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Metropolis and Gotham: Two Approaches to Enterprise Site Development

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In the last five years, UF Health's web services team has launched two enterprise-wide web projects supporting six colleges, six hospitals, and 15,000 staff and students. Our Metropolis was an external web presence supporting over 600 websites, built in the light of day as a positive affirmation of our future as an organization. Our Gotham was a new intranet, built on social networking and web best practices, constructed internally and away from the light, but nonetheless as important. This talk will focus on the strategies used in building both and the lessons learned in the process:

Building momentum for the project and guiding consensus versus leveraging political capital and goodwill
Creating your Justice League - a team of unique and overlapping skill sets that can support the infrastructure
Overcoming the rogues gallery of barriers that threaten to stall or derail the project, or worse, destroy team morale
Managing client expectations

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