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Marketing Plan for Nespresso

This marketing plan for Nespresso was prepared by Khan Mohd Eshtiaque and Naye Carla Farid Moussa, two students at IE Business School. The project was personally supervised by Professor Ramón Méndez of IE Business School & Partner at BMC Strategic Innovation. The marketing plan includes the Market Analysis, Consumer Analysis, Competitive Overview, Brand Equity Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Brand Benefit Ladder, Positioning and finishes with Objectives, Marketing Strategies and the 4P's.
Naye Moussa has been an intern with the e-commerce and online marketing department of Adolfo Dominguez, a leading Spanish fashion designer. She has also worked with the European office of New York University and has been a store model for Abercrombie & Fitch.
Khan Mohd Eshtiaque has previously interned as an M&A summer analyst with BDO Corporate Finance and also interned in the Private Banking department of HSBC.
You can contact them at eshtiaque@student.ie.edu or nmoussa.bba2010@student.ie.edu.

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Marketing Plan for Nespresso

  1. 1. Marketing Plan for Nespresso Prepared by Naye Moussa & Khan Mohd Esh4aque, students of IE Business School Supervised by Professor Ramón Méndez of IE Business School & Partner at BMC Strategic Innova4on
  2. 2. Situa4on Analysis Objec4ves & Strategies 360° Execu4on
  3. 3. Situa&on Analysis Market Analysis Consumer Analysis Compe44ve Overview Brand Equity Analysis SWOT Objec4ves & Strategies 360° Execu4on
  4. 4. Market Analysis
  5. 5. Market Share Value for On-­‐Demand Total Market Value in 2012: €801m Total Market Value for On-­‐Demand in 2012: €272m !"##$%&'()*$+&,-)$ ()*+,)**-$ .-/0)$12*3-$ 45**67-$ 89:,-7)$ &&#$ '#$ !"#!$%&'()*$+&,-)$ '()*+()),# -,./(#01)2,# 34))56,# 789+,6(# Brand 2011 2012 Nespresso €87m €119m Dolce Gusto €52m €68m Tassimo €18m €26m L’Arome €0m €60m Total Market Value €156m €273m Increase in value from 2011 to 2012 37% %%#$ !"#$ !!"# $%"# &"# $$"#
  6. 6. Market Share Volume for On-­‐Demand Market Volume in 2012: 35769 tons Market Volume for On-­‐Demand in 2012: 9300 tons !"##$%&'()*$+,-./)$ '()*+()),$ -,./($01)2,$ 34))56,$ 789+,6($ !"#$ !%#$ &!#$ %#$ !"#!$%&'()*$+,-./)$ )*+,-*++.$ /.01*$23+4.$ 56++78.$ 9:;-.8*$ %(#$ Brand 2011 2012 Nespresso 2378 3162 Dolce Gusto 2084 2725 Tassimo 733 1023 L’Arome 0 2390 Total Market Volume 5195 9300 !"#$ %&#$ ''#$ Increase in volume from 2011 to 2012 33%
  7. 7. Household Penetra4on for On-­‐Demand !(%$$$%$$$!! !'%#$$%$$$!! !'%$$$%$$$!! !&%#$$%$$$!! !&%$$$%$$$!! !#$$%$$$!! Households Penetrated in 2012: 5.4m Brand 2011 2012 Nespresso 12% 17% Dolce Gusto 5% 7% Tassimo 2% 4% L’Arome 0% 9% Total Penetra&on 19% 37% Increase in penetra4on from 2011 to 2012 42% Number of Households in Spain in 2012: 14.5m Household Penetra4on For On-­‐Demand !"!!!! )*+,-*++.! /.01*!23+4.! 56++78.! 9:;-.8*! '$&&! '$&'!
