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Simple Tips to Boost Intelligence Level and Become Genius

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In this PPT some simple and powerful tips are given to boost intelligence level of people. A person can follow these tips and can become genius easily.

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Simple Tips to Boost Intelligence Level and Become Genius

  1. 1. Simple Tips to Boost Intelligence Level and Become Genius
  2. 2. Do you know you can do many things to boost intelligence level, no matter what is your age? In modern society, intelligence is very much required. If a person is more intelligent than the person will have bigger advantage compared to others. Researchers have proven that intelligence or IQ enhancement is possible at any age.
  3. 3. Excellent IQ helps in scoring good academic grades, higher percentages and gives better career opportunities. Here, in this article some simple and powerful tips are given by Dr. Arvinder Singh (Human Intelligence Trainer) to boost intelligence level of people.
  4. 4. #1. Get Focused
  5. 5. #1. Get Focused It has been analysed that many people usually get distracted by small-small things. Once you get focused, your intelligence level will be increased drastically. To increase your mind focus, you will require distraction free environment so that your mind can absorb information more efficiently. You can take help of meditation technique to increase mind focus and mental concentration.
  6. 6. #1. Get Focused One research has proved that meditating for just 20 minutes in a day can not only increase intelligence level but also reduce stress level. Research results also showed that a person does not have to spend long hours on meditation. However, a person has to only maintain the regularity of meditation.
  7. 7. #2. Read Books
  8. 8. #2. Read Books One another method to increase intelligence quotient is reading good books. Book reading is an ideal form of brain exercise. Books are an effective source of information. A person can easily expand knowledge base through book reading. From research results it has been proved that most of intelligent persons such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, Phil Knight, etc. were fond of book reading.
  9. 9. Intelligent people spend maximum hours of the day in reading informative books to increase their knowledge. Researchers also found that intelligent people read different types of books to achieve mastery in many aspects. #2. Read Books
  10. 10. #3. Be Creative
  11. 11. #3. Be Creative Albert Einstein, the famous personality counted in the most intelligent people category, once said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. To encourage your mind intelligence you should apply different creative ways to perform a single task. Creativity brings new opportunities and also encourages our mind to think from new perspectives.
  12. 12. #4. Be a Problem-Solver
  13. 13. To boost intelligence level you have to adopt a solution oriented way. You should not think that you are surrounded by many problems. You should only think like how you can come out of the problems. Your brain will work in more effective manner when you will think in solution oriented way. You should think all the possible solutions to the problem to enhance mind intelligence. #4. Be a Problem-Solver
  14. 14. • You have to be open-minded and be passionate to learn new things. • You have to accept your mistakes and should not ever blame others for your own mistakes. • Do not expect that others will help you. • People can criticize you because of your intelligence. However, you do not have to take criticism to heart, instead, welcome the feedback of people. #5. Golden Rules
  15. 15. • You don’t have to afraid of failure; instead, accept failure as great learning experience. • You should have positive attitude towards life to boost intelligence level. Intelligent people remain optimistic in diverse situations too. • You should be self-directed and self-controlled. #5. Golden Rules
  16. 16. Increasing intelligence is actually not so hard, you only require to put some extra efforts for it. Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced ‘SETP’ (Seven Effective Thinking Pattern), the national award winning program to boost intelligence level. This training program is very effective and many people have been benefited by this.
  17. 17. You may find some more interesting articles at http://drarvindersingh.com