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The Making of India

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The Making of India chronicles the opportunities for and challenges of India's demographic dividend as it weaves itself through the transitions taking place in the economy. This change is shaping India's job market, its cities, its industry and agriculture and its governance. Change is coming and will come from unexpected sources – providing both massive investment opportunities and challenges and solutions to governance.

Indians face a significant private cost of public failure. Across its public goods like power, roads, water, education, health and security (bijli, sadak, paani, shiksha, swasthya and suraksha), Indians have been offered poor outcomes as prices have been kept very low in the name of the poor. Throughout the book, we will encounter pricing distortions made by the iron-hand of the government (either making something cheap relative to its market price or more expensive) which has distorted the incentives and growth in various sectors.

India's economy is opening up by removing such distortions and this is creating many opportunities for those willing to harness this change. As the identity of Indians and their money digitizes, how Indians interact with each other and their government is changing for the better. Increased material prosperity of Indians, especially if the gains are well-shared, will force a radical rethink of India’s consumption market. The Making of India narrates this story of India with a wide variety of facts, figures, analysis, anecdotes and insights. It is the story of India as it is being made – and you are sure to find yourself in many of these transitions.

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The Making of India

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