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Climate Talks Live 2016

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UN Climate Talks Live displays real-time data surrounding the United Nations climate talks Twitter conversations. The site gathers and visualize millions of tweets on climate change-related topics, showing you the trends as they are happening.
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Climate Talks Live 2016

  1. 1. ClimateTalksLive.org ClimateTalksLive is an innovative social media aggregation site that analyzes the Twitter conversations emanating from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Key components of ClimateTalksLive: • Interactive infographic of trends • Stream of tweets • Volume and location of activity • Top engaged participants • Share via social or embed on website • Widgets and Stories Your window into the United Nations climate talks in Paris
  2. 2. Widgets allow media and journalists to embed components of the ClimateTalksLive site directly onto their website via an iframe. Widgets can be customized by: • View (Trends, Stream, Participants, Stats, All) • Appearance (Interface - including language, font, colour and size) • White label (remove branding) ClimateTalksLive widgets A simple way to embed the conference content onto your website ClimateTalksLive.org/widgets/builder
  3. 3. ClimateTalksLive widgets Step 1: Customize your widget Visit the ClimateTalksLive widget builder page to customize your widget based on content type, size, title, font, white label and colour. ClimateTalksLive.org/widgets/builder
  4. 4. ClimateTalksLive widgets Step 2: Grab your embed code Copy your unique embed code. ClimateTalksLive.org/widgets/builder
  5. 5. ClimateTalksLive widgets Step 3: Embed on your site Paste the code into your website or blog. ClimateTalksLive.org/widgets/builder
  6. 6. ClimateTalksLive Stories Build, write and embed your conference Story Stories allow users to build, customize and create a story of their choice, including both detailed commentary and dynamic content. Stories can be live – updated in real- time, or static – displaying information related to a certain moment. Stories can be white labelled, are easily embedded on a website, or shared on social media. ClimateTalksLive.org
  7. 7. Step 1: Select your content ClimateTalksLive Stories + + While navigating the site, start to build your story by clicking ‘add’ on the content components of your choice. ClimateTalksLive.org
  8. 8. ClimateTalksLive Stories Written content by user Relevant Trends Commenting module (optional) Relevant Delegates Relevant Tweet Step 2: Create your Story Add in your written commentary, rearrange the content components, and finalize your Story. ClimateTalksLive.org
  9. 9. ClimateTalksLive Stories Step 3: Grab your embed code Now that you’ve created your story, click the ‘share’ buttons to publish your unique URL on your social media channels, or customize the design of your Story and copy the code to easily embed on your site. ClimateTalksLive.org
  10. 10. ClimateTalksLive Stories Step 4: Embed on your site Paste the code into your website or blog. ClimateTalksLive.org
  11. 11. ClimateTalksLive quality assurance To ensure that the quality of the content is always appropriate, a number of processes and guardrails have been implemented. Rules and filters automatically exclude: • Profanity or inappropriate wording • Spam (users must have a certain activity and community) • Sensitive content identified by Twitter (e.g., nudity, violence, etc.) Moderation: As another layer of quality assurance, a dedicated team is responsible for monitoring and moderating all content on a 24 hour basis. ClimateTalksLive.org