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50 random Twitter tips for business

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Check out these amazing 50 random tips on how to utilize Twitter for business purposes.
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50 random Twitter tips for business

  2. Don’t just follow people. Retweet & favourite
  3. Don’t believe articles on when you should post, analyze your audience
  4. Find people’s questions in your niche and answers them
  5. You can’t run Twitter successfully with an egg avatar
  6. If you don’t chat with followers at least give them some value
  7. If your Twitter account is personal you are free to avoid answering tweets that you don’t like
  8. If you put yourself as a professional you’ll have to answer all messages
  9. Reply to everything except spam if you run your company’s twitter account
  10. Disconnect all twitter accounts on mobile when going to a party with alcohol
  11. If you’re out of ideas of what to share look at your competitors
  12. Don’t just sell. Share value and build relationships
  13. Look at your profile and ask yourself if you would follow it
  14. Look whether your URL is mentioned and act accordingly
  15. Find people who you might enjoy following using keywords
  16. Keep some space available in case you get retweeted
  17. Mention your Twitter whenever there is a possibility
  18. Consider sending thank you for every share or mention
  19. Keep your text-only tweets quotable
  20. Watch carefully for autocorrect
  21. Don’t overuse hashtags
  22. Check hashtags for popularity before tweeting
  23. Participate in your industry’s Twitter chats
  24. Use #followfriday and #ff but keep it relevant
  25. Don’t shout at your followers using only capitals
  26. Carefully check your facts & quotes before posting them
  27. Twitter is visual so post relevant pictures and photos
  28. Organize people that you follow using lists but make them private
  29. Share your content repeatedly in order to cover all time zones
  30. Ask people about themselves, retweet answers
  31. Automated tweets, replies & DMs influence the quality of your audience very badly
  32. You just can’t be good for all
  33. Auto DMs are evil. Still some love the dark side
  34. Sometimes you can use a favourite feature instead of ‘likes’ on Twitter
  35. Don’t forget about keywords
  36. Use software or apps to track clicks from your Twitter links
  37. Twitter is a nice place to A/B test content
  38. Don’t tweet about overshared news and things
  39. Subscribe to Twitter’s official blog to stay current & alert
  40. Join conversations and make sure it doesn’t look like you did it only for promotional goals
  41. Twitter is social, not promotional
  42. Tweet content that your audience will find relevant
  43. Use abbreviations to keep it short and save some space
  44. Put it in the end unless hashtag is part of the utterance
  45. Twitter can be time consuming so try to leverage your efforts
  46. Make sure your Twitter apps don’t post without your permission
  47. Respect others’ copyright
  48. Your account shouldn’t look like a fake. Enter your location and link to your website
  49. Sexism or racism is a no-no for your business. So is abuse
  50. Remember that Twitter is mobile centric
  51. Don’t ride on tragic or irrelevant but popular hashtags