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French Cuisine

french cusine

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French Cuisine

  1. 1. Project Subjekt:English Topics:Food in different countries Subtopics:French food Class:7b First group
  2. 2. French cuisine Frenchcuisine ismuch differentthenotherscuisines. Mealsconsistedofspiced meatssuchaspork,beef, andfish.Meats weresaltedand smokedtopreserve,and vegetables werealsosalted.
  3. 3. Colors of the french foods The presentation of the meal was very important.They cooks saffron, egg, spinach, and sunflower for color. One of the most extravagant dinners of this time was a roast swan or peacock.
  4. 4. Land produces growing grapes, which are used for making some of the best wines in the world. Food and alcohol play important roles in French society. The French have always been proud of their sophisticated way of cooking.The soil provides fresh fruits,vegetables,and grains nearly year round.
  5. 5. French wine France is one of the largest wine producers in the world.The country produces all styles of wine.
  6. 6. The baguette, is the most important part of any French meal. Everyone at the table is expected to eat a piece. It is eaten in a variety of ways.
  7. 7. Grilled food,crêpes and “la choucroute ” • The grilled food is often accompanied by potatoes. •The regions of France have varying cuisine: in Brittany , the main dish is crêpes (thin pancakes). •In the Alsace region , a popular dish called “la choucroute ”.
  8. 8. Lotte fish The French from the Loire River Valley eat a special dish made of the Lotte fish that can only be found in the Loire River. Sea food consisting like:mussels, clams, etc.The French enjoy snails cooked with garlic and butter.
  9. 9. French cheeses 1) French cheeses can be divided into three main families: pressed cheeses soft cheeses blue cheeses 2) Three different types of milk: cow's milk goat's milk sheep's milk
  10. 10. Distribution of cheeses in France
  11. 11. Types of cheeses • Cantal • Comté • Emmental • Mimolette • Reblochon • Brie • Camembert • Gaperon • Mont d'Or • Saint Nectaire • Blue cheeses • Goat's cheeses • and many other types of cheese.
  12. 12. Members of the group: • Blerta Basha (Leader) • Esti Berisha • Stavro Ruci • Emiljano Kamberi • Marsildo Cerri • Romina Carcani