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Kazakhstan Nuclear Nonproliferation Leadership Infographic

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Nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament are among Kazakhstan's highest global priorities. The Government of Kazakhstan’s contribution to the nuclear disarmament program demonstrates its commitment to the objectives of global security, establishing Kazakhstan as a critical member of the world community.

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Kazakhstan Nuclear Nonproliferation Leadership Infographic

  1. 1. ‘$@0 KAZAKHSTAN KAZAKHSTAN: A STEADY LEADER IN umreo FORGLOBALSECURITY N UCLEAR NON PROLI FERATION U. S. President Barack Obama "Twenty years ago, Kazakhstan made a decision not to have nuclear weapons. And not only has that led to growth and prosperity. ..[but] has been a model in efforts around the world to eliminate nuclear materials that could fall into the wrong hands. ” -March 26, 2012 John Kerry, U. S. Secretary of State ”We're very grateful for Kazakhstan's engagement with [the United States] on a number of issues: nonproliferation. " -December 10, 2014 Sam Nunn, fmr U. S. Senator ’’I am grateful to the Government of Kazakhstan for establishing the [IAEA fuel] bank and outstanding leadership of the people of Kazakhstan in nuclear threats reduction. ” - September 75, 2015 www. kazakhembus. com Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General ”Kazakhstan has shown extraordinary leadership in nuclear disarmament. ..l call on all nuclear weapons states to follow suit of Kazakhstan. " -April 7, 2010 Hillary Clinton, fmr U. S. Secretary of State I ”Certainly when it comes to [nuclear] nonproliferation, there are few countries that can match Kazakhstan’s experience and credibility. ” —October 3, 2012 Alcee Hastings. U. S. Congressman "President Nazarbayev and the people of Kazakhstan made a principled decision years ago to lead the effort in ridding the world of nuclear weapons. This effort deserves the unqualified praise and support of not only the United States, but the entire international community. " -March 27, 2016