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Successful Sure Charm Reasons @FIITJEE Website – 1999 to 2015

FIITJEE Digital Insight - SEO Site Audit Social Media Marketing Presentation! Steps to get JEE Coaching Institutes in right direction emphatically carved by predicaments & pedagogy of helping students & aspirants touch the skies of success.

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Successful Sure Charm Reasons @FIITJEE Website – 1999 to 2015

  1. 1. SEO Site Audit & Social Media Marketing Presentation w w w . f i i t j e e . c o
  2. 2. Basic FIITJEE/Competitor Stats Alexa Global Rank: 80312 Alexa India Rank: 7101 Google Page Rank: 5 Bounce Rate: 24.70% Daily Page Views Per Visitor: 4.30 Daily Time on Site: 4.25 Search Keywords: Fiitjee @ 42.15% Fiitjee Sample Papers @ 3.83% fitjee @ 2.93% Iit jee 2014 @ 2.44% Fiitjee hyderabad @ 2.25% 294,400 visits over last 30 days Indexed Pages: Google – 2430 | Yahoo - 8300 | Bing – 36 | www.Vidya Mandir.com Alexa Global Rank: 152797 Alexa India Rank: 14267 Google Page Rank: 2 Bounce Rate: 22.10% Daily Page Views Per Visitor: 3.50 Daily Time on Site: 4.27 Search Keywords: Vidyamandir @ 23.96% Vmc @ 16.78% Vidyamandir classes @ 9.7% Vidya mandir @ 7.01% Coaching classes for iit @ 3.75% 167,500 visits over last 30 days Indexed Pages: Google – 338 | Yahoo – 5360 | Bing - 6 www.aakash.ac.in Alexa Global Rank: 164847 Alexa India Rank: 12149 Google Page Rank: 3 Bounce Rate: 39.90% Daily Page Views Per Visitor: 3 Daily Time on Site: 4.17 Search Keywords: Aakash @ 4.82% Jee main 2014 @ 2.97% B tech @ 1.92% Neet rank predictor @ 1.80% Jee advanced rank predictor @ 1.65% 159,600 visits over last 30 days Indexed Pages: Google – 8270 | Yahoo – 1920 | Bing - 36
  3. 3. FIITJEE Indexed Pages Each of these listings needs to paired with the relevant keywords to ensure better Visibility. But they need to be mapped with the right keywords and indexed with Bing & Google Webmaster Tools. Click on the images for the respective indexed pages: Google | Yahoo | Bing
  4. 4. Steps to Improve SEO Stats • Title/Description/Keywords • Google/Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Tools • Analytics to know visitor activity • Content Review & Optimization • W3 Validation Review • Boost Off Page with Blogs & Articles • Website Submissions • URL Renaming • Online Press Releases (Paid + Free) • Alt/Image/Link Tags for advance SEO SEO Optimization will include content, tag, meta data, directory & URL submissions etc. Back improves page rank & 50000+ back links indexed for FIITJEE | Each has to be reviewed & formatted for better SE visibility Blogs & article submissions will boost social mentions Paid & Press Releases to improve targeted audiences Source: http://www.seoanalyser.net/view/fiitjee.com#.Usu_ItIW3XU
  5. 5. FIITJEE SEO Site Score Click on the image above or here for a detailed overview
  6. 6. SEO Site Audit This is the current site index for FIITJEE pages. Total of 12536 issues reported to correct SEO Corrective them would require FTP access to FIITJEE domain Access also required to moderate FIIT social media profiles e.g. FB, Twitter, etc.
  7. 7. Site Audit: Meta Issues Analysis of the first break up of total issues Mostly cites SEO guidelines for compliance Correcting them is a process of page by page analysis, editing & republishing
  8. 8. Site Audit: Link Image Issues Links & major amount of images needs to be SEO for ranking betterment Corrections would immediately impact search engine listings for popular keywords
  9. 9. Site Audit: Image Content Issues
  10. 10. Site Audit: Semantic Issues Schema Semantics Example:
  11. 11. Site Audit: Vs Competition
  12. 12. Social Metrics: Vs Competition
  13. 13. Site Audit: Vs Competition 2
  14. 14. Social Metrics: Vs Competition 2
  15. 15. Site Audit: Page Load Speed Correcting the image issues majorly would help improve page load speed Other coding measure corrections also required to improve data flow
  16. 16. PAID. EARNED. SOCIAL. OWNED. A cycle of how the paid to earn social media recognition & own up with approved compliance. This applies to branded PPC ads, dedicated SEO efforts & guided social media engagement. Paid model Ideally suited with revamped website or coding corrections of the current form.
  17. 17. FIITJEE Back Links Click on the images or here | enter http://www.fiitjee.com to view the back link pages
  18. 18. Objectives of Internal Website Survey Gain data about the merits & demerits of the site Collate ideas & best practice suggestions Introduce ideas on improving customer interaction on the website that will motivate users, making them more engaged Understand the urgency pattern of the existing website based on the available features & user experiences to determine the timeline for the redeveloped website Measure the importance of design, color schemes & branding perspectives Click on the image or here to review the survey questionnaire https://survey.zoho.com/editor.do?surveyid=28125000000002001
