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Creative disruption 4 SMEs

  1. What Is Scarier Than Godzilla? Phil Andrews International Innovation Centers June, 2017 Creative Disruption, Of Course!
  2. Top Realization We are at the cusp of reinventing society and civilization!
  3. Implication Every industry, every business and every profession are being reinvented … as we speak
  4. Sample Of Professions Being Affected • Teachers, Professors • Doctors, Nurses • Lawyers, Paralegals • Clerks, Tellers, Servers • Servers, Taxi Drivers • Accountants • Engineers • Workers (Construction, Farming, Manufacturing …) Important Note Over 3 dozen professions have disappeared the last 100 years! More than that will disappear the next 20 years!
  5. The Media Are Already Forecasting What Will Happen Next They scare people with bad news! However, there will be a truckload of new jobs and professions for people that have The Right Skills!
  6. Some major corporations (like Siemens) are introducing their own Apprenticeship Schools (sort of Community Colleges) because they are giving up for schools to do the right thing! Our schools need to rethink what skills they offer to their students! This number is supposed to climb to 5M in the next few years!
  7. Key Question: • How many schools are preparing their students for Smart Factories and Smart Cities? • The answer is: Only a handful!
  8. So, What Are The Right Skills? (at a high level) • Being technologically & IT / IM savvy – Knowing how to install, program, operate, maintain and repair robots, drones, CNC machines, 3D printing machines, etc. • Being autonomous ready – Knowing how to operate/function without supervisors, managers or other “superiors” • Being sociable and approachable heartened
  9. It was the same #1 skill in 1970
  10. Other Skills
  11. Finally, The World Is Wakening Up To The Fact That The Right Brain Has Special Qualities … That Can Be Leveraged
  12. Taking A Peek At The Future
  13. 2 Must-Read Books To Understand The Transformation
  14. Key Point The changes you are about to see affect enterprises of all sizes. The BAU (Business As Usual) went out with home phones and analog TVs!
  15. The World Is Transforming All Around Us. Here Is Proof: The rate of transformation is accelerating and so does the failure rate. The Industrial Era’s norms, behaviors and business practices are over!
  16. Some Facts
  17. Our Current Era Has Many Names • The Digital Age /Digital Economy • The Conceptual Age • Creative Disruption / Creative Economy • The Shared Economy • The Virtual Age / Virtual Economy • The Relationship Economy; E2E or Collaborative Economy • The Cognitive Era • The Petabyte Era, etc.
  18. Qualification • Small Ma & Pa stores, small job shops, small (specialty) boutiques, flower shops, garages, and other small businesses will survive due to the nature of where they are located, the offering that they provide, and the timeliness of their service. So, we are NOT addressing those types of businesses that are typically less than $10M in annual revenues. The world will always need the “niche players”.
  19. Let’s See Some Seismic (a.k.a. Paradigm) Shifts That Are Going On
  20. Proof: Vertical Farms (Smart Agriculture) 90% less water, 3-6X more crops … integrating rural and urban life all over again!
  21. Portable Farms This approach is already take off in West Dallas. One grower provides fresh fruits and vegetables to 11 restaurants! (The pix here are not from his farm)
  22. Proof: Masdar City The Most Sustainable City In The World!
  23. More Of Masdar City
  24. Proof: Health Care Telehealth has already started as well!
  25. New Devices and Apps Are Being Invented
  26. Telehealth & Telemedicine Have Many Benefits
  27. Did You Know That It Was Foreseen … in the ‘80s! (The Jetsons)
  28. The Future Of Health Care
  29. MRI Machines Will Become The Size Of A Cell Phone!
  30. Intelligent Medicine & Diagnostics (“Intel Inside” will mean something different from now) ER admissions and doctor visits will drop dramatically Diagnostics you can swallow!
  31. This Is Only The Beginning
  32. Proof: Driverless Vehicles Fresh off the press (June, 2017)
  33. This Was Imagined In 1956!
  34. Top 10 Technologies That Help SMEs To Apply Creative Disruption
  35. #1: Cloud Computing It’s more than IT Outsourcing and reducing IT-related costs!
  36. #2: Social Media For Business
  37. #2: Social Media For Business
  38. The Digital Age Creates New Lead Generation Engines On A Regular Basis Traditional (Outbound) Marketing + Guerrilla Marketing + Digital Marketing (incl. Social Media & Content Marketing)  Over 80 lead generation engines! Most SMEs use <6 engines! (on the average)
  39. #3: Omni-Convergence and Omni-Channel Mobility Social Media Big Data Analytics AI IoT
  40. … And It Is Even Bigger Than This: New Industries Infotainment E-Consulting Innovation
  41. Everything You Wanted and You Were Afraid to Ask … (And Eventually All Devices Will Be Removed) Order anything, charge anything, check anything, act on anything, learn anything … Any time of the day, any time zone, any place, any language, any currency …
  42. Augmented Reality “Groceries are talking to you”
  43. “… And the buildings are talking to you”
  44. Omni-Channel Affects The IT Strategy
  45. Why Omni-Channel Matters
  46. #4: Mass Personalization Mass Customization: Offering a menu of options for the customer to choose from. Mass Personalization: Allowing the customer to co-invent, co-create! Moreover … It’s about offering UNIQUE EXPERIENCES --- adapted to individuals’ interests and behaviors
  47. There Is SW For That!
  48. Add to all of the above: Online Community (through Social Media), CRM type data base that captures preferences, frequencies, special requests, customized content, personalized invitations, expedient (same day) deliveries, etc.
