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Exam Study Tips for University Students

Having to study can bring a lot of pressure and anxiety at exam time. Here are some tips to help reduce stress, including creating a study routine, finding the perfect place to study, and keeping your mind & body healthy.

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Exam Study Tips for University Students

  1. 1. Exam Study Tips for University Students
  2. 2. There’s only one thing worse than taking exams: studying for them! Luckily, it is possible to remove some of the pain of studying — all you need to do is learn study tips that work.
  3. 3. Create a Study Routine Create a study plan not just for a single day but for every day leading up to exams. Stick to a routine where you study at the same time of day and same day of the week.
  4. 4. This will enable you to create a schedule that fits with your classes and other activities while keeping you motivated. When drawing up your schedule, there are a few things to take into account. First, your schedule needs to include how much time you’ll spend on each subject. It’s a good idea to switch to something easier right after you study something hard.
  5. 5. Second, include breaks and rewards in your schedule. Lastly, when you finish studying for the day, decide which topics require more focus and program them for next time.
  6. 6. Have a Plan to Prevent Procrastination During study time, don’t allow yourself to do anything else. This means ignoring alerts on your phone and quashing the temptation to check social media. If you can’t seem to stay focused, aim to study for a shorter period. Over time, you can build up to longer amounts.
  7. 7. Find a Place to Study Surrounded by noise and distractions, it can be difficult to concentrate in your room if you live on campus
  8. 8. A better option is to use the library or another place designated for study. You’ll likely have an easier time if you live in student apartments in Waterloo. Students who live off campus can choose between studying at home or heading to the university library. Either way, you should find a quiet environment.
  9. 9. Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy It is extra difficult to study when you’re in poor health. Figure out how much sleep you need and make sure you get enough. It is not worth staying up late to study, especially right before exams — you’ll be too tired to focus properly.
  10. 10. You can also keep your mind fresh by taking care of your body. This means exercising and eating well. Prepare for the exam season ahead of time by seeking a room for rent in Waterloo. Students can find premium housing at King Street Towers. Here, you can study for exams in your suite or in one of the group study lounges — whatever you find more comfortable.