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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  1. Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies BUS702
  2. What will you Learn Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and History along with what happens till the date. Introduction 01 How Bitcoin works, Differences between bitcoin address and mail address, Transaction of Bitcoin. Behind Mechanism of Bitcoin 02 Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin, Bitcoin as Industry, Making Purchases and Investing in Bitcoins How to and Legal works in Australia 03 Economy, Investing in Bitcoin, Financial reaction about Bitcoin along with Securities of Bitcoin Financial Markets and Securities 04
  3. Meet Our Team
  4. Blockchain
  5. Blockchain • It is the world’s largest leading software platform for digital assets. • It is first created by an anonymous scientist Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. • It was designed to implement the process of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  6. Money, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Money is a measure of value and medium of exchange and Regulates by Government Authorities. Bitcoins is the lead in the pack of Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency carried out digitally using cryptographical functions. Cryptocurrency is independent of Government Authorities / Financial Institutions.
  7. What is Bitcoin? First innovative creation of blockchain in 2009. Works like a distributed peer-to-peer network where NO PHYSICAL BITCOINS. Relies in a Blockchain where, no specific laws for protection of money. Has NO currency and same all over the world.
  8. Evolution of Bitcoin
  9. 1. Since past six months in 2017, the price of bitcoin has risen up 2. Experts targeting up to $10,000 or even more of 500000% of bitcoin to increase Bitcoin Price
  10. History of Bitcoins Booming market 2016: Ethereum and ICOs 2017: Bitcoin reaches $10,000 and continues to grow 2010 : Bitcoin is valued for the first time. 2011: Rival Cryptocurrencies emerge 2013 : Bitcoin Price Crashes 2014 : Scams and Theft Bitcoin Begins 1. Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto (Still Mysterious) 2009 2010 - 2011 2013 - 2014 2016 - 2017 2020
  11. Bitcoin in 2020 Continuous rise and development of bitcoins. Attracting many businesses Online stores accepting bitcoins for the purchase. For example, Tech giant Microsoft accepts bitcoin payment methods for its products like games, apps and movies. CheapAir, an American flight booking service allows bitcoin payment system.
  12. Factors Affecting Prices Supply and Demand Peers and Media Political Changes Changes in Rules of Bitcoin
  13. Other Altcoins Litecoin Litecoin Ethereum Many More • Similar to bitcoin, same decentralized currency used for transferring money • It covers larger amount of money compared to bitcoin • Exhibits faster transaction rates • Created by former Google Engineer Charles Lee in October 2011, • One of the famous cryptocurrency wallet broker in USA , Mr Charles Lee • Left Google and joined Coinbase • A cryptocurrency that has its block time faster than bitcoin i.e. 14 to 15 seconds • Ethereum releases its block rewards same year • There are currently more than 1900 different cryptocurrencie s and Today there are 1,920 to be precise. at least as of today.
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  15. How Does Bitcoin Works
  16. How Does Bitcoin Work? Bitcoin is the name of P2PProtocol. It is known as opensource project. From a users perspective, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile app or computer program that provides a personal bitcoin wallet and enables a user to send and receive bitcoins.
  17. How Does Bitcoin Works? Part 2 Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Transaction – Private Key Bitcoin Address Mining - Processing
  18. Transactions Transaction means transferring the value between the Bitcoin wallets, which store the data in a secret way that is called private key; private key is used for signing the transaction by giving the mathematical proof.
  19. Transactions The transaction is valid when the usage of miner agrees the longest record of the transaction. That’s why every block related with hash that rely on the hash of previous block 1HH5jh8VR94DFYu9Yd24XkNJS2H1rL7ZZD 36XG4h3QwcNw8xikrzSZbifCzKS3GpuAMf
  20. Bitcoin Wallet Hot Storage Wallet and Cold Storage Wallet.
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  22. Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash
  23. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash 1.Peer-to-peer electronic cash system 2.Represented as BCH 3.Virtual (Digital) currency 4.Transformation that is changing the way individuals think about and utilize money.
  24. Introduction to Bitcoin Cash • In search of better alternative, numerous clients, organizations and even investors left Bitcoin • to overcome this problem, bitcoin cash came into existence raising the block size limit to 8MB as a component of a huge on- chain scaling approach. • Bitcoin's block size stays at one megabyte i.e. 250,000 transactions a day, Bitcoin Cash has expanded the breaking point to 8MB,
  25. Problem with Bitcoin • The 1 mb block size limit was causing problem in transaction • Technically simple to raise the block size but no agreement in the community • hit the ‘invisible wall’ in 2017 • Increased fee, untrustworthy, delay in confirmation of transactions. • Market coverage decreased 95% to as low as 40%.
