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Lakenda Crosby 02.14.16

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Lakenda Crosby 02.14.16

  1. 1. LA KENDA CROSBY 835 70th Ave Oakland,CA 94621 209-879-1096 lakendacrosby@gmail.com Objective: To apply my extensive experience as a Medical Assistant to increase the efficiency of patient care, administration and support the mission of you facility. Summary of Qualifications / Key Strengths  Hardworking, flexible team player, who prides myself on being punctual & dependable.  Highly organized, possess good communication skills, and I am easy to get along with.  Remain calmin stressful and challenging situations.  Exceptional interpersonal, supervisory, training, organizational and multi-tasking skills.  Proficient in the administration of various lab procedures including venipuncture, phlebotomy, EKG, HIV, and urinalysis testing.  Over nine years’ experience in the health field assisting with direct patient care, routine laboratory functions and patient record and office management as a Dental Assistant. Direct patient care: Prepared and roomed patients, assisted dentist on root canals, implants and cleanings.  Supervised dental assistant staff to include: scheduling, treatment planning, collections, billing, insurance and ordering supplies for the back office.  Sound of knowledge of clinical procedures of dental/medical terminology. Education/Training/Certifications Merritt College of Oakland, CA 01/2014 Medical Assistant Certificate Bryman College of San Francisco, CA 01/ 2001 Dental Assistant Certificate Other Certifications: CPR Certified, BLS, Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Medical Administration and CPT 1 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY LeukoLab: 07/2015 to Present  Venipuncture and Capillary Puncture  Blood Collections and Handling Safety  Medical Records Review  Blood Specimen Storage  Patient and Donor Care
  2. 2.  Quality Assurance and Controls Roots Community Health Center: 11/2013 to 07/2015  Room Patients, Took Vitals, Drew Venious Lab Draws, BCW Enrollments for Medical Insurance  Injections, EKG's, Assisted with Minor Procedures, U/A's  Supervised Employee's and Managed Internships  Manger of RE-Entry  Answer Phones, Scheduled Appointments and Knowledge of EMR System