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Appendix 3

                               Role Profile Ref:CR173
       Job Title:           Investment Finance Manager...
Appendix 3

         • Pension Fund Investments
            To lead the closing of the Pen...
Appendix 3

               Review monitoring procedures of Investment Fund Managers continually to
               ensure ...
Appendix 3

               through effective risk management and internal controls.

           •   Other
Appendix 3

                                   Person Specification
       Recruitment practices to safeguard and promote...
Appendix 3

Competency levels

The list below states the level needed in each competency for effective performance in a...
Appendix 3

April 2009
Core HR & OD Department
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Investment Finance Manager

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Investment Finance Manager

  1. 1. Appendix 3 Role Profile Ref:CR173 Job Title: Investment Finance Manager Grade: Spinal column point range: Department: Corporate Finance Post PO36192 no.: Directorate: Corporate Finance and Audit Location: PH, Ealing Role reports to: Group Manager Treasury & Investments Direct Reports: Treasury and Investments Accountant Indirect Reports: This role profile is non-contractual and provided for guidance. It will be updated and amended from time to time in accordance with the changing needs of the council and the requirements of the job. JOB DESCRIPTION Recruitment practices to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and/or vulnerable adults apply to this post in addition to the requirement to obtain a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. (Delete if not applicable). PURPOSE OF ROLE: Provide a trusted and professional financial service that enables the Treasury and Investments finance team to deliver their service plans, to actively seek solutions, and promote sound financial governance, in order to deliver value and the best possible outcomes to Ealing Communities In detail: The primary purpose of this post is to provide professional financial management of the Ealing, to manage and monitor the arrangements and relationships with Pension Fund managers and providing reports to Pension Fund Panel. To be responsible for the efficient and effective provision of a comprehensive finance function including all aspects of budget maintenance, monitoring, control and reporting and the year end closing of accounts, ensuring financial best practice, in accordance with statutory requirements and the Council’s policies and procedures. To deputise for the Treasury and Investments Manger in relation to all operational aspects of the Treasury and Investments finance function as required. Specific duties include, but are not limited to, financial management of the Pension Fund. In 2008/9 the Pension Fund is valued at c£500M April 2009 Core HR & OD Department
  2. 2. Appendix 3 KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES: • Pension Fund Investments To lead the closing of the Pension Fund Accounts ensuring that all relevant final accounts files are prepared properly with working papers and in accordance with Financial Regulations, CIPFA code of Practices and to meet District Audit guidelines. Liaise as necessary with internal and external auditors in the conduct of their audit. Respond to auditors’ questions and to opinions and recommendations included in formal audit reports To develop and enhance the quality of information provided to Members, Senior Officers and Service Managers for the purpose of financial management, monitoring and control. Take and active role in major areas of contract management work such as the actuarial advice and investment advice tenders To provide sound financial advice in the evaluation of new contracts and tender submissions. To prepare Cabinet reports and responses as required to Members’ enquiries in relation to all aspects of the treasury and investments finance function. Keep abreast of developments in the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations, other legislation as appropriate and Local Government Finance policy and practice, in order to provide advice on a wide range of complex issues. To assess the impact of changes to local government pension fund accounting regulations on the Ealing Pension Fund and its stakeholders. Prepare and present reports as required and other information, which analyse and evaluate the financial implications of complex service issues. Highlight regulatory issues as necessary. Assist the Treasury Investments Manager participate in the formulation of detailed Pension Fund objectives and policies. Ensure that financial systems continue to meet the requirements of the Ealing Pension Fund and are utilised to maximum effect, co-ordinating development requirements with the Head of Financial Control and Reporting. Monitor compliance with the Statement of Investment Principles and Myners Principles ensuring that changes within the Council’s investment strategy and legislative changes are reflected in the Statement. Monitor the implementation of the Statement of Investment Principles, Corporate Governance and Socially Responsible Investment Policy. Ensure that the Fund managers comply and where required prepare reports on compliance. April 2009 Core HR & OD Department
