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Printronix Worldwide Public Relations Plan

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Printronix Worldwide Public Relations Plan

  1. 1. Printronix | Worldwide Public Relations Plan<br />Executive summary<br />During the past 24 months, Printronix has engaged in a series of strategic worldwide initiatives that have fundamentally altered the composition of the company, its product and service offerings, as well as its executive leadership. These moves were designed to render Printronix more competent and competitive in the global industrial printer marketplace. The plan is paying off internally, but with little fanfare to the outside community. Printronix is suffering from the effects of a “heads down” communications strategy. Today, we are seeing the effects of this dormant PR program worldwide, as well as the latent effects of operating in a reactionary communications pattern — missives and outreach conducted post-events, such as the Vector Capital acquisition, TallyGenicom acquisition and executive appointments. <br />This proposed worldwide public relations plan is designed to be proactive and inject renewed vigor and assertive energy into the company’s global communications strategy. We intend PR to be a conversation-starter among business/industry press, industry analysts, the channel and end-user customers worldwide. As such, PR can become a lead-generator as well as a sales support tool and demonstrates measurable return on investment.<br />Objectives<br /><ul><li>Build a worldwide public relations campaign using North America as the corporate platform, which can be regionalized for the following areas:
  2. 2. Americas
  3. 3. EEMEA (Countries in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  4. 4. EU (Countries in the European Union)
  5. 5. Greater China (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong)
  6. 6. India
  7. 7. BRIC plus 9
  8. 8. Reinforce Printronix as the founder and leader in line matrix and LMP as a viable alternative
  9. 9. Tout Printronix’s solid business model and key indicators
  10. 10. Celebrate the acquisition of TallyGenicom worldwide and embrace customers
  11. 11. Quell concerns that Printronix and TallyGenicom were hamstrung by acquisition and subsequent legal challenges
  12. 12. Increase awareness of Printronix and TallyGenicom products worldwide
  13. 13. This includes products, services, specific targeted products, programs and promotions
  14. 14. Create integrated sales communications and public relations messaging worldwide, with emphasis on key selling areas: Americas, EEMEA, EU, Greater China, India and BRIC plus 9
  15. 15. Counter Dascom’s direct sales efforts in Europe and elsewhere
  16. 16. Confirm Printronix’s success in the thermal space, touting its 12-15 percent market share </li></ul>Outcomes <br /><ul><li>Both Printronix and TallyGenicom will enjoy enhanced brand reputations as evidenced by increased press coverage, industry analyst mentions and social media thought-pieces.
  17. 17. Technology media in designated regions consider Printronix and TallyGenicom executives as go-to resources to speak on trends in industrial printing.
  18. 18. The sales channel, routinely contributes and collaborates on case studies about Printronix and TallyGenicom.
  19. 19. Local sales offices in Europe and Asia use increased brand awareness vis-à-vis public relations efforts to combat direct sales efforts of Dascom.
  20. 20. Outbound marketing efforts are more effective because Printronix and TallyGenicom have superior brand recognition value.
  21. 21. Increased inbound leads will be driven by additional publicity and awareness.
  22. 22. Printronix will be seen as a top performer and a desirable place to work. </li></ul>Recommendations<br />We recommend instituting immediately a broad communications program worldwide that incorporates business/trade media relations, industry analyst relations, media spokesperson training and social media. The following areas are defined further in the Program & Compensation section. <br />Business and trade media relations<br />We will provide strategic guidance to determine the best avenues to gain exposure, and develop an ongoing dialog with targeted print, online, radio and broadcast media outlets as well as the blogosphere and other social media outlets to keep your messages top of mind with sales targets worldwide. Our program includes editorial outreach, pitching bylined articles and case studies, interview mediation, product review guides and evaluation programs, company and product award programs, editorial calendar monitoring, serving as worldwide press office, compiling and managing editorial calendars, serving as spokesperson and generating media content. <br />Industry analyst relations<br />Industry analysts can influence major purchasing decisions, making it critical for you to maintain regular communication with key industry analysts to stay on their radar screens. Analysts also play a key role with the media, providing critical outside validation and market commentary. Remarx Media will work with the industry analysts that cover industrial printing to ensure Printronix is included in all research reports, industry rankings and other works. The industry analyst relations program will include key analyst identification and relationship development, pitch letter development, analyst tour, interview mediation and the exploration of custom surveys or research.