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The Musicians of Bremen

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Annual cooperative story-based project of Gesterby area daycare providers - Kirkkonummi, Finland. It formed part of Kirkkonummi Kindergarten's Comenius 'eCLIL4You' project -

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The Musicians of Bremen

  1. 1. Annual cooperative story-based project of Gesterby area day care providers The Musicians of Bremen
  2. 2. We chose the food related theme from the story – the part where the animals get the food the robbers left on the table We painted the food the robbers had enjoyed before they ran away We painted the animal characters
  3. 3. We made cards to collect stickers on the day we would be visiting other daycare centres
  4. 4. Let’s start the “walk” with the story The Gesterby day care introduces the challenge The children get a map to follow
  5. 5. Musical instruments Gesterby daycare centre – the musical instruments activity The task is to use the instruments and sing
  6. 6. Looking for the clue – the red apple To get to the next place we need to follow the path marked with red apples We are excited when we find the way
  7. 7. Physical Education activity We carry bean bags We climb up hills
  8. 8. All of us have to climb
  9. 9. Kirkkonummi Kindergarten Activity – what do you think the animals would eat? Cards to chose the food for the animals Deciding what the cockerel, cat, dog and donkey would have to eat
  10. 10. Let’s think… They must be hungry..who gets which food? The cockerel gets most? WHY?
  11. 11. Gesterbyn Lastentarha Maths activity Comparing…. Measuring….
  12. 12. Problem solving – From longest to shortest Discussing…? Coming to agreement
  13. 13. Gesterby Daycare Centre The 6 year old group of singers ends the program Listening to the children’s choir
  14. 14. Rewards Getting a sticker at each daycare centre And a treat of a biscuit and a drink at the end of the walk
  15. 15. Thank you for the chance to learn together