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Align - Centre for Arts via #HSHDSH Presents India Street Arts Festival

Align - Centre for Arts is a street arts festival celebrating life size graffiti mural designs across various India cities reverberating ideology of My Clean India.

Readers remember facts better in story form

Agenda tell audience what to expect // we create target audience by delivering graffiti artworks around random locations within a city //

Align - CFA is a growth hacking concept celebrating graffiti mural designs & imbibing doctrines of My Clean India across various India Cities.

We plan to webcast these events, create visual footage of "Event Capture - Align City" including pod casting options.

Hashtag #AlignCFA for regular updates!

Follow Mural Capture Timeline across various Indian cites:

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Align - Centre for Arts via #HSHDSH Presents India Street Arts Festival

  1. 1. Align – Centre for Arts From Location Recce to B2i Branding via #HSHDSH with @otinflewer Street Arts Introduction Clean India Objective Align In- Location Recce Start-up Street Art parallel to Tattoos & Artworks Align Crew Branding directly to people B2i Branding Align events across NCR Start with NCR
  2. 2. Digital marketing needs no introduction and is lifeline for businesses today to greet, treat & upbeat customers. Knowing your customers and what they like about you including what they do not like about your products or services helps the process of brand building. Be it an art show, graffiti exhibition or clean India campaign, digital marketing today is lifeline of communication for everyone. Why should an artist be any different? Parley… Everything About Align - CFA Street Art Festival with Align - CFA is definitely not an armchair movement!
  3. 3. “Celebrating street arts festival with life size graffiti mural designs for cleaner India - My Clean India Campaign while exhibiting online workshop for growth hacking eMarketing!! “ #GrowthHacking: Align – CFA From Online Marketing to Digital Artworks & Exhibits!! Street Art Festival. Celebrating Life Size Graffiti Murals. Graffiti B2i Brand Element. Selling directly to people. Create artworks to deliver value, innovation & price leadership.
  4. 4. Note from #HSHDSH We are responsive. We are parallax. We are hash dash!! Your Host Mr. FIDDLER @blogs4bytes @blogs4bytes blogs4bytes.in@gmail.com blogs4bytes So what is digital marketing is nothing but growth hack techniques you learn better when exerted with purpose driven by an agenda. Sure everyone have a Facebook page to showcase creative artworks, photography, paintings, or an email account to touch base if anyone is interest in your artworks. But key to success depends on perception you create in minds of your audience when you showcase your online art gallery. Doesn’t it gets all more professional and touché niche to be able to brag about your website if you have one!
  5. 5. Align – Centre for Arts Timeline of Events Planned for Align – CFA!! Launch of Align – CFA via #HSHDSH with @OTINFLEWER Introduction Align - CFA Travelling Align crew to celebrate clean India via life size mural designs. Objective Align City Launch of Street Art Festival across various Indian Cities!! Start-Up Align - India
  6. 6. Brand to Individual Style Marketing campaign for Sponsors. Branding B2i Align – CFA run in various cities across India to spread reach!! Brand New India Align - CFA Wand Magic Brush with Colors of Joy to Paint Brand New India! Kick Start Design RECC E Launch Align – CFA city run from 4 different locations. Kick Start City Delhi
  7. 7. Get Born Align – Centre for Arts Launch via #HSHDSH with @otinflewer Align - CFA Timeline Schedule Based on Timeline Events Celebrating Street Arts & Online Marketing Kick Start Set Start India Street Arts Festival & Life Size Mural Designs for Clean India Web Episodes Cast Growth Hacking Sessions on Online Marketing Webcast from every Align – CFA event. B2i Branding Brand B2i acknowledges when selling to businesses, you are really selling to people – individuals. My Clean India Deliver Align – Centre for Arts aims to celebrate Swachh Bharat – My Clean India campaign via street art colors.
  8. 8. Align - CFA Main Focus What Brands / Fund Managers “Get” Out of Align – Centre for Arts Research One of a kind so far unheard graffiti themed on road show event dotting various India cities via life size mural designs, Marketing Align - CFA is a marketing campaign that will bring in audience from various cities across India video documented for webcasting. Promotion Align - CFA is an ideal promotional campaign for brands looking for an expansive market reach visual promo.
