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How to Plan an Adventure #TakeBreak @WKNDGetaways

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Hash Dash Digital gives you perfect getaway plans from New Delhi with touch of style, dash of elegance & grandeur of unforgettable experiences.

WKND Getaways offers unique packaged holidays for friends, partners, colleagues & family. Give yourself deserving break every once in awhile to settle monotonous scores of random chores amidst bustling metropolitan NCR, India.

Visit us at www.wkndgetaways.com to plan your next unforgettable memoirs together with us as and rejuvenate yourself time and again so that best in you is always round corner. WKNDGETAWAYS.COM #hshdsh

Chauffeured driven getaway ride ideal for a quite weekend with someone special to Agra. Garnish it further with more assorted toppings like chartered helicopter to Agra & back!

Sprawl across majestic mansions of Rajas & Maharajas & Maharani's (not because of women empowerment) in a five star hotel with private spa experience from Delhi.

CUSTOM Locations!
You share your travel ideas. We plan your travel plans. Tell us where you want to go, budget, most importantly "occasion" & other trade secrets we can't share here ;-)

Best Custom Getaway Experiences:

> Family Fishing Trip
> Rafting Weekend
> Lazy Mornings with Nature
> Pay and Play on Weekends
> "Just Drive" Experiences
> Safari Sariska
> An Evening by Ganges
> An Evening in Shimla
> Relaxing Royal Spa
> Road Trip to Kinnaur
> Car Trip to Leh - Ladakh

www.wkndgetaways.com <> @WKNDGetaways <> #TakeBreak

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How to Plan an Adventure #TakeBreak @WKNDGetaways

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