  8. 8. Coffee Consump4on Per Household Brand Nespresso L’Arome Tassimo Dolce Gusto Coffee Usage Number of Packs Price of Pack Expenditure on Coffee 1.4kg 0kg 2.26kg 2.8kg 28 0 14 25 €3.70 €3.41 €4.98 €4.85 €104 €0 €68 €121 Brand Nespresso L’Arome Tassimo Dolce Gusto Average spent per household on coffee €73 Coffee Usage Number of Packs Price of Pack Expenditure on Coffee 1.26kg 1.8kg 1.92kg 2.67kg 25 36 12 24 €3.70 €3.41 €4.98 €4.85 €93 €123 €58 €116 Average spent per household on coffee €98 2011 2012
  9. 9. Consumer Analysis
  10. 10. Demographics & Psychographics 79% Drinks coffee Male Female Students Professionals 38% 62% 77% 22% 115 Online Survey Par4cipants, 5 In-­‐Depth Age Groups 36% 46% 5% 4% 18 -­‐ 20 Years Old 21 -­‐ 29 Years Old 30 -­‐ 39 Years Old 40 -­‐ 49 Years Old 85% lives in a coffee drinking culture Values: Family and friends are important Belief: Finding 4me for oneself is fundamental
  11. 11. Category Mo4vator 79% Students Professionals To wake up It tastes good To have a break To treat myself 91% 60% 58% 51% 50% 33% 50% Why do you drink coffee?
  12. 12. Category Mo4vator 70% Students Professionals Energized Happy Relaxed 75% 44% 25% 21% 33% How does coffee make you feel?
  13. 13. 26% Usage Students Professionals 1-­‐3 Cups 3-­‐5 Cups 7-­‐10 Cups 10+ Cups 8% 26% 17% 28% 25% 21% 50% How many cups of coffee do you drink in a week?
  14. 14. Usage When do you drink coffee? Breakfast 63% Breaks & Leisure Time 52% Where do you drink coffee? At Home 79% At Work/School/ University 70% Work Hours 50% Coffee Chains 55% Lunch 32% Cafeteria/ Restaurants 39%
  15. 15. Nespresso Purchase & Usage 43% 30% Owns a coffee capsule machine Owns a Nespresso machine Nespresso Other capsules Both 60% 51% 79% Which coffee capsule brand do you use? Why do you use other capsule brands? 44% 38% 31% Convenience/ Store Loca4on Taste Price 25% Variety
  16. 16. Consumer Insight I want to feel special with whatever I buy, wherever I go, whatever I do and whoever I choose to do it with. Quality is important to me and I don’t want to have to compromise on that in any aspect of my life.
  17. 17. Competitive Overview
  18. 18. Compe4ng in the same segment Average number of capsules: 10 Average capsule price: €0.31 or €0.66 Average capsule price: €0.34 High and fast penetra4on Compa4bility with Nespresso machine Distribu4on in mass market Heavy promo4on Comparable quality Strong imita4on of Nespresso Average number of capsules: 16 or 8 Size of pormolio: 41 flavors Mass market Size of pormolio: 16 flavors High innova4on: barcodes Leverages on Mondelez brands Partnership with Bosch
  19. 19. Domes4c appliances brand: Phillips Average number Average capsule price: €0.16 Size of pormolio: 30 flavors High innova4on: Hot, tea, cold beverages Size Different Objec4ves Exploi4ng growing market Flooding market with cheap capsules Price sensi4ve consumers who don’t care about taste but just want coffee Compa4ble with Nespresso machine Average capsule price: €0.30 of capsules: 16 Average number of capsules: 16 Mass market but can adopt flanker role of pormolio: 6 flavors Leverages on Nestle brands Same machine brands as Nespresso: Krups
  20. 20. Average number of capsules: 12 Average capsule price: $0.99 Size of pormolio: 18 flavors High innova4on: Kits offering, holiday blends In-­‐house developed brewing machine Strong and established brand Loyal customer base Buy lape in the morning and leave with capsules to take home Price Per Capsule Analysis !"#)"$ !"#(%$ !"#("$ !"#'%$ !"#'"$ !"#&%$ !"#&"$ !"#"%$ !"#""$ *+,-./0$ 1.230$ 4567.$ 80960.$ :;66</.$ *;2;9=0$ >;-70$?.<-$ 1<@-;7.$ ?06A-066.$
  21. 21. Brand Equity Analysis
  22. 22. Brand Awareness Nespresso 25% is top of mind Recalled Nespresso when asked what 3 coffee brands they knew Recognized Nespresso Knows where the nearest place to buy Nespresso is 63% 74% 52% 50% Non-­‐coffee consumers have been inside a Nespresso store How did they hear about Nespresso 50% 50% 43% Nespresso Store Adver4sement Word-­‐of-­‐mouth
  23. 23. Brand Image Brand Associa4on: Brand Apributes George Clooney Expensive Quality Tasty Brand Associa4on: User Imagery Rich Young Coffee-­‐lover Wealthy Trendy Sophis4cated How par4cipants rated Nespresso’s func4onal benefits on a scale of 1-­‐5 4.3 4.4 4 3.9 3.1 2.7 Packaging Variety Quality Taste Convenience Price
  24. 24. SWOT Analysis
  25. 25. Strengths -­‐Market leader: 34% volume, 43.8% value -­‐Strong brand equity (high awareness/top of mind, consistent brand image) -­‐Store experience: exclusivity & personalized service -­‐Loyalty & membership: Nespresso Club -­‐Consistency in product, ease of use, packaging & variety -­‐Nespresso machine (Art-­‐deco, Fashion statement, Design) -­‐Strong communica4on: George Clooney Weaknesses -­‐Lack of easy accessibility due to limited distribu4on -­‐Inconvenience for purchase (only located in city centers) -­‐Consumers too heavily relate brand to George Clooney, brand reliance on Clooney -­‐Machine can only be used for coffee -­‐Lack of awareness of online shopping Opportuni&es -­‐Capsule market €800 million & growing 74% p.a. -­‐17% brand penetra4on & poten4al to increase -­‐Increase average purchase to 365 capsules p.a. from 252 -­‐Increase price to match perceived value -­‐Selec4vely expand distribu4on -­‐Expand flavor pormolio -­‐B2B Threats -­‐Compe4tor capsules in mass market -­‐Increasing compe44on can lead to price-­‐wars -­‐Increasing penetra4on from compe4tors: L’Arome -­‐Mul4-­‐use machines by compe4tors: Senseo, Tassimo -­‐Compa4ble capsules from other brands -­‐Patent on capsules expired -­‐Image dilu4on
  26. 26. Situa&on Analysis Objec4ves & Strategies Benefit Ladder Brand Posi4oning Objec4ves Proposal of Strategy: 4Ps 360° Execu4on
  27. 27. Benefit Ladder
  28. 28. Emo&onal Benefit Let’s you feel special, self-­‐fulfilled, and well Emotreated 4onal every Benefit single 4me and with every single sip. You feel exclusively part of an iconic experience. Consumer Benefit An effortless, superb, and unique espresso experience that Consumer Benefit revitalizes and uplits your mood while allowing you to take a special moment for yourself from your everyday rou4ne. Product Benefit Product Benefit Perfec4on, convenience, unique pleasure, choice, superior taste Product ADributes The perfect Product Espresso Apributes brewed from beau4fully designed compact capsules of a variety of aroma.
  29. 29. Positioning Statement
  30. 30. To cosmopolitan men and women who seek exclusivity and want a special moment to fulfill their day, Nespresso is the brand of coffee for all seNngs which offers an exclusive, superior, and premium coffee experience that goes beyond the typical, because it embodies elegance, quality, and superior taste.
  31. 31. Objec4ves
  32. 32. Nespresso Performance Nespresso Market Share Volume Market Share Value Household Penetra4on Average Expenditure Per Household 2011 % Change 2378 tons €87m 1.74m €104 +33% 2012 3162 tons €119m 2.47m €93 +37% +42% -­‐11% 2013 Forecast 4174 tons €163M 3.26m €83 % Change +33% +37% +32% -­‐11% ✔ ✔ ✔ ✘ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✘ Revenue €181m +18% €230m +8% €269m Future Objec&ves Maintain average expenditure per household at 2012 levels without decreasing penetra4on. Increase average expenditure per household to 2011 levels within two fiscal years without decreasing penetra4on. Increase frequency of purchase within exis4ng penetrated households to bring average expenditure per household to 2011 levels. Increase average purchase from 252 capsules to 365 per person capsules per annum within three fiscal year.
  33. 33. Strategy Proposal and 4P’s
  34. 34. Strategy: Broaden the Nespresso Experience Majority of coffee drinkers don’t just drink at home, but also drink coffee heavily at University/Work Coffee chains Cafeterias/Bars/Restaurants Majority of coffee drinkers don’t enjoy drinking coffee alone Broaden experience by increasing social points where Nespresso could be shared Nespresso drinkers find inconvenience and lack of accessibility to brand but s4ll like to feel exclusive Broaden experience to bring them closer to brand while maintaining exclusivity
  35. 35. Product Product Place -­‐Premium espresso brewed from coffee capsules of a variety of flavors -­‐Beau4fully designed machines; B2B and B2C solu4ons -­‐Superior store experience and service Price -­‐High compared to direct capsule compe4tors (4 cents more per capsule) Price -­‐But s4ll an affordable luxury compared to newly defined Frame of Reference -­‐Gradually increase price to match perceived value to move further away from direct compe4tors Promo4on Place -­‐Currently: 32 Nespresso stores in Spain + availability in 15 El Corte Ingles + Online -­‐Increase distribu4on but remain exclusive (to accommodate to consumer feedback of lack of convenience and to in increase frequency) -­‐Increase B2B placement (cosmopolitan workplaces and universi4es) -­‐Open bou4que Nespresso bars Promo&on -­‐Keep adver4sing the same (mass media) as it has been highly effec4ve in brand awareness -­‐Adver4se heavily on Online ordering because there is lack of awareness (and this will sa4sfy lack of convenience and increase average purchase) Strategy: Broaden the Nespresso Experience
  36. 36. Situa&on Analysis Objec4ves & Strategies 360° Execu4on
  37. 37. Push Out Nespresso Towers & Capsule Vending Machines At Select Cosmopolitan Workplaces and Universi4es Encourages the Nespresso experience outside of home Directly increases frequency of consump4on at loca4on Will replace vending machines, cafeterias, coffee chains Broadens Nespresso experience: allows consumer to try different flavors and variety Experience remains exclusive Payment only accepted by scanning Nespresso Card Recharge card at point or online Nespresso Card can be used on any Tower anywhere Increases convenience to purchase capsules for home Poten4al for trial amongst non-­‐consumers Convert non-­‐consumers into regular consumers Increases penetra4on
  38. 38. Introduce Bou4que Nespresso Cafés in Cosmopolitan Centers Brings the Nespresso experience while on the move The experience doesn’t have to end at home or at work Directly increases frequency of consump4on at loca4on Amplifies the Nespresso experience to greater heights Stylish and fashionable cafés An exclusive place: Go to see and to be seen Enjoy Nespresso like George Clooney does A new 3rd place: forget Starbucks Poten4al for trial amongst non-­‐consumers Convert non-­‐consumers into regular consumers Increases penetra4on Purchase capsules for home: take the experience back home with you
  39. 39. Take Nespresso Everywhere With You Expand the Experience Into The Palm Of Your Hands Nespresso Club Nespresso Black Dedicated lounge Nespresso Magazine Updates Gits Invited to store openings Call to have order ready Nespresso Gold Fast Track Personal Shopper Free delivery (standard >100 capsules) Express delivery (standard >200 capsules) Special Price for Nespresso Towers Exclusive Events Gold
  40. 40. All rights reserved by the authors. Work cannot be reproduced without the prior permission of authors. Prepared by: Naye Moussa & Khan Mohd Esh4aque Contact us at esh4aque@student.ie.edu or nmoussa.bba2010@student.ie.edu