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Readers’ choice awards

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I   t’s November, so It must be tIme for aNother
Readers’ choice awards

                                                           BeSt dISABILIty produCt
Readers’ choice awards

   3 ¬ offering
Readers’ choice awards

                                                enrollment company
Readers’ choice awards

BeSt VoLuNtAry LIfe INSurANCe
produCt IN the MArket
Colonial life               Colonial Li...
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2008 benefits selling award reports Colonial Life as most choice!!!!

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Bs%20 Nov Readers Choice.Pdf 2008

  1. 1. Readers’ choice awards Readers’ choice awards 008 2 I t’s November, so It must be tIme for aNother rouNd of readers’ ChoICe madNess. we take user-geNerated CoNteNt to a New level aNd let eaCh aNd every oNe of you deCIde who beloNgs oN the followINg pages. who boasts the produCts you’re wIllINg to stake your rep oN? who’s breakINg bouNdarIes wheN It Comes to New desIgN? whICh tpa do you trust to haNdle your busINess? aNd who treats you lIke a Customer — aNd Not a hassle?>> 49 BenefitsSellingMag.com • November 2008 • Benefits Selling
  2. 2. Readers’ choice awards BeSt dISABILIty produCt oN the MArket WINNER Colonial life With an estimated $820 million in sales for voluntary short-term disability accounts — Col on i a l L i f e h a s based on Eastbridge Consulting Group numbers apparently done an — carriers are often forced to make their excellent job at setting product stand out in a sea of competitors. themselves on top with their variety of voluntary short-term disability products. offering options such as guaranteed issue, simplified issue or fully underwritten according to the account size and participation has certainly paid off, with brokers overwhelmingly choosing Colonial Life as the best disability product in the market. HONORABLE MENTION UnUM Chosen by 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies, uNuM’s disability plans cater to companies of all sizes. Some of the added benefits? Vocational rehabilitation assistance and return-to-work support services. With perks like these, uNuM clearly earns its honorable mention in the disability category. most WINNER Taking the same ingredients as everyone else and producing the best results is the trait of a innovative true innovator. Colonial life carrier Colonial Life clearly sets the bar high when it comes to providing solutions that help clients address health care costs, enrollment management and HONORABLE MENTION benefits education. And brokers While American General has have responded that they truly earned more than its fair share aig value a carrier that offers the total of bad press over the last package: competitive products several weeks, and a range of enrollment options insurance business remains sound. to reach every employee, from And they’re not standing still, either. face-to-face enrollment sessions, Business, like life, goes on and AIG’s co-browsing over the Internet, presence in the employee benefits market continues to grow. call center and self-enrollments. 50 BenefitsSellingMag.com • November 2008 • Benefits Selling
  3. 3. Readers’ choice awards 3 ¬ offering third-party administrator the most WINNER aMeriflex comprehensive service Mirroring last A m e r i F l e x ’ s year’s results, dominance in we now find the third-party ourselves with a d m i n i s t r a t o r some familiar arena remains For the second year in a row, the TPA that winners in this u n c h a l l e n g e d . does it all shows that focusing on small businesses is the right move. category. In another landslide victory, Ameriflex continues to be the standard taSC HONORABLE MENTION by which all other tpAs are judged. They pride themselves in listening to what their customers want, and brokers are responding well to their efforts. Based in Madison, Wisc., total Administrative CArrIer Services Corp. also earned a place as a finalist in the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau 2008 torch Awards SIttING At the for Business ethics and Integrity. forefroNt of the Colonial life WINNER Colonial Life continues to address the biggest CoNSuMer- need with consumer-driven health care — employee education — by providing professional teams to educate employees on their coverage options. drIVeN And nowhere is it on greater display than in this growing niche. In addition, products designed to give access to the h e A Lt h uninsured such as an indemnity-based limited benefit medical plan make Colonial Life sit comfortably ahead of MArket the competition in the eyes of readers. HONORABLE MENTION United HealtHCare Offering affordable health care to small business owners, particularly in the consumer-driven product space, has been the focus of united healthcare’s efforts for a while now. The latest update is the addition of their Cdhp product into the 2009 federal employees health Benefits program with enrollment starting as soon as this month. 51 BenefitsSellingMag.com • November 2008 • Benefits Selling
  4. 4. Readers’ choice awards 5 enrollment company offering the best service UniverS WorkplaCe BenefitS WINNER With a focus in educating employees while keeping HR departments and business owners happy, univers offers personalized tools, one-on-one training and state-of-the-art paperless enrollment. The time-saving qualities of their program and their employee retention numbers make univers Workplace Benefits the broker’s favorite enrollment. & HONORABLE MENTION Colonial life Forget for a second that Colonial Life — despite their overwhelming popularity — is a carrier, not an enrollment company. But brokers appear enamored with their online and back office tools designed to make life easier for them. part of being named over and over in these awards comes with offering some of the best service available for enrollment. Colonial Life really knows how to seal the deal with a great Web-based platform. MoSt Broker- frIeNdLy CArrIer WINNER Colonial life Colonial Life works tirelessly to provide first-class broker support and protect its broker relationships. Through regular broker forums,surveys and feedback, the company listens to and acts upon what brokers says they need in their voluntary benefits partner. HONORABLE MENTION A strong Web-based engine dedicated to brokers sits at the heart of Mutual of Omaha’s MUtUal of oMaHa relationship with carriers. According to columnist Marty traynor, “We’re broker friendly because all group insurance distribution is through employee benefit brokers and all strategy decisions are based on helping them strengthen their offerings to their clients via expert consultation and advice, cost-effective products and services, an efficient, easy-to-use purchasing and service experience and having the right people, well-trained and positioned, to service their needs.” 52 BenefitsSellingMag.com • November 2008 • Benefits Selling
  5. 5. Readers’ choice awards BeSt VoLuNtAry LIfe INSurANCe produCt IN the MArket WINNER Colonial life Colonial Life’s voluntary life insurance portfolio gives brokers the whole package: term, whole and universal life. flexibility in underwriting makes these products more accessible to employees who need them and makes enrollments easier. This summer, the company opened additional marketing possibilities when it launched its new universal life plan and optional long-term care benefits rider. HONORABLE MENTION aflaC Aflac keeps it simple by offering three different types of policies. employees apply for the policy directly or at work. And they get to keep it, even if they leave the employer. WINNER vision provider vSp offering personalized care with more doctor choices in more locations and offering the best savings in both coverage and personalized care, VSp takes the lead in the vision plan arena. coverage — including Their easy to navigate Web site plan design and and simple tools are a winner 8 — especially with our readers. network availability HONORABLE MENTION aveSiS Avesis provides members with online tools to assist them in For more than 27 years, Avesis has checking their eligibility, printing Id “offered one of cards, finding providers and more. the best values in vision benefits.” 53 BenefitsSellingMag.com • November 2008 • Benefits Selling