<br />Media training<br />After identifying key spokespeople to represent Printronix throughout the world, we will prepare them during two media skills training sessions designed to teach how to deliver consistent Printronix messages to the various media. These one-hour sessions will be conducted either in-person or over the telephone (based on geographic limitations) and will identify key messages, then teach spokespeople how to get their points across under circumstances during print, broadcast and online interviews. Mock interviews will be critiqued for effective delivery. <br />Social media <br />Social media is shaping the industrial printing industry by giving manufacturers, resellers and buyers more ways to exchange information and spark sales conversations. This social media program will allow Printronix to generate buzz online, monitor the results and shape what influencers write about your company in the blogosphere. As it relates to digital PR, our strategic relationships extend beyond traditional media to the increasingly influential blogosphere, where Remarx Media will help you to build relationships with the most dominant voices in your industry. We work organically to ignite buzz and influence dialogue about your company. Monitoring the blogosphere provides you with instant reputation management services and can help you gauge issues affecting your industry before they affect you negatively. From tracking competitive activity to monitoring opinion leaders, Remarx Media will report on the most clamorous voices commanding attention. In addition, using social media applications, such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, to garner coverage, we can help you capitalize on the ready-made media relations opportunities online. <br />Program & Compensation <br />We are committed to the development of a conscientious global PR program that supports Printronix’s overall business objectives. As such, we envision that these programs will help Printronix achieve its PR objectives, based on compensation and timeline commitments. To achieve the maximum payoff for its efforts, Printronix should implement an aggressive, broad-sweeping program worldwide. This program will count on velocity and global ubiquity. As with all public relations efforts, this program is intended to be executed over a minimum of six months. A six-month campaign is the minimum suggested because public relations activities are cumulative. We must re-establish baseline activities during the first couple months of the campaign to ensure long-term sustainable successes. <br />We consider corporate public relations (spanning the Americas) to be the minimum set of initiatives that Printronix must undertake to affect any public relations momentum. Additional modules can be added to the following program, or the following program can stand alone. In addition, all of the materials developed can be used by Printronix’s channel partners for use in promoting and branding the Printronix and TallyGenicom brands. <br />Americas (including Brazil) corporate public relations <br /><ul><li>Updated Printronix press kit, including: corporate backgrounder, fact sheet, FAQs, executive biographies and updated headshots for all executives
  23. 23. Updated editorial calendar
  24. 24. Updated worldwide media list
  25. 25. Updated leadership team profile on both corporate Web sites.
  26. 26. Two social media corporate news releases per month issued over the wire (12 total)
  27. 27. One audio podcast per month covering company, product and trend issues (6 total)
  28. 28. One video podcast per month covering company, product and trend issues (6 total)
  29. 29. Daily community-building via Twitter and Facebook (20-25 messages per day)
  30. 30. Weekly sales/marketing communications via LinkedIn community (5 messages per week)
  31. 31. One case study per month (6 total)
  32. 32. One industry analyst tour per quarter (2 total)
  33. 33. Media training for all executive spokespeople
  34. 34. Monthly report of all media coverage and social media connections (6 total)
  35. 35. Including one executive summary developed monthly specifically for worldwide senior management team
  36. 36. Including one eNews developed monthly for worldwide sales and management staffs
  37. 37. Mediation of all interviews
  38. 38. In-bound press office duties</li></ul>In addition, Printronix can add any or all of the following modules to the Americas/corporate program. However, the following modules cannot stand alone without the foundation corporate work. Remarx Media handles international public relations work for a number of technology clients and can tap into a worldwide network of in-country publicists for further coordination. <br />EEMEA public relations (with focus on Middle East and Africa) <br /><ul><li>Regionalized Printronix press kit
  39. 39. Regionalized editorial calendar
  40. 40. Regionalized media list
  41. 41. Three regional news releases during campaign period
  42. 42. One case study per month (6 total)
  43. 43. One industry analyst tour
  44. 44. Media training for all executive spokespeople
  45. 45. Monthly report of all media coverage and social media connections (6 total)
  46. 46. Mediation of all interviews
  47. 47. In-bound press office duties</li></ul>EU public relations <br /><ul><li>Regionalized Printronix press kit
  48. 48. Regionalized editorial calendar
  49. 49. Regionalized media list
  50. 50. Three regional news releases during campaign period
  51. 51. One case study per month (6 total)
  52. 52. One industry analyst tour
  53. 53. Media training for all executive spokespeople
  54. 54. Monthly report of all media coverage and social media connections (6 total)
  55. 55. Mediation of all interviews
  56. 56. In-bound press office duties</li></ul>Greater China public relations <br /><ul><li>Regionalized Printronix press kit
  57. 57. Regionalized editorial calendar
  58. 58. Regionalized media list
  59. 59. Three regional news releases during campaign period
  60. 60. One case study per month (6 total)
  61. 61. One industry analyst tour
  62. 62. Media training for all executive spokespeople
  63. 63. Monthly report of all media coverage and social media connections (6 total)
  64. 64. Mediation of all interviews
  65. 65. In-bound press office duties</li></ul>Supplemental to the above program and modules, Remarx Media also can undertake an India-based public relations initiative. This could be added to the above worldwide premier program. However, it cannot stand alone as an initiative. <br />India public relations <br /><ul><li>Regionalized Printronix press kit
