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You Can Do That In a Keynote

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Presented at the National Speakers Association Influence 15 convention in Washington, DC, Kristin Arnold and Sarah Michel share practical tips and techniques on how to make your keynote more engaging and interactive.

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You Can Do That In a Keynote

  1. Created with Haiku Deck  
  2. About The Amazon Sisters
  3. The Case forInteractionIdeas & Techniques-Low to High RiskHot Seats Today’s  Workshop  
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  5. www.sli.do   #NSA   GO  
  6. Which  LO  Resonates  With  You?   1.  Learn when and how to infuse your keynote with proven audience interaction techniques. 2.  Experience the power of Peerology to increase retention and learning 3.  Know when to be the “guide on the side vs the Sage on the stage”
  7. YOUR HANDOUT Page  Number  
  8. Presenter-Attendee Agreement
  9. Safe space to agree, 11   & question ponder disagree,
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  13. Seek First To Understand 15  
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  23. Reach  Out  Prior   Lively  Title   MeeEng  Theme   Room  Set   Handouts   TakeAways   Packing  List   Mingle   Engage  as  They  Enter   Start  Smartly   23  
  24. 24  
  25. Innovative Formats Small  Tables   Chairs  in  Circle   Standing  Conference  Style   30  
  26. Connect  with  Eyes   Facial  Expressions   Vocal  Variety   InviEng  Gestures   Purposeful  Movement   Dress  the  Part   43  
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  28. 60  
  29. Your Turn Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  30. 65  
  31. EPIC
  32. ?   81   Open-­‐Ended   SituaEonal   ProvocaEve   Rhetorical   Poll   Use  Technology   Enrolling   Encourage  Answers   Interview   Wrong  Answer?  
  33. 86  
  34. Tony  Robbins’  TED  Talk   Why  We  Do  What  We  Do:  8M+  Views  
  35. •  Volunteers   •  Reassure   •  Connec=on   •  Ask  Good  ?s   •  Headlines   •  Thank  ‘Em   •  Be  in  the  Moment   91  
  36. Your Turn Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  37. As  You  Go…   Stop  Periodically   Small  Groups   Technology   Index  Cards   Save  to  End   99   ?
  38. 89  
  39. DefiniEons  QuotaEons   Examples,  IllustraEons   Comparisons,  Analogies   Facts  &  StaEsEcs   Borrowed  Stories   Personal  Stories   Signature  Stories   Invite  Into  Your  Story   Autoresponder   139  
  40. 8154  
  41. •  Work  with  Table….   •  Pick  One  Person   •  Brainstorm  Possibili=es   •  Be  Prepared  to  Share!   8155  
  42. What’s Your Phrase That Pays? Your Turn
  43. Never  do  for  the   audience  what   they  can  do  for   themselves   Task  Individuals   Write  It  Down   Games,  Puzzles   CompeEEon   DemonstraEon   Skits   Role  Plays   157  
  44. 9166  
  45. 171   Set  Up  AcEvity   Reflect   Separate   Give  InstrucEons   Egnage   Debrief  
  46. For participant-centered education to rule it must contain an activity.
  47. 185  
  48. Your Turn Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  49. 203  
  50. 20 years of research in neuroscience, biology & cognitive psychology on how human brain learns.
  51. Evidence points to one singular conclusion: The one who does the work, does the learning.”
  52. Learning is more like construction.
  53. Learning is more like construction. We have to actively construct our own meaning of it.
  54. Info has to be worked with, questioned, tested, practiced, applied.
  55. raw materials of info are transformed and tested as audience builds their own understanding. Your Keynote should be like...
  56. Photo by wader - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License https://www.flickr.com/photos/49503156729@N01   Created with Haiku Deck  
  57. 63 1. Receive info 2. Integrate it (reflect/connect) 3. Integrate it (make sense) 4. Test ideas as we speak or write. Is Your Keynote Transforming Listeners into Learners?
  58. 205  
  59. One Thing You Will Either Start Stop Continue As a result of this Workshop? Your Turn