  19. 19. Why Work on Existing FIITJEE Pages FIITJEE web pages are indexed by most search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing Lack of SEO have NOT attributed indexing for keywords sought by FIITJEE prospects Organic & inorganic listings to trigger visibility for new visitors & improve page views
  20. 20. FIITJEE Keyword Relevancy Density
  21. 21. FIITJEE Current SEO Elements
  22. 22. FIITJEE Keyword Rank: Google.co.in Keywords Date 25.01 jee main 82 jee main 2014 0 jee main nic in 0 jee main nic 0 jee main 2014 application form 0 jee main 2013 0 jee main application 0 jee main online form 0 jee main application form 2014 0 jee main 2013 online application 76 jee main form 0 jee main application form 98 jee advanced 0 jee advanced 2014 0 jee advanced 2013 0 jee advanced 2013 question paper 0 jee advanced application form 16 jee advanced rank list 0 jee advanced st cut off in iit bombay 0 jee advanced syllabus 13 jee advanced syllabus 2014 0 jee advanced 2014 syllabus 0 jee advanced 2013 cut off 0 jee advanced 2014 latest news 0 jee advanced 2013 solutions 0 jee 2015 17 jee 2015 syllabus 25 jee 2016 4 iitjee 0 iit jee main 0 iit jee 2014 0 iit jee mains 2014 72 iit jee test series 1 iit jee form 28 iit jee cut off of college 0 iit jee 2007 physics paper solution 0 iit jee exam form 2014 50 iit jee online 0 iit jee main exam 2014 44 iit jee coaching in chandigarh 45 Source: www.semalt.com
  23. 23. FIITJEE Online Competitors Source: www.semalt.com
  24. 24. Development of New FIITJEE Website Identify website dynamics for database driven features Responsive design optimized for both mobile & PC compatibility Resources required for Off Page SEO, Content Writing & Website development Integrate social sharing channels across all FIITJEE website pages Website Testing Post 1-Phase development Initiate development of FIITJEE website in Hindi to target tier 1 & tier 2 cities across India
  25. 25. FIITJEE Social Media Strategy Approach Facebook to rename the current FB page URL @fiitjeeindia2013 Use single platform windows like Nimble & Hootsuite for social media accounts moderation Online quizzing trend on Twitter to Improve follower count & boost engagement levels Create poll based ads on LinkedIn targeting parenting professionals from Tier 1 Indian cities informing FIITJEE programs & proactively assist in planning their children’s education Initiate Facebook Chat sessions with weekly expert sessions on JEE Main & Advanced Create hashtag marketing across social media for #fortunate40 (live), #jeemain2015, #jee2016, #fiitjee & so on! Deploy engaging native advertising using FB promoted Stories, Videos & Twitter Promoted Tweets
  26. 26. PPC Campaign Sample
  27. 27. PPC Campaign: Volume & CPC Keywords: Jee main, jee advanced, jee 2015, jee coaching, iit jee coaching, iit jee coaching institutes, iit jee counselling, iit jee scholarships, jee main syllabus, jee main preparation, jee main sample papers, all India test series
  28. 28. PPC Campaign: Volume & CPC Analytics & Webmaster set up for Google, Yahoo & Bing help analyze the traffic, visitor demographic, user flow, bounce rate & paid location preferences that would allow us to negotiate paid campaigns
  29. 29. Publish Press Releases Create online press release materials for FIITJEE program propagation targeted for India Release Leverage Rank Potential Index suggesting the best FIITJEE programs based on students rank Distribute the next dates for EVT Test, Fortunate 40 emphasizing FIITJEE’s commitment to offer scholarship & reward programs to economically underprivileged deserving candidates Published press release, blogs & articles offers the opportunity to create & FIITJEE back links & improve Page Rank parameters
  30. 30. Yahoo Answers: Legitimate Back Links Source: http://in.answers.yahoo.com/my-activity
  31. 31. Yahoo Answers: Answered by FIITJEE Why Do This: The process of receiving alerts for new questions is automated Any moderator/counselor could offer these answers Answers help in building legitimate Outbound Links across Yahoo Network Process will boost search engine ranking Ensures that FIITJEE is a big market player reaching leads from multiple channels Source: http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AphiD55raN8_ES2_VHY.bPiQHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20140112233641AAbzNQS
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