  26. Differences Transactions Fee and Speed of Transactions Security Wallets and Trades
  27. Advantages and Disadvantages  Free Transaction  Security and Control  Transparency of Information  Generally very low transaction fees  Fewer Risks for Merchants  No Risk of “Charge- backs” Advantages
  28. Advantages and Disadvantages  Not widely accepted  Risk and Volatility  No Chargebacks or Refunds  No legal status Disadvantages
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  30. Bitcoin as Industry
  31. Bitcoin as Industry More than 550 cryptocurrencies since bitcoin (2009) 2018 : 273 million 2019: 293.66 Million 2025: 477.05 Million Compound Annual Growth Rate: 8.3 %
  32. Market Trends Largely occupied by Banking Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) 15,558 Businesses Accepting Bitcoins Fast and Cheap Save billions of paper cost
  33. Market Trends
  34. Market Trends
  35. Is Bitcoin legal? One of the first countries to join the bitcoin hype AUSTRAC: regulator of cryptocurrency exchange Labelled bitcoin transaction as legal since 2013 by RBA New Laws to control cryptocurrency adopt in 2018
  36. But.. ? Legality Questioned? Is under review by Australian Securities and Investment Commission Not Recognizes as legal tender and Use is legal under compliance with obligations under Australian Law Bitcoin; an asset, not a currency (Australian Tax Office) Controversies and Illegal Online Purchases
  37. Bitcoin – Non-cash Payment Can be easily paid through bitcoin wallet As easy as cash for electronic payments Can be accessed within minutes through internet Different from other non- cash payments like frequent flayer points Non Cash
  38. Bitcoin – As Currency Matches currency description but not that simple Neither physical currency nor e-currency May be new term: cryptocurrency? Currency
  39. Making Purchase  Xbox Games from Microsoft  Movies and Apps in Microsoft  Bitcoin Real state  Tesla Car  Flight Tickets Purchases
  40. Investment in Bitcoin Scarce Resource Easy to Use No Intermediate costs Transaction is cost Beneficial
  41. What do you say? Risky Investment?
  42. What do you say? Risky Investment? Market Fluctuation Cybertheft Fraud Regulations
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  44. Reaction and Market of Bitcoin
  45. Reaction on Bitcoin 1.Different than traditional banking systems 2.Reaction towards Bitcoin mostly relies on the laws and regulations towards digital payment 3.Reaction towards Bitcoin - Curiosity - Ignorance - Suspicions of Criminal
  46. Reaction on Bitcoin Big 4 Banks in Australia: 1. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA): Strict against Bitcoin 2. The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ): mixed perspectives 3. National Australia Bank (NAB): In favor and promoting 4. Westpac: Follows strict rules
  47. 01 Ignoring middleman during financial transaction 02 Differentiating the transaction between dollar and other currency 03 Ignoring the barriers of entry and Hard to Regulate 04 Helps establish more international transactions Effects on Economy and Business
  48. Investing in Bitcoin - Australia 100% 0% Blind Growth No decline 0 5000000 10000000 15000000 20000000 25000000 1/1/2012 1/1/2013 1/1/2014 1/1/2015 1/1/2016 1/1/2017 1/1/2018 BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS GROWTH # of addresses on the Bitcoin network
  49. Risks of Bitcoin F RL T Risks linked with Technology Threat of Cybertheft & Variability in Pricing Fraud in Virtual Currency Lack of Consumer Protection
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  51. Bitcoin Security & Privacy
  52. Introduction There are number of privac y and security risks th at comes along this virt ual currency e.g risk of hacking Public and private keys Bitcoin does not have any physi cal existence that makes it difficult to safeguard them
  53. 01 Theft From Storage Device  Private keys and sensitive information  How to avoid from theft ?  Australian bitcoin holding bank 02 Theft From Coinbase Accounts  Coinbase accounts  Danger of hacking  Protection of coinbase accounts  Two way authentication 03 Theft from Email  Private keys are on risk of being stolen  Don’t share private keys 04 Theft from Unreliable Third Party  Unreliable exchane or mining market  Nicehash,one of the largest crytocurrency mining place got hacked on Dec 06,2017  How to avoid such incident / Hot wallet and cold Theft
  54. How to Secure Double exchanges of blockchain and distorting the bitcoin represent the most serious issue. A protected wallet is expected to tackle such security issues. The security of the electronic wallet in cell phones must be checked as cell phones have gotten well known.  The base innovation should likewise be confirmed since vulnerabilities vary as per the programming language and stage utilized for the improvement of the electronic wallet condition. The electronic wallet must have measures for secure rebuilding whenever encroached by an assailant, check of a double introduced for self-insurance, and assurance of the rest of the information for reclamation.
  55. How to Secure The mining process of the Bitcoin is potentially vulnerable under attacks like 51% attacks and ‘Selfish-mining’ attacks. To provide security against the attack on mining process, the framework of Bitcoin protocols needs to be changed and since the Bitcoin is indeed a decentralized cryptocurrency. We should be careful of the bitcoin company with which we choose to do the business. It can be stored offline like in USB. While transferring the fund to someone, one should confirm the wallet address is genuine.
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