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  2. •Wayne Clifford Boden (c. 1948 – 27 March 2006) was a Canadian serial killer and rapist active between 1969 and 1971. •He was called the Vampire Rapist for biting the breasts of his victims, and received four life sentences. •Wayne Clifford Boden was born in 1948 in Dundas, Ontario. Boden attended Glendale Secondary School in Hamilton in the early to mid- 1960s, where he was reportedly quiet, but muscular and played on the school senior football team. •He murdered four women – Shirley Audette - 3 October 1969 Marielle Archambault - 23 November 1969 Jean Way - 17 January 1970 Elizabeth Anne Porteous - 18 May 1971
  3. Since the late 1800s, sadomasochism—the practice of inflicting pain on a willing partner—has received much research. Both sadism and masochism were explored psychologically by Sigmund Freud in 1905, who claimed that both behaviours had roots in early childhood. A common misconception about sadism, in instance, holds that the condition may start with a baby biting and chewing on his mother's nipples. Some infants are permanently affected by nursing, particularly when they are weaned from their mother's breast milk. The youngster may become upset with his mother because he thinks that depriving him of breastfeeding is a form of punishment or reprimand for something he did wrong. Some kids struggle to wean themselves from their mothers' breasts and end up physically hooked to her chest. Many continue to breastfeed much into the typical six to nine months. Some mothers nurse their children until they are four or six years old.
  4. Although it is unknown why serial killer Wayne Boden had such a bizarre fascination with the female breast, he might have had a possible traumatizing weaning incident as an infant. Not only was Boden intensely attracted to the breast, he was very much interested in sadism. By biting the breasts of his victims, he was fulfilling his need to wreak damage on the breasts he so richly wanted. Nipping at the breasts of his victims was not enough for Boden. Finding that he could reach powerful sexual gratification by ripping at the flesh, he also became massively interested in drawing blood. Essentially indulging himself in vampirism, Boden liked the taste of blood, especially when it came directly from the breast.
  5. On 19 May 1971, the blue Mercedes was spotted by patrolmen, parked near the murder scene. Boden, a former fashion model, was arrested half an hour later as he went to his car. He told the police that he moved from Montreal a year previous and admitted that he had been dating Porteous and was with her on the night of the murder. When the broken cufflink was presented to him, he admitted its ownership. However, he insisted that Porteous was fine when he left her that night. The police in Calgary were in possession of a copy of the photograph recovered from Archambaut's apartment and, as Boden resembled the man in the picture, they held him for suspicion in murdering Porteous. Police then turned their attention to the marks on the victim's breasts.
  6. The evidence provided by Gordon Swann was sufficient for the jury of Boden's trial to find him guilty for the murder of Elizabeth Porteous and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. Boden was the first murderer to be convicted in North America based on odontological evidence. Boden then returned to Montreal to face trial, where he confessed to three murders of Shirley Audette, Marielle Archambault, and Jean Way, and was sentenced to three additional life terms Boden died from skin cancer at Kingston General Hospital on 27 March 2006 after being confined in the hospital for six weeks.
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