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Blog 5: The Package

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I have a blog for a class at school and we are coming up with creative ideas to market the brand Tide. This week our directive was emotion so I played around with some ideas and came up with a short story based on a simple love interest.

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Blog 5: The Package

  1. 1. THE PACKAGE A short story
  2. 2. THE INTRO To give some background the woman in the story is a youngwoman named Claire, and she is lonely and done trying to find a goodman.
  3. 3. CLAIRE“I’m just so tired of getting hurt andhaving men put a stain on my heart.” There is a knock at the door She gets up and opens the door to see…
  5. 5. THOUGHTS I’m in love YummyIs this a dream Is Santa real Is this a joke Who cares!!!!
  6. 6. CLAIRE?DM: Hello I have a package for Claire Smith are you her? C: Yes! I’m Claire but I didn’t order anything? DM: Well your name is on the package Claire wondered what it was but she couldn’t stop looking at the delivery man
  7. 7. SHE OPENS THE PACKAGE…  C: Tide?  DM: Yes I heard you had a stain…I can fix that