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The Evolution of UX Challenges

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The job of UX designers has always been challenging: you have to create things that your users will love. There are design principles and best practices to help you but you need to apply them now in an ever-changing environment where screens, devices, and contexts vary constantly.

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The Evolution of UX Challenges

  1. 1. The evolution of UX challenges Zoltan Kollin
  2. 2. Hello, I’M Zoltan Kollin
 UX director at UstreamAN IBM COMPANY
  3. 3. the Ultimate ux challenge? to make compromises
  4. 4. UX UserS Business Technology
  5. 5. UX UserS Business Technology
  6. 6. UX UserS Business Technology
  7. 7. UX UserS Business Technology
  8. 8. The rise and fall of skeuomorphism
  9. 9. The rise of simplification
  10. 10. “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  11. 11. Old challenges New challenges
  12. 12. The small screen challenge
  13. 13. The rise of mistery icons
  14. 14. The usability challenge usability first, 
 design trends second
  15. 15. UX UserS Business Technology
  16. 16. 90 trillion emails were sent in 2009
  17. 17. 90 trillion emails were sent in 2009 81% were spam
  18. 18. Today, less than 0.1% of email in the average Gmail inbox is spam.
  19. 19. Mobile developers and publishers sent somewhere north of a trillion push notifications in 2014 alone 2 2 1 3 1 8 3 important messages 2 friend requests since yesterday Woohoo, 16 people liked your post You have 7 new followers! 17 app updates available
  20. 20. Nine of 10 people suffer from phantom vibration syndrome where they mistakenly think their mobile phone is vibrating in their pocket
  21. 21. Remember this? Skip Intro » Skip Intro »
  22. 22. Roadblocks now Hey there! Have a question? Chat with us. Send a message…
  23. 23. Roadblocks now You should really download our brilliant e-book to boost profits. Enter your email address… GET YOUR FREE EBOOK
  24. 24. The business challenge push without distracting or roadblocking
  25. 25. UX UserS Business Technology
  26. 26. Technology can roadblock users, too
  27. 27. Technology should solve problems, not create new ones
  28. 28. designing for technology
  29. 29. Designing for users
  30. 30. The technology challenge Fall in love with problems, not technology
  31. 31. UX UserS Business Technology
  32. 32. Keep focusing on users question everything find that balance
  33. 33. Thank you @kollinz