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Google Facts

I am a graduate student in Management and Systems and I gathered some articles about Google Inc. that I found for my research and added my personal opinion. Any comments are more than welcome!!!!

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Google Facts

  1. Google Facts…
  2. ‘ Kai-fu Lee’ defined the Miracle Of Google as: “ Youth+Freedom+Equality+Bottom up innovation+User Focus+Don’t be eveil”
  3. Google’s Stock price: IPO in Aug. 19, 2004 was $100.34 & increased to $644.71 in October 19, 2007
  4. Yahoo entered China in 1999 only to fail To gain market share and now, paid $1 billion to alibaba.com to obtain 40% of its control. alibaba.com
  5. Google took different approach, when entered China in 2000 and by 2002 gained 25% of all traffic Source : Alexa
  6. there are google.com & google.cn available due to China government's The Great Firewall in Sep. 3, 2002
  7. Baidu.com in 2001, Charles Chao’s sina.com the country’s biggest news site, Sohu.com ...Yahoo like portals
  8. Cultural barriers are hard to break in China
  9. chatroom & socializing & chinese character sensibility
  10. in 2005, the market share in China increased to 27%
  11. Google's Market share in the U.S. search industry as of Jan. 2006:
  12. *source: ComScore Media Metrix. Search engine market share:
  13. Google enters $800 billion advertising market by acquiring ‘Double Click’ in April 1, 2007 for $3.1 billion
  14. Through out 2006, Google acquired 9 companies Including its $1.65 billion video sharing website YouTube.
  15. ...by 2008 Google TV and by 2009 Google Mobile: Google will be in Media for FREE
  16. More, more will follow…. Technology innovation… Green Google : Google.org
  17. … however privacy is a major issue as all the acquisitions follows massive personal data gathering….
  18. Jun.13,2007 Google was ranked the lowest among 23 top internet companies, Including Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo
  19. Google’s free-culture can create lots of interesting Little ideas from world-wide 13,000 employees…..
  20. … further, brain drain: Overnight millionaires – no longer motivation & challenges
  21. … with the stock price of $644.71(oct.19.2007), worth of stock option, if she/he has 10,000 stock options, will be at value of over $600 Per hour or $1.24mil per year.
  22. Too big to be innovative….. long lasting inspiration?
  23. Offline is a dangerous place for Google
  24. Mobile gaming revenue grew by nearly 80% in 2005. * revenue from VoD services will approach $2 billion in 2006
  25. <ul><li>U.S e-tailer amazon.com Inc . open a virtual shopping mall in Japan in 2007 </li></ul>allowing thrid parties to set up shops on its website….
  26. … meet the customer
  27. <ul><li>Eric Schmidt looks Google’s future as ‘ targeted personalization’ </li></ul><ul><li>… .. Why not deliver product to end customer directly ??? </li></ul>
  28. Windows OX runs on 845 million computers (according to a research report from Brent Thill) serving as 20% cash-cow of a REAL product ……
  29. 70% voted preffered Google as search engine.. www.searchboth.com revealed,
  30. <ul><li>… however, </li></ul><ul><li>of the first 100 result shown on Google and Yahoo are </li></ul><ul><li>completely different … </li></ul>
  31. <ul><li>… real life… off-line experience … </li></ul>
  32. <ul><li>Google version 2.0 </li></ul><ul><li> is on its way……… </li></ul>
  33. achieving $100 billion in revenue …..
  34. <ul><li>… meet the customer …. </li></ul><ul><li>… .off-line.. </li></ul>
  35. CREDITs Created and copyright by: WooHyun Kim & JaeJung Kim Link website will be furnished by 1/21/2008