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Galicia - Comenius Project

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Galicia - Comenius Project

  1. 1. Situation. Galicia is located in northwestern Spain and Vigo is placed in south- western Galicia.
  2. 2. The flag. The Spain’s flag is composed by two colours: red and yellow. Galicia’s flag is composed by two colours: white and bright blue. Vigo’s flag is composed by two colours, red and white. On the centre of Galicia’s flag, the most important element is the calix.
  3. 3. Our traditional games The Frog game The key
  4. 4. Futbolin is a very popular game invented by the galicianpoet and publicher Alexandre Campos Martínez. Tobegin the game we have to placed by hand at thefeet of a figure in the center of the table. The initialserving side is decided with a coin toss. Playersattempt to use figures mounted on rotating bars tokick the ball into the opposing goal. Each team of 1or 2 human players controls 4 rows of foos men.
  5. 5. The Cíes Islands The Cíes archipelago is located just off Vigo’s estuary (Ría de Vigo) in the province of Pontevedra. There are three main islands and other smaller ones. The main islands from north to south are: “Monteagudo o Norte, “Isla del Medio o de Faro” and “Isla del Sur o San Martiño”. In the year 2007 the Britishnewspaper The Guardian chosethe beach of Rodas as the "mostbeautiful beach in the world".
  6. 6. The islands were declared a protected ”Natural Park” in1980 and since 2002 are part of the “Atlantic IslandsNational Park”Since 1992 underwater fishing is forbidden in thisarea.
  7. 7. Typical Spanish food Galician Stew Paella Calluses Ham Octopus
  8. 8. Typical desserts Santiago’s cake Filloas Twisted roll of kings
  9. 9. El Sireno:(The Mermaid)“El Sireno” is raised upon twoblack granite columns.From its 13feet high it overlooks the sea. Thisis the first European sculpturemade of stainless steel. Themonument, controversial at first,became the symbol of the city-
  10. 10. Monumento a Europa: (Monument to Europe) It symbolizes the mythical rape of Europe. Seven feet high and 1,500 kilos.El Nadador:(The Swimmer)The monument consists of a set of twolarge sculptures. The first one and largershows the torso of a swimmer
  11. 11. Anthem. The lyric of the Anthem of Galicia was written by Eduardo Pondal, a Galician poet. The name of the anthem is “Os Pinos” and the music is by Pascual Veiga.