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KnowledgeTree Internship Program

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Learn more at https://www.knowledgetree.com/fasttrack/

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KnowledgeTree Internship Program

  1. 1. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Fast Track Internship Program
  2. 2. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Fast Track Internship Program 2 Gain real-world, paid software sales experience Fast-track your career with a high- growth SaaS company Work in a dynamic, fun team — in an amazing location
  3. 3. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Why KnowledgeTree? The Hottest Cloud- based Marketing Startups of 2015 Our customers are the world’s most respected tech companies 1 of only 6 Triangle companies in top 250 SaaS leaders [KnowledgeTree has] traction in high technology, life sciences and financial services.
  4. 4. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Gain Real-World Sales Experience 4 Structured Sales Process Learn to identify, pitch, and advance prospects — using leading sales tech. Mentoring Program Gain insight from supportive, experienced executive coaches. Industry Insight Analyze our market and produce reports that influence our company’s direction.
  5. 5. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Fast-Track to a Tech Sales Career 5 Build your resume with real sales results On-ramp to our high- growth sales organization — we’re hiring!
  6. 6. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Great Culture 6
  7. 7. © KnowledgeTree 2015 7 Awesome Downtown Location
  8. 8. © KnowledgeTree 2015 What’s the Process? 8 Apply at Knowledgetree.com /fasttrack Fast Track intern team starts Interview and selection process
  9. 9. © KnowledgeTree 2015 What We’re Looking For 9 High energy, self-starter, great communication skills Passionate about entrepreneurship, tech, and growth Focused on a software sales / marketing career
  10. 10. © KnowledgeTree 2015 What is the Term and Outcome? www.KnowledgeTree.com/FastTrack 10 3 month paid program with bonus opportunities Top performers eligible to extend or apply for full- time You’re part of a team of Fast Trackers
  11. 11. © KnowledgeTree 2015 Fast Track Internship Program