  66. 66. Regionalized editorial calendar
  67. 67. Regionalized media list
  68. 68. Three regional news releases during campaign period
  69. 69. One case study per month (6 total)
  70. 70. One industry analyst tour
  71. 71. Media training for all executive spokespeople
  72. 72. Monthly report of all media coverage and social media connections (6 total)
  73. 73. Mediation of all interviews
  74. 74. In-bound press office duties</li></ul>Timeline<br />This public relations plan spans September 2009 through February 2010.<br />Measurement<br />Remarx Media is a company with a measurement mindset. We don’t engage in any PR or communications endeavor without determining critical factors of success to measure. We employ both qualitative and quantitative measurements to track the intangible value of your brand and track our efforts based on ROI metrics. <br />Model your growth goals — Remarx Media will define what success will look like and what will be different if we execute a strategic corporate communications plan. <br />Measure before we market — Remarx Media will leverage all existing metrics by capturing and understanding the campaign’s current activities and evaluate how effectively each is working. We will measure to the right level of accuracy to give the initiative the ammunition needed to quantify and qualify its corporate marketing spend. We will show you where and how we can make measurable strides to help you grow profitably.<br />Measure outcomes, not outputs — Remarx Media will plan a program that will yield and measure strategic results for Printronix. We won’t waste limited marketing dollars on a flurry of activities that produce a lot of outputs without great outcomes.<br />Balance near-term results with long-term goals — Remarx Media knows you need results immediately to justify your market investment with us. We will develop and execute tactics that have measurable impact within three months of our client engagement as well as activities that are longer-term, more brand-building in function, which will yield to corporate longevity and credibility. <br />Measure continuously — Remarx Media develops tracking and measurement systems so we measure every project, every message, every time. We have metrics to improve our efficiency and will develop monthly reports, as outlined in the Program & Compensation section. <br />Over the course of this six-month campaign, Remarx Media expects to earn:<br /><ul><li>20-25 pieces of coverage per month
  75. 75. Addition of 30-40 new community members throughout social networks
  76. 76. Publication of 10 case studies
  77. 77. Dissemination of viral videos and podcasts globally </li></ul>Getting Started<br />Upon engagement, Remarx Media will develop a comprehensive communications plan detailing all strategies, tactics, deliverables and schedules. However, the following points serve as an introduction to our process and planning:<br /><ul><li>Remarx Media will hold a four-hour immersion session with executive team and other designated spokespeople and stakeholders.
  78. 78. The Printronix spokespeople should include Printronix’s executive team, in-country managers/sales representatives and designated channel partners.
  79. 79. The first month of the campaign will be used to develop media materials and confirm strategy. In addition, work will commence to build a new library of case studies, podcasts and video podcasts.
  80. 80. We expect the campaign to be fully deployed within 90 days, which will correlate with an increase in awareness, sales activities and coverage. We do expect to see initial results sooner than 90 days as we build this momentum.</li></ul>Success Factors<br />The success of any public relations campaign is contingent upon a number of factors. We have identified the following factors to ensure that expectations are well defined and resources deployed appropriately. <br /><ul><li>This campaign requires the participation of all members of senior staff to serve as spokespeople and contribute success stories and other pieces of information.
  81. 81. This campaign also requires the participation of Printronix sales to supply customer and application information to be used in the development of case studies, etc.
  82. 82. We will need to interview and otherwise engage Printronix’s global network of resellers and end users to gather case studies, press materials and more.
  83. 83. We are confident we can achieve press coverage worldwide. However, the press will require access to executives and customers locally for interviews. Without these elements, the press may not cooperate. </li></ul>Channel Benefits<br />There is a direct relationship between public relations and sales. More and more, the media — both mainstream and social — is serving as a sales guide. As such, this PR program can bolster Printronix’s channel sales efforts. We expect that Printronix’s partners will derive the following benefits:<br /><ul><li>Heightened visibility as a Printronix partner
  84. 84. Inbound leads
  85. 85. Greater credibility as a go-to-resource
  86. 86. Case studies
  87. 87. Publicity for sales wins</li></ul>Additional Elements for Consideration<br />Remarx Media believes that these activities could enhance the overall campaign. <br /><ul><li>Advertising in trade publications worldwide for additional brand awareness. We recommend investigating cost and opportunities at the top tier publications in each market. Today, most trade publications, have both digital and print programs to reach to their communities, so this would be a two-pronged outreach opportunity.
  88. 88. Speakers bureau outreach for appropriate industry conferences. The landscape for speaking engagements has changed considerably since Printronix last proactively solicited. This would be on a highly selective basis only to enhance this worldwide PR campaign. It is not unusual for a company to be required to sponsor an event in order to receive a speaking opportunity. The cost of sponsorship will be in addition to our compensation and should be budgeted.