  3. 3. Appendix 3 Review monitoring procedures of Investment Fund Managers continually to ensure that they meet best practice and are effective. To facilitate or provide training for the Pension Fund Panel members. Liaise with the W M company ensuring that relevant data is provided to monitor the performance of the Fund Prepare regular reports for management and the Pension Fund Panel in relation to budget monitoring, cashflow and working capital. Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Pension Fund Panel To maintain accurate auditable records of all pension fund investments and create procedures and processes to generate data required for actuarial valuations thus minimizing delay and cost in the preparation of the Actuarial Report. To attend as required London Wide Pension Fund Forums or and any other appropriate user/benchmark groups. To be responsible for ensuring effective liaison with other teams such as Financial Control, Service Finance Teams, Procurement, Legal and internal audit and to promote joint working arrangements and the sharing of information. To be responsible for keeping up to date with Accounting and relevant statutory legislation, regulations, standards, service developments and initiatives and the Council’s policies and procedures. • Treasury Management To deputise for the Group Manager Treasury and Investments (Sc18) in all the operational functions of the Finance Team as required in accordance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, internal policies and corporate strategies. To develop in conjunction with the Group Manager Treasury & Investments short and long-term investment and borrowing strategies and to assist in writing the annual Treasury Management Strategy report for agreement by Cabinet and full Council prior to the start of the financial year. To provide Treasury dealing cover as and when required making sure that all the processes meet the set procedures. In conjunction with the Group Manager to identify, evaluate and manage the risks associated with in-house Treasury Management activities and assist in developing systems, policies and procedures to effectively control those risks. To review and make proposals to senior managers on the the Council’s lending and borrowing criteria. Assist in developing system, policies and processes to manage the Council’s consolidated cashflows, investment and long-term debt portfolios, pursuing optimum performance whilst safeguarding the council’s financial instruments April 2009 Core HR & OD Department
  4. 4. Appendix 3 through effective risk management and internal controls. • Other To be responsible for the promotion and implementation of all the Council’s policies and procedures including equalities and diversity, health and safety, security and the use of personal data. To undertake any ad-hoc treasury management and pension fund project work as directed by the Group Manager Treasury and Investments. To be responsible for Council assets including the team lap top computer, projector and mobile communications equipment, when giving presentations to staff and non-staff on and outside Council premises, and when working on Council business either at home, or at locations outside Perceval House, (Pension Fund Panel meetings and investment managers) To safeguard at all times all confidential Council information, both at and outside Perceval House, stored on all mediums including the laptop, all portable memory devices, and hard copy presentations. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: Pension Fund Panel and Cabinet kept accurately informed on a timely basis to enable well managed budgets. Efficiencies gained through financial involvement in contract tendering, project costing, post project implementation reviews. Audit schedules provided within deadline agreed. Meet Star Chamber and other Corporate deadlines. KEY RELATIONSHIPS (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL): Executive Directors, Directors, Heads of Service, Process & Data Manager, Business Services Group staff, Senior Managers in all directorates, The Pension Fund Investment Managers Investment Managers user group Forum CIPFA/IPF The Council’s Independent Investment Consultants The Council’s Actuaries The Pension forum of scheduled and admitted bodies Groups of Local Authority Pensions Fund Investment officers AUTHORITY LEVEL (PEOPLE, POLICY, FINANCIAL): • April 2009 Core HR & OD Department
  5. 5. Appendix 3 Person Specification Recruitment practices to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and/or vulnerable adults apply to this post in addition to the requirement to obtain a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. (Delete if not applicable). ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES: ESSENTIAL EXPERIENCE: Ability to operate accounting software is essential Knowledge of the statutory framework and accounting standards Experience in working directly and with managing major supplier contracts/relationships ideally monitoring the performance of Pension Fund Investment Managers. Experience of advising senior managers and Council members on financial management issues pertaining to the Pension Fund and financial report writing. Full knowledge and experience of Statutory requirements and best practice and . Knowledge of Local Government finance Awareness of current economic conditions Experience of using and developing effective spreadsheet models using advanced spreadsheet functions. ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATION (S): The post-holder must have full CCAB accountancy qualification with a proven track record in local Government finance PