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  1. DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTION A Gateway To The New World: Wiseasy, Workeasy Web: Email:
  2. CONTENT Wiseasy Agency Banking Wiseasy Wallet Wiseasy Acquiring System Micro Services Company Profile
  3. Company Profile
  4. Wiseasy Group is a leading global digital banking and payment builder. The company aims to promote the innovation, development, and application of digital banking solutions and payment technology worldwide by offering smart fintech terminals and rich payment technology services which are able to reach wider demographics with more convenience. By December 2020, Wiseasy has provided fintech products and services to over 250 partners and agencies, including transformational banks, developing acquirers and institutions, growing fintech companies, and expanding mobile operators, in 67 countries and regions worldwide, covering dozens of industries. Who We Are? Wiseasy IoT Ltd. Wiseasy Paycoo+ Ltd. Wiseasy AI Business Unit
  5. Wiseasy established Internet Android Terminal P2 launched Android POS passed CUP-P3 Started cooperation with Apple Pay by Apple 2.0 VAS P3 won Red Dot Design Award Handheld Cloud Business Terminal M1 launched Intelligent Business Terminal T1 launched Handheld Could Terminal M2 launched P3 won IF Design Award Established a production line in Brazil AI Service Terminal B3 launched Smart Commercial Terminal N5 launched Mobile payment solution Wise Acquiring launched First foreign subsidiary established Set up overseas factory in Belarus Overseas Technical support center established in Morocco Portable Financial Terminal QT launched QR code Payment Speaker QS1 launched Digital Banking Solution Suite launched (Wise Wallet, Wise Cloud, Wise Acquiring) Listed as Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Provider in APAC 2020 by Banking CIO Outlook 2012 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Our Journey
  6. Partners Overseas Partners Domestic Partners
  7. Certifications Multiple international certifications provide full access to payment with security and high-quality terminals. Security Certification Global Payment Certification National Payment Certification Electronics &Telecom Certification
  8. All You Need for Smart Business ISO Standards to ensure product quality from A to Z
  10. Wiseasy Digital Banking Solutions Architecture WiseCloud PayCloud Account Cloud Message Cloud Wise World Risk Management Cloud Cloud Infrastructure Business Platform Application Software Terminal Hardware Bill Payment E-Top Up Cash in & Cash out EKYC Wise Cashier Wise Boss Wiseasy Wallet Wise Match System Micro ATM System Telecom Billing Platform Unified Utilities Billing Platform Lottery Platform Acquiring System Mobile Wallet Platform Cash-in Cash-out Lottery
  11. The Development Path of Digital Banking Finance Service Finance Innovation Lifestyle Service Platform Based Payment Service Account Based (Connect Consumers and Agents) (+ Connect Merchants, Industry Partners) (+ Connect Financial Institutions) Cash in Transfer Cash out Buy airtime Entertainment Pay bill Merchant Payment e-Commerce Credit(Consumer) Business Loan Investment Insurance Savings Mobile Wallet Digital Counter Mobile Payment/Finance Entrance to Build Digital Banks Bank the unbanked (Account opening) Basic financial service (Transfer & payment) Initialize the digital bank account; Building Basic Network of Digital Banks Serve mobile wallet users (Deposit & withdraw) Develop the merchants as branches; Build a digital bank basic service network; Strategic Focus on Building Digital Banks Expanding mobile wallet payment scenarios; Provide value-added service and financial service (public utilities payment/personal bill payment/financial loans/wealth management)
  12. Wiseasy Agency Banking Wiseasy Agency Banking, a cost-effective digital banking solution based on safe, professional and certified smart POS terminals and cloud services which can greatly reduce the cost of bank business expansion by grasping functions only physical counters could in the past. It can provide a series of financial services, including account opening, transfer, deposit and withdrawal, loan, insurance, bill payment, etc.
  13. Bank/FI 3rd party service provider Agent Agency BankingWiseasy Agent . . . . . . . . . Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Agency Banking is an alternative distribution strategy in which traditional retail banking and financial institutions use authorized agents to expand the branch network in a cost-efficient manner. Goal of agency banking is to bank the unbanked and provide very basic financial services as cash-in, cash-out, transfer. Agency banking promotes financial inclusion as it makes it possible to reach more people and more locations in a very cost-effective manner,. Open Account Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawl Transfer Fixed Deposit Query Mini Statement Information Update Mobile Top-up Bill Payment Loan Insurance Customer Agency Banking
  14. Wiseasy Agency Banking Basic Functions  Customer Onboarding  Deposit  Transfer  Cash Withdrawl  Statement WiseCounter Cloud  Account Management  Agent Management  Service Management  Reconciliation  Settlement Agent Services  Agent Commission  Cashier Management  Merchant Payment  Query  Receipt Comprehensive Services  Bill Payment  Loan Management  Interbank Transfer  Insurance  Cross Border Remittance Function Modules
  15. System Workflow Diagram Agent with WPOS-3 Powered by Wiseasy Core Banking System Customer Open Account Deposit/Transfer/Withdrawl Transaction Settlement Report Deposit Cash Withdraw Cash Settlement Information Flow Fund Flow Wise Billing Third Party Service Provider Wiseasy Agency Banking Request to Backend for Processing Agency Banking Back Office
  16. FRONT-END AGENT APP PORTAL OPERATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTERFACE LAYER CORE SERVICE Agent Management Customer Management Administration Fee Message Template Commission Reconciliation Reporting Dashboard Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawal Transfer Account Opening Mini Program Enquiry Workflow Security Setting Logs Error Handling Mini Statement I N T E R F A C E L A Y E R 3RD PARTY SYSTEM TELECOM OPERATOR UTILITIES INSURANCE TRANSPORT TICKET I N T E R F A C E L A Y E R E-VOUCHER BETTING . . . CBS Wiseasy Agency Banking Product Architecture
  17. Wiseasy Agency Banking Agent Application
  18. By 2025, we expect digital banking solutions to predominate around the world. Banks will revolutionize their customer acquisition strategies and improved customer satisfaction by reducing overall costs both for banks themselves and their customers. Simplified Onboarding 24/7 Full-service banking Cost Effective Increased Personalization Process Automation Before After Complicated process and offline outlets were needed Simplified process, semi-self- handled onboarding Serve limited customers at offline outlets during business hours Serve customers anytime, anywhere A lot of manpower and resources are needed Can not meet the personalized needs of customers Affected by human factors, resulting in errors and losses Serve your clients in a very cost- effective way Offer personalized services using big data and machine learning Process automation reduces errors and costs Wiseasy Agency Banking Advantages
  19. Case Study – Micro Finance Service Solution We provided smart POS terminals for the "Jin Xiang Tong" service network project launched by the Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank. Based on WPOS-3, our terminals enable the service outlets to provide traditional financial services such as assistance to farmers, small deposits, money transfer, card transaction, bill payment and other services to local county and township citizens and farmers. Meanwhile, our terminals also empower the service outlets with the non-financial services such as China Unicom SIM card activation, telephone bill payment, China Unicom electronic coupon consumption, logistics distribution, etc. China Construction Bank
  20. Case Study – Agency Banking Solution For suburbs in India, Wiseasy provided FINO Payments Bank with an agency banking solution equipped with hardware and software. Agency Banking application installed on Wiseasy P3 F1 was deployed in local communities to provide cash in, cash out, withdrawals, cross border remittance and other financial services at agent outlets. This has given a new banking experience to the bank‘s customers. To date, a good number of 1200 agent outlets has been established by the bank. Wiseasy provides customized micro-finance solutions for community banks. Our handheld terminals enable convenient living and financial services to reach a wider population. Indian Fino Payments Bank
  21. Wiseasy Wallet Wiseasy Wallet, a cloud based mobile wallet that comes with a fine- tuned mobile application as well as account and business management portals. Wise Wallet offers basic financial services (account opening, transfer, top-up, withdrawal), as well as value-added services (applicable for bill payments, ecommerce platforms, etc.). Mobile wallet has become fundamental for banks and financial institutions to digitize accounts, businesses, and operating platforms.
  22. Digital Wallet Bank/FI Digital WalletWiseasy Payment Processor/Switch Wallet User1 Wallet User2 Wallet Usern ……. Open Account Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawl Transfer Payment Loyalty Mini Statement Information Update Mobile Top-up Bill Payment Loan Insurance In 2014, researchers from NYU’s Center of Genomics and System Biology identified nearly 3000 types of bacteria from dollar bills. The pandemic is fast forwarding us to a cashless society and making life harder for the unbanked. With a digital wallet, unbanked users may yet the very basic financial services like deposit, withdrawal, transfer and payment. On the Go Use your wallet to pay wherever you see the contactless symbol by holding your phone up to the symbol on the terminal Online When shopping online, select digital wallet as your payment option at checkout and pay by scanning the QR code in stead of entering card information online In App Use your digital wallet to pay for bus, metro, taxi, groceries, food delivery, morning coffee etc. ATM Add your debit card to your digital wallet and get cash or make deposits using your phone at ATMs or agent booth. Scan/Tap for deposit and withdrawl
  23. Basic Functions  Merchant/Customer Onboarding  Card/Account Management  Transfer  Statement  Merchant Wallet Management WiseWallet Backend  Customer Management  Payment Service Management  Operations  Accounting  Security Management Enterprise Services  Agent Wallet Management  Commission Management  Project Management  Data Analytics  API for Agents and Merchants Comprehensive Services  Loyalty  Loan Management  Interbank Transfer  Insurance  Bill Payment  Cross Border Remittance Wiseasy Wallet Function Modules
  24. Wiseasy Wallet System Workflow Diagram Powered by Wiseasy Processor/Switch/Bank Wiseasy Wallet User Open Account Deposit/Transfer/Withdrawl Transaction Settlement Report Deposit Cash Withdraw Cash Settlement Information Flow Fund Flow Agent with WPOS-3 Other Banks/FI/Loan Provider Settlement Transaction Settlement Report Wiseasy Wallet Back Office
  25. Wiseasy Wallet Mobile Application (iOS & Android) Back-end System API Gateway API Gateway Switch Service KYC Service Wallet Service Audit Service QR Code Service Merchant Service Agent Service Customer Service Transaction Service Accounting Service Commission Service Fees Service OTP Service Notification Service Dispute Service Customer Case Service Stand-in Service Reporting Service Merchant Service Loyalty Service Data Lake BlockCahin Distributed Repository CRM Billing Accounting Administartion SQL Databases Caching No SQL Databases Customer existing Databases HSM / Data Integrity Control System Structure
  26.  Virtual Wallet with unlimited possibilities  Easily complete the distribution of digital accounts  Extend payments to variety of offline scenarios  Comes with an in-house built h5 page  Modules are designed as micro services which can be enabled and disabled anytime, anywhere Wiseasy Wallet Advantages
  27. Case Study – Wiseasy Wallet in School Scenario Considering safety of children during global pandemic, we provided smart campus solution that’s a combination of digital wallet, school management modules and smart POS terminals for cash in, cash out and payment. This solution has been adopted across Thailand and deployed in 12 primary and high schools. A total number of about 17000 users which includes Students, Teachers, school employees and Parents are using this solution proactively as it has provided new payment experience whereas others are still paying with cash. User wallets can be topped up with any bank card as well as by cash in feature at an agent shop.
  28. Wiseasy Acquiring System Wiseasy Acquiring System, a one-stop mobile payment solution with tailored merchant application and management portal that support multiple mobile wallet systems simultaneously. Its transaction processing system supports enormous transactions and flexible expansion, merchant and agent management system can realize acquiring services of multilayer agents and chain merchant accounts. Comes with a unified payment gateway and advanced container technology that enables flawless remote deployment on the cloud. It is a complete payment solution for banks and acquiring institutions.
  29. Wiseasy Acquiring System Architecture
  30. Wallet User Scan QR Code Merchant Payment Request Acquring SystemWiseasy Payment Request QR Code Schemes VISA MasterCard UnionPay WeChat Pay JCB Alipay Google Pay Acquiring Bank/Institution Apple Pay Payment Notification Settlement Report Reconciliation Settlement Information Flow Fund Flow Wiseasy Acquiring System Transaction Workflow Diagram
  31. Open Service Gateway Payment APP API Registration Access Authentication API Service Router Payment Services Payment Processing Transaction Management Payment Channel Acquiring Product Agent Comission Contract Merchant Comission Conract Accounting Services Reconciliation Merchant Settlement Agent Settlement Clearing Services Acquirier Settlement Settlement Merchant & Partner Services Merchant Onboarding Agent Onboarding Store/Terminal Management KYC Work Order Basic Services User Management Role Management System Logs Fraud Management Analytics Transaction Data Analytics Agent Data Analysis Merchant Data Analysis Acuirer Statistics Business Management Gateway Operation Management Platform Agent Platform Merchant Platform POS Application Cashier Server Static QR Code H5 Checkout Android/iOS Application H5 Mobile App Web Application Merchant Sales System (ERP System) Internal API Gateway Open API Gateway/SDK Wiseasy Acquiring System Function Modules
  32. Merchant Management Platform Merchant Agent Service Platform Agent White Label Merchant & Agent Management Middleware Merchant & Agent Portal Direct Merchant Acquisition and Onboarding Services KYC Verification (Along with EKYC) NAC Services PG Integration Services Terminal Management Services Day to Day Merchant Operations Support through 24 X 7 Help Desk (Online/Offline Support) Settlement Services Reconciliation Services Customized API’s, Dashboards and Reports 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Wiseasy Acquiring System Merchant & Agent Platform
  33. Reduced financial & reputational loss Reduced sophisticated fraud across channels Lower operational costs Reduced false positives Regulatory compliance 01 02 03 04 05 Wiseasy Acquiring System Fraud Risk Management
  34. A complete mobile payment operation system for acquiring institutions Products and services cover online + offline full payment scenarios Perfect integration with Wiseasy intelligent terminal management tool Payment service based on fully open API design and cloud based Payment as a Cloud Service Provide complete basic operation services for mobile payment practitioners Wiseasy Acquiring System Advantages
  35. Case Study – Acquiring Platform In 2018, Wiseasy provided Canada‘s payment service provider SnapPay with a one-stop payment solution. The whole solution was deployed in AWS private cloud. With this solution, SnapPay is able to serve merchants and acquirers from a good number of industries with multi-dimensional payment scenarios.
  36. Micro Service & Applications
  37. Micro Service Function Modules Dynamic QR Static QR In App Payment H5 Payment Online Payment Quick Pay USSD Payment Pre-Authorization Payment Product Merchant Management Wealth Management Marketing Toolkit Agency Banking Open Connection Onboarding Analyze Transaction Detail Store Management Clerk Management Terminal Management Settlement B2C Payment B2B Payment Overdraft Micro Loan Interest Product Insurance Discount Coupon Cashback Buy Now Pay Later Loyalty Club KYC On-boarding Micro ATM Utilities Bills Top up Game Points Distribution Open API Web hook Facebook Instagram Link Bank Card
  38. Wiseasy E-KYC Solution The main key objective of Wiseasy E-KYC Solution is to create a standardized platform between Financial Institutions to increase KYC quality and customer experience by a unified KYC process for participating Financial Institutions . Traditional KYC Wiseasy E-KYC  Live image capture (3D Face- recognition)  Customer consent (Signature)  Optical Character Recognition (Banks, Insurance)  Biometrics (thumb and index fingerprint)  GPS positioning Wiseasy E-KYC
  39. Case Study – Telecom E-KYC Solution According to the actual application scenario of Algerian Mobile operator Djezzy, we provide a combination of hardware terminals with integrated software solution, which supports the identification of multiple types of documents such as passports, ID cards, driving licenses, etc., and further realizes the functions of electronic handwritten signature, A4-paper scanning, fingerprint identification and receipt printing. With Wiseasy offerings, Djezzy caters to their need of a complete SIM card sales EKYC solutions, which connects customer identification, SIM card activation and customer information retention under one terminal.
  40. Wiseasy Cashier APP A standard, flexible, stable payment application, with a complete bank card transaction capacity, mobile payment capacity. It can be quickly connected to various payment systems, providing an excellent collection experience. Wiseasy SDK Service Secure Processor Card Reader Printer Key LED Buzzer … … WiseCloud DMS APP 3rd Party APP Payment APP Bank Wiseasy Payment APP Architecture
  41. Wiseasy Cashier APP - Capabilities 01 Bankcard Transaction Purchase Void Refund Reversal Cash Back Cash Advance Balance Inquiry Pre-Auth 05 Card Operation Type Contact ICC Contactless ICC Magnetic stripe cards 09 Code Payment POS scan customer Customer scan POS Inquiry Refund 10 Code Payment Acquirer WeChat Alipay UnionPay MasterpassTM KBZ Pay … 04 Key Loading Device Manual Input From IC card Download From Wise Cloud Download From Bank Acquirer System 06 Param Config Local Config Import from SDCard Download from Wise Cloud Download from Bank Acquirer System 02 EMV UPI Visa MasterCard AMEX JCB Discover MIR/RuPay/PURE/NSICCS 03 Key Method MK/SK DUKPT 08 Bank Acquirer System ACI Postilion OpenWay Way4 GIM UEMOA HPS PowerCard NAPS S2M E-Gate … 07 Protocol ISO J8583 JSON TLV 11 Printer Local Printer BT Printer IP Printer(ESC/POS) 12 Multi-Languages Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish Japanese
  42. Wiseasy Cashier APP- L3 Certifications Organization Certification Description Support UnionPay UTVT UnionPay Terminal Validation Toolkit Yes UAC UPI Acquiring Certification Test Yes Visa ADVT Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit Yes CDET Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit Yes MasterCard MTIP Terminal Integration Process(TIP) Yes American Express AEIPS American Express ICC Payment specification(AEIPS) for contact Yes Express Pay ExpressPay for contactless Yes Discover E2E Acquirer E2E from Discover Yes
  43. Wiseasy Cashier APP- Payment System
  44. Thank You! Wiseasy, Workeasy Web: Email: 2021.03