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MahantTech Intranet Portal

  1. Intranet. SECURE. SCALABLE MahantTech Intranet Portal
  2. Mahanttech Intranet Portal The Intranet Portal is an ready intranet solution that helps you keep track of all the documents, communicate with other employees and collaborate. All you need is a browser and you can sign in from anywhere and any device. What is the Intranet Portal?
  3. The Intranet Portal has been built by Mahanttech Consulting on a software stack of Microsoft products which have been integrated with our platform. The end result is a robust, easy to use and highly scalable corporate intranet portal. Intranet Portal – under the hood Yammer : The enterprise social network that helps your employees stay connected. SharePoint Online: The cloud-based service helps you access internal sites and documents from anywhere. Office 365: Get the productivity of MS Office on the go, on any device. Mobile: User friendly experience for mobile users through native SharePoint apps. Azure: Microsoft’s scalable cloud hosting service is the foundation of our corporate intranet portal. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  4. Intranet Document Management Improve your document management and handle regulatory compliance and legal requirements with the Intranet Portal.  Document activity dashboard  File organization and management  Annotate documents  Outlook integration  Documents are searchable from the browser  Mobile access for documents  Media files can be uploaded  User can download any documents from the list Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  5.  Use dashboards that provide information in an easily accessible and manageable location.  Instead of a one-for-all model, the Intranet Portal allows for personalized user interfaces.  Highly interactive and enables you to see data in individual reports.  The news articles that your users create can also have images attached along with a title and short description. Executive Level Dashboard Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  6.  Latest Announcements with Attached Images  Upcoming Events  Documents  Department Team  HR Corner Requests (Visible for Authorized users only) Department Site Template Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  7.  Employees can create individualized homepages  Upcoming Events  Latest Announcements  A news release, blog post, wiki article, event or stories can all be posted on the user’s individualized homepage. News Archive Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  8.  Story detail page by Users In Archive Section  Other Stories Story Details Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  9. Events Stay tuned to all the events and activities taking place in your company. Employees can setup reminders on their calendar. This becomes an easy way to keep track of activities such as:  Upcoming conferences  Meetings  Client calls  Company events  and other activities that your employees have to undertake. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  10.  Users can search for particular announcements by entering a keyword or required search in the search box.  Users can search for particular announcements by entering a keyword or required search in the search box.  Users can also filter the announcements listing by duration (start date & end date) and/or by department.  Upcoming Events Mahanttech Intranet Portal Announcements
  11. Announcement Detail Page • Announcements with Image and Title • Sidebar With Latest Events • Members can read and contribute to the content in the portal. Mahanttech Intranet Portal Employee Directory
  12. Records, Corporate Blogs & Wikis  Capture and collect all the institutional knowledge through corporate blogs and Wikis.  Eliminate knowledge loss occurring due to employee turnover.  Get control over the distribution of your booklets, brochures, sales playbooks, chronicles, portfolios, magazines, manuals, guides, and other publications.  Your employees will get a single, dedicated tool for accessing the required materials while allowing them to choose which documents they need to show to a specific audience. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  13.  Look up other employees based on the skills required for a task  Collaborate without having to go through unnecessary loops. Mahanttech Intranet Portal Employee Directory
  14. Personal Profiles and Workspace Employees can set up personal sites that give them social networking and document management features. This is the starting place for users who want to navigate the Intranet and access other features as well. This also gives users:  Newsfeeds  Calendar  Recent Documents  Employee Profile Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  15. Intranet Search & Workflow Approval Search documents and even content inside a document with the use of hashtags and usernames. Set up user roles with different privileges. Sync your Active Directory Objects to your Office 365 account. Keep track of who has approved/rejected your documents with the workflow history of the document. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  16. MyDrive  Dedicated drive on which employees can place their work documents.  This scalable feature is based on OneDrive.  Secure storage on Microsoft servers.  MyDrive can be quickly scaled up.  Your documents can be accessed from any mobile device or desktop. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  17. News Articles  The news articles that your users create can also have images attached along with a title and short description.  The readers can give their likes, comments and view other articles written by that author. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  18. Mobile Compatible All the features of our Intranet Portal are also compatible with mobile devices. Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  19. Collaborate Bring your employees together on a common platform. Our Intranet Portal gives users spread across different locations the ability to share information and work together. Empower Make sure all your employees have the right information. The Intranet Portal also works as a document management system enabling better content control and versioning. Simplify A platform that is easy to deploy, maintain and use. Based on a stack of Microsoft products, the Intranet Portal is easy to maintain for your users without the need for technical expertise. Why Intranet Portal Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  20. Intranet Portal in your enterprise Step 1 Get your demo Step 2 Get your trial version Step 3 Start collaborating and empowering your workforce Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  21. Technology Expertise Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  22. Our Leadership Team Mahanttech Intranet Portal
  23. Global Presence Mahanttech Intranet Portal Canada Office:- +1 647-262-7047 15,Sahara Trail,Brampton.ON.Canada. L6R1P2 India Office:- +91 81289 82778 1-8 Chaitanya Vrund, Near Akshar Farm, Anand, Gujarat 388001
  24. Mahanttech Intranet Portal