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Presentation at Food WikiEdit-a-thon

  1. 1 @BL_Labs #bldigital 21st March 2016 British Library Food Wiki edit-a-thon Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  2. 2 @BL_Labs #bldigital Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 21st March 2016 British Library Food Wiki edit-a-thon
  3. 3 @BL_Labs #bldigital One of Largest Library’s in the World 180 million* items 1-2 %* digitised * estimate
  4. 4 @BL_Labs #bldigital Managing expectations: Looking for very specific things digitally •Only a small amount of content is digitised! •Might not be the treasure you expect at the end of a digital journey! •Starts with a conversation! •Research interests? •What digital collections are you interested in?
  5. 5 @BL_Labs #bldigital Intersection You, the Library and it’s digital content Your research interests Digital collections interested in British Library Digital collections we have This is where Labs works
  6. 6 @BL_Labs #bldigital
  7. 7 @BL_Labs #bldigital •Submit ideas by 11 April 2016. •Two finalists announced late May 2016. •Residency June – October 2016. •Up to £3600 support, technical, curatorial etc. •Showcase @ Symposium Monday 7Nov 16. •Winner £3000 & Runner up £1000! Competition
  8. 8 @BL_Labs #bldigital •Projects already using BL digital content in interesting and innovative ways. •Submit projects (previous and new) by 5 September 2016. •Artistic, Commercial, Research and Learning / Teaching categories. •Winners announced @Symposium 7 Nov 16. •£500 Winner & £100 Runner Up. Awards
  9. 9 @BL_Labs #bldigital Projects & Ideas •Ideas change once you try to access, examine and use the data! •Talk to us about working on potential ideas / projects.
  10. 10 @BL_Labs #bldigital Competition
  11. 11 @BL_Labs #bldigital Victorian Meme Machine (2014) Competition Winner Nicholson
  12. 12 @BL_Labs #bldigital Finding and bringing Victorian Jokes alive Finding and bringing recipes alive? Image from BL Flickr 1 Million Image taken from page 300 of 'Corea, the hermit nation. I. Ancient and mediæval history. II. Political and social Corea. III. Modern and recent history'
  13. 13 @BL_Labs #bldigital Awards
  14. 14 @BL_Labs #bldigital Commercial Etsy project by Dina Malkova Labs Symposium 2015 Read more:
  15. 15 @BL_Labs #bldigital Special Jury’s Prize (2015) James Heald – Wikimedia and Map work Labs Symposium (2015)
  16. 16 @BL_Labs #bldigital Why not enter? More information at Talk to me at:

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  1. 25 Seconds (68 Words) My name is Mahendra Mahey and I work on a project called British Library Labs. We are based at the British Library in London, in the Digital Scholarship department and we work closely with the Digital Research team there, Stella Wisdom is here today from that team today. It’s been running for three years now and is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  2. 33 Seconds (100 Words) In a nutshell the project encourages researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators and anyone else, <Click> to ‘experiment’ with our digital collections and data. We are particularly interested in those who have questions which focus on the potential to find and create NEW things through access to the digital content. For example, being able to ask a question across thousands of digitised books or newspapers using computational techniques would not feasible using manual methods. Let’s look at a clear example. <Click>
  3. 17 Seconds (53 Words) <Click>The British Library is one of the largest Library’s in the world <Click> with an estimated 180 million physical items, with only a small proportion being digitised. <Click>We estimate this is around 1-2%, but no one really knows exactly how much. However, increasingly more items are being stored as ‘born’ digital, such as the UK Web Archive<Click>
  4. 35 Seconds overall We have created collection guides detailing some of these digital collections <Click>on our Digital Scholarship site. <Click>and some on the Labs site. <Click> Soon will be the place where people can directly access some of the digital collections we have available. <Click> Today we have brought data with us, see the guide on how to access it and print outs on the tables. A pause for thought and reflection however, digital is just a current technology to deliver information. Perhaps in Years to come <Click>we won’t be using the word ‘Digital’ <Click>in front of the word ‘Scholarship’. It will just be ‘Scholarship’, digital tecnology will be part of the EVERYDAY process of research. Any way back to the present.
  5. 41 Seconds (123 Words) One way is by running an annual competition which is open to the world! All you have to do is <Click>submit and idea by 11 April 2016. <Click>The two finalists will be announced in late May <Click>and they work with in residence between June and October, <Click>where they will get up to £3600 financial support, together with technical, curatorial and other types of support. <Click>The winners will showcase their work and receive their prizes at our symposium on Monday 7th of November. <Click>£3000 will be awarded to the winner and £1000 for the runner up.
  6. 15 Seconds (45 Words) The next way we try to engage those interested in using our digital content is through our Awards, <Click>these recognise work already carried out using our digital content.<Click>The deadline for this year is the 5 September. You can submit previous and new projects<Click>in one of four categories: Artistic, Commercial, Research and Teaching & Learning <Click> Winners will be announced on Monday 7th of November <Click> where each category winner, winning £500 with £100 for the runners up.
  7. 8 Seconds (24 Words) The final way to engage with our digital collections and data is to simply examine and use our data. We have learnt ideas usually change when we have done this. Talk to us about projects or ideas you would like to work on whether it’s for the competition, awards or something else.<Click>
  8. 7 Seconds (21 Words) So focusing back on the competition, let’s look at a few examples.
  9. 9 Seconds (25 Words) Now on to our Awards, these recognise work *already* carried out using our digital content. Last year’s categories were Artistic, Entrepreneurial and Research. <Click>
  10. 26 Seconds (78 Words) Dina Malkova was the winner of Commercial category. <Click>Inspired by a small digitised fragment of an <Click>illustration of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground original handwritten manuscript<Click>Dina made handmade and bespoke bow ties and cufflinks. <Click>You can still buy these items in the Alice pop up shop in London and of course online on Etsy.
  11. 18 Seconds (56 Words) Indexing BL the 1 million & Mapping the Maps – was led by James Heald and collaboration with others <Click>They produced an index of 1 million 'Mechanical Curator collection' images on <Click>Wikimedia Commons from a collection of largely un-described images. <Click>This gave rise to finding 50,000 maps within the collection partially through a map-tag-a-thon <Click>These are now being geo-referenced. <Click>