by chances of increase in sales through mobile shopping. Development of m-commerce in the e-market. Target social medias to reach young population.
  23. 23. Collaborator value The main collaborator for this app would be e-commerce sites which directs the consumer towards different sectors to get their convenient products that ultimately raises the app value.
  24. 24. Company value The company value is to create a memorable experience for shopping and thus established their strategy of building dominant shares in all the categories they operate in. This will strengthen the position of Kadhims in Indian market e-commerce industry.
  25. 25. Wide range of products categories:  Electronic good  Apparels  Home and Kitchen appliances  Automobile Parts  Groceries  Men’s and Women’s accessories  Computer Peripherals  Books and Media  Sports Store  Baby and Kids section
  26. 26. This app can provide following services to their customers:  Product to purchase  Shipping  Courier  How to order on website  Mode of payment  Order status  Cancellation and returns.  Having even tie up with Skype for the same on the website for user delight. This app can give marketers a great return on investments and offers services to its customers.
  27. 27. The invention of this app will create a milestone in the economic world and social media will help this app to get connected with many people and has given many choices to their consumers for their selection of products.
  28. 28.  Free version of the app will help to find the products for free based on the consumer likes and dislikes but it wont be specific.  Premium version of the app would look for the consumers choice and get paid once for their subscribed app and continue the usage of app till end.  The premium amount is calculated on the bases of consumer visiting this app to buy products and they need to pay 1.5% amount of money from the purchased product rate.
  29. 29. Incentives is to encourage customers to shop via the app, thus giving them a taste of the convenience of mobile app shopping. Free shipping overall Indian boundaries after certain amount of purchase done from the site and even without minimum purchase for the regular and loyal customers. Data collection and maintenance is easier for this app when compared to a website.
  30. 30. Numerous way of communicating with consumers includes the app will get featured in  Official Blogs,  featuring emails,  featuring in Social Media groups and communities,  promote the app through promo video  Shout out on social channels  Contact Tech and app Review bloggers  Ask user to rate and share are all some of the promotions for this app which will be a part of business tactics.
  31. 31. The target of distributing the products through this app is done by; the app which get downloaded from Google Play and App Store or any other app store, the consumers are featured with choice to choose the right distributor for their selected product and thus goods are delivered only by their specified channel distributor.
  32. 32. Selection Criteria at Kadhims are; While years of experience are always beneficial for a candidate, Kadhims focus is to hire those who are able to consistently raise the bar and introduce a variety of innovation to move this organization forward. As Kadhims grows, it feels as absolutely necessary that this company employees are also able to grow professionally with the organization. INFRASTRUCTURE
  33. 33.  This app major policy which is primarily aimed to build trust with the consumers.  Investment will be made in large warehouses and increased automation of their process, so that the product is not delayed.  They intend to enter in to various new categories and expand their current categories as well.  Kadhims is looking at associations with a larger number of suppliers and partners, both nationally and internationally.
  34. 34.  A low capital investment and a fast turn-around time helps in the promotion of this new app generation.  Themes of advertisements concentrating on different services are provided.  Kadhims need to tie up with many organisations and maintained a good relationship.  Kadhims offers membership cards for premium customers.
  35. 35.  The final stage of marketing is to evaluate the performance and extend which level the app has been reached.  This application is evaluated by number of apps downloaded by the user and their reviews towards this application.  Thus performance evaluation is done by considering these facts.
  36. 36.  Create a landing page by make sure to always create an official landing page for your app with strong visualizations and focus on end value, so users and the media can trust this app.  Create a product video and make it creative, funny, thought-provoking or personal. Tell the story, but in a way people can identify with.  Join Developers & Entrepreneurs Groups on Social Media to increase your visibility on social media groups & communities, especially LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook, to become better known among entrepreneurs & app developers go.  Create An Eye Catching App Icon.  Get Featured On Mobile App Review Sites.
  37. 37. SUMMARY  Executive Summary  Situation Analysis  Goal  Strategy  Tactics  Implementation  Performance Evaluation  Exhibits
  38. 38. CREDITS  Text book on Marketing Management by Philip Kotler.  www.wikkipedia.com  www.google.com/images  Various HBR articles on Marketing Plan.  Google Play and App Store to analyse the competitors.
  39. 39. These slides were created by Lakshmi Ayyappan (PSG TECH Coimbatore) as part of an internship under the guidance of Prof. Sameer Mathur (IIM Lucknow). DISCLAIMER