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How to Put the Knowledge Management Into IT Service Management

How to Put the KM Into ITSM was first given to the NSW branch of itSMF Australia for their Q1 seminar on 15/3/2012.

During this talk, I cover how to plan, write for and maintain your knowledge base. I also discuss why we need to share knowledge and I share my thoughts on managing some of the cultural issues that get in the way of knowledge flow in IT departments.

These slides are visual and some are intentionally blank.
When I get around to providing a voice cast (and some properly formatted notes), or even a recording of coming presentations, I will let you know. Follow on twitter @aprillallen or subscribe to the blog (http://eepurl.com/d12h1) to be informed.

** Jokes and anecdotes not included. These are only available in person. ;)

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How to Put the Knowledge Management Into IT Service Management

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