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Digital Fluencies Workshops at Penn Libraries

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Launching in Fall 2016! The Penn Libraries is offering a new portfolio of workshops designed to help faculty, staff and students develop expertise in emerging skills related to scholarly inquiry.

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Digital Fluencies Workshops at Penn Libraries

  1. 1. Digital Fluencies New skills for a changing academy
  2. 2. With rapid advances in globally-networked information technologies, new 
 types of fluencies are emerging — especially 
 in the area of scholarly inquiry.
  3. 3. Fluency implies mastery and effortlessness in 
 acting within a community of practice. Literacy is essential and emphasizes individual skill. Both are needed.
  4. 4. Engaging Students 
 Symposium PhillyDH Workshop planning At the Penn Libraries, we have been developing workshops & events around new fluencies that connect directly to our services.
  5. 5. Digital Fluencies Information Literacy Media Literacy Digital Pedagogy Digital Publishing Research Methods as we define them
  6. 6. Info Literacy You are fluent in information literacy if you are able to create meaning from existing works by finding, analyzing, and synthesizing information from a variety of sources.
  7. 7. Media Literacy You are fluent in media literacy if you are able to understand, produce, and legally distribute digital media.
  8. 8. Digital Pedagogy You are fluent in digital pedagogy if you are able to evaluate and successfully use technology in combination with physical spaces to support teaching and learning.
  9. 9. Digital Publishing You are fluent in digital publishing when you can knowledgeably identify where you can publish, what the legal implications are, and how to disseminate your research.
  10. 10. Research methods You are fluent in digital research methods when you know how computational, visual, geospatial, or data- driven digital approaches operate in your field, how computer programming works at a basic level, how to choose or build new tools, & make the file types you need.
  11. 11. Registration Now open http://libcal.library.upenn.edu/calendar/wicshops Ask us about custom sessions for your classes http://tinyurl.com/custom-session for a variety of formats including online, blended, and traditional group instruction