  49. Reminder
  50. Interesting Point
  51. #5: Wearables Beyond all these …
  52. New Devices Are Emerging
  53. … one legendary Google Engineer is saying this will be as transformative as the discovery of electricity! Leading research firm McKinsey and Co. is predicting that this tech represents a mind-boggling $19.9 TRILLION opportunity.
  54. #6: Super-Vision
  55. Camera And Computer In The Eye
  56. A Great Benefit: Truly Autonomous Workforce Smart Machines require Smart Workers that have all the information, knowledge and skills to run them without Supervisors and Managers.
  57. #7: Internet Of Things (IoT) And 55+ billion devices interconnected --- per IBM
  58. Why IoT Is Important • Better choices • More choices • Spend more • Do more • Get more
  59. Top Benefit For SMEs • Tremendous gains from knowledge/wisdom transfer and collaboration --- they instantly access the world’s biggest library, if only they know how to use it right
  60. IIoT’s Impact
  61. Why Start Now? Because IoT Is A Journey • A Smart City usually needs a plan for a 20 year implementation. Why? Because there are too many pieces to it. The plan includes: – Smart poles – Smart energy grid and smart power – Smart cameras and traffic signals – Smart infrastructure and connections – Smart instrumentation and decision making, etc.
  62. #8: Industrial IoT (Smart Factories and Industry 4.0)
  63. Industry 4.0 (The 4th Industrial Revolution) Industry 4.0 Integrating automation and data exchanges with manufacturing technologies. It includes Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS  embedded computers and networks that monitor and control the physical processes, with feedback loops), the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.
  64. This Is Only Today’s View Of IoT
  65. IIoT Is The Only Way To Manage The Entire Value Chain and Business Ecosystem
  66. The Digital Era & Industry 4.0
  67. Key Realization • Smart Cities will need Smart Schools. Smart Factories, Smart Infrastructure, Smart People, Smart Everything! One cannot have Smart Factories in Dumb Cities!
  68. The Magazine Does Not Fully Understand What A Smart City Is All About
  69. IIoT Is The Infrastructure For Business Ecosystems The Business Ecosystem is also the Innovation Ecosystem This is where IoT and IIoT play a major role
  70. The Benefits Of IIoT
  71. #9: Smart Robots & Drones
  72. Robo-Drones
  73. From Robo-Doc to Robo-Lawyer intelligent-robots-will-take-first/#1f769df9131a
  74. Dallas’ New Robots
  75. Great Approach! But Is It Real?
  76. And Don’t Forget Robo-Servers s/1392662827494852/
  77. … And Don’t Forget Robo-Maids
  78. … and The Ultimate: Robo-CEO Note: We are still at the infancy level!
  79. Psychic and Indigestible Robots
  80. #10: 3-D Printing Yes, you can make your own shoes! … at home!
  81. 3-D Food Prep
  82. Benefits • Saves prototyping time • Saves assembly time • Saves materials • Builds intricate designs that could not be achieved before • Saves logistics time and costs (packaging, warehousing, loading, transporting, unloading)
  83. Visualization Through 3DP
  84. There Are Infinite Applications MIT students have built a complete house in less than a day! Now they can combine robots and 3D Printing into one device!
  85. Creative Disruption Is All About Innovation and Invention A whole new industry is born: 3DM as 3rd parties capable of manufacturing parts for several other corporations. This is a new form of Outsourcing, based on the concepts of The Digital Economy and Shared Economy!
  86. 3DP Clothes!
  87. What Do All Those Technologies Imply To SMEs
  88. Can SMEs Utilize Such Technologies? • Any technology that will allow you to increase productivity, connectivity, flexibility, responsiveness … and security is useful • Any technology that will help improve quality, dependability, time-to-market, speed, relationships … and price is useful • And don’t forget improvements in reputation, credibility, brand image and trustworthiness
  89. Two Great Starting Points 1. Social Media – Lead generation engines – Networking and relationship building – Reputation building 2. Cloud Computing – Data Management – Storage Management – Shared Information Management – Shared Knowledge Management
  90. There Are 3 Ways To Prepare For The Future 1. To Prepare For The Future You Need To Shape It -- Or Someone Else Will ( the-future-you-need-to-shape-it-or-someone-else-will/#12af9c163d0f ) – It’s self-explanatory 2. Become Future-Ready – See next slide 3. Build-out the missing pieces – See next slide
  91. Become Future-Ready • Prepare yourself and your employees for an automated future and world. – Learn-learn-learn; absorb, internalize, externalize – Digital and media literacy are paramount • Hire the best and brightest – High IQ-EQ-SQ, high cognitive, interpersonal, innovation, critical and decision making skills • Stay in tune and in touch with what is going on • Adopt leading edge technologies
  92. Why SQ-EQ-SQ Are Needed Schools and businesses do NOT cultivate or measure all three. Measuring and rewarding IQ alone is a major mistake!
  93. Build-Out The Missing Pieces • Move to the Cloud; connect to the IoT • Belong to someone’s (a big corporation’s) business-innovation ecosystem • Start automating • Utilize the latest technologies – Utilize state-of-the-art or cutting edge technologies (not bleeding edge) • Create the right environment and culture
  94. The Future Belongs To Those Who Plan For It Today!
  95. BTW, All The Info Is Out There. All One Has To Do Is Read About It
  96. You Have To Join Our Next Meeting To Hear What This Is All About
  97. Info This presentation can be downloaded from this website: For more info please contact Phil Andrews at: 972-672-6657