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LinkedIn Talent Connect Europe 2012 - Save the date!

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LinkedIn Talent Connect Europe 2012 - Save the date!

  1. 1. Talent Connect Europe 2012 Transforming the future of hiring Save the date: 23rd October 2012 QEII Conference Centre, LondonJoin us at Talent Connect Europe 2012 to hear the latest fromEuropean and Global recruiting leaders. Learn about the directionthe industry is moving and best in class recruiting strategy andtactics that will make an immediate impact on you and your teams.Stay tuned for more details on how and where you can register.“I attended Talent Connect in London last year and for me it was the best industry event I have attended. All of the speakersand content were very relevant and innovative… LinkedIn really showed how to lead the industry by running a great event.” Ewan Sangster, Talent Acquisition Manager, SABMiller Recruiting Solutions