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Zoo Aquarium Madrid

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Photo report of the visit to the Zoo Aquarium Madrid 2012

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Zoo Aquarium Madrid

  1. 1. Zoo Aquarium Madrid (SPAIN) © Alberto Fernández 2012 http://www.alberto-fotografo.es
  2. 2. Zoo Aquarium Madrid (SPAIN)This is one of the most important zoos in Spain, and offers visitors the chance to take a tour of the fauna from various continents through over 2,000 animals.It contains popular animals such as giant pandas and koalas, and each facility is specially designed to adapt to the different species. The Aquarium comprises 35 tanks and various notable species on display such as the bull shark, while the Dolphinarium stages various spectacular shows starring dolphins. The Aviary is home to birds of prey and exotic species flying free. The exhibition Mysterious Nature features smaller vertebrates and poisonous snakes, and the area known as the Little Farm is the ideal place for young children to have fun while they learn. The Madrid Zoo Aquarium organizes numerous activities for the younger members of the family including workshops where they can interact with animals (elephants, kangaroos, sleeping with sharks…), exhibitions and educational talks. © Alberto Fernández 2012 http://www.alberto-fotografo.es