  9. 9. What is Align - CFA Random Art Talk from Street Arts to Digital Artwork Exhibits Business Model We offer end to end complete online marketing solutions Digital Marketing End to End Digital Marketing Solutions via #HSHDSH / Follow @hashdashdigital One Stop Web Shop Create portfolio to learn how to showcase, negotiate & deal artworks. Promote Yourself! Unique referral marketing opportunity that pays back for successful conversions Marketing Agent If you are lucky for time, elements & schedules to match for music sessions. Live Jam Sessions E-marketing training event on online promotion & management. Growth Hack Sessions!
  10. 10. What Can We Do Hash Dash Digital & Otin Flewer – Tattoos & Artworks Digital Artworks Tattoos & Artworks Life Size Mural Designs Growth Hack Sessions Online MarketingDigital Artworks Mural Designs Tattoos & Artworks Growth Hack Sessions Online Marketing 50% 90% 80% 95% 80%
  11. 11. Align – CFA & #HSHDSH Skill sets Solutions offered by Hash Dash Digital & Otin Flewer Copyrighting Audio PhotographyVideo Editing E-Marketing Web & Print We write to quantify growth based on how businesses can serve audiences online Live Jam We offer live jam sessions during creative brainstorming sessions on client case studies Visual Promo We shoot production visuals that are random moments unlikely to be captured otherwise, Still Pictures We click thing or two or better have privilege of editing some of your own collections Growth Hack We hack marketing in ways that will enable businesses to power growth & only growth!
  12. 12. Align – CFA Digital Artworks Creative artworks, sketches, caricature, info-graphics all digital!  Logo Design  Signage & Pos  Stationery Design  Magazines  Brochures & Catalogue  Advertising Design  One Page Website  Responsive Ready  Social Campaigns Print Design Web Design Branding What we can design?
  13. 13. Art, Sketch, Ride & Spread Chalk lines drawn only to be washed away by sands of time. Art All contents, sketches, digital posters based on creative agenda in relevance. Sketch Create Comical Content Storyline where protagonist in parlay is a Superhero! Ride The objective should be to associate lasting impressions that are meaningful & memorable. Spread Sponsor / Partners must to execute ground level local support.
  14. 14. Event Capture – Align City What are we actually going to do on every location? Align – CFA crew arrives on location after procuring necessary location based permits required for an assembly of audience. Outline art based projects that aims to recreate landscape of city cultural & historical heritage. Murals representing religions faiths & social taboos that delivers message to a much wider target audience. Graffiti artists, bikers & avid music lovers on a mission to spread My Clean India – Swachh Bharat message. Change mindset of society and celebrate street arts festival using life size graffiti mural designs. Arrive MuralsChalk Graffiti Shine
  15. 15. Mural Capture Timeline How the Align – Centre for Arts team completes a location based mural project? Survey Preparation Designing Finishing Hours 03 03:15 03:30 03:5001 02 Survey : Location Recce, artwork layout, concept angle, color drift, Ambience, Lights, Sounds & Action! Preparation : Details of planning that goes into surveying each location under Street Arts Guidelines by UTTIPEC, NUPT / Designing : Life Size Graffiti mural designs & 3D artworks theme based on spreading a social message Preparation : Educating people with street arts, mural designs, street plays & live music sessions to create an urban mindset that empowers equality, cleanliness & national pride .
  16. 16. Why Sponsor Align - CFA? 4 point break down why Align – Centre for Arts will work for Sponsors Location, Date Increase ad visibility by 200% Dotcom, Date Increase online sales by 200% Quarter 2015 Increase ad savings by 50% Budget 2015 Increase audience by 50% Tell story of Align – Centre for Arts in a way that leaves audience with an accurate and lasting perception. Since we represent various graffiti artist, our focus should be mostly on identity presentation. (Defining artist works so far) Explain actions or explain planned actions about the whys, how’s and the when’s of events. Align – Centre for Arts is not an armchair movement.!! Relativity
  17. 17. Align In-Locations – Kick Start Some planned locations from Align – CFA cities ---- ---- ---- Netaji Subhash Place, Azadpur GIP, Noida Malviya Nagar, New Delhi ---- ---- ---- Gurgaon, Cyber Hub Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi Rajouri Garden, New Delhi ---- ---- ---- Your Event Name Your Event Name Your Event Name
  18. 18. Follow Us on Social Media Hashtag #AlignCFA for more! Twitter.com/blogs4bytes Facebook.com/actiontags Behance.com/pallab666 Deviant.com/pallab666 blogs4bytes@wordpress Twitter.com/@otinflewer pallab666@pinterest blogs4bytes@dribble pallab@vimeo
  19. 19. Thanks!!www.hshdsh.com | www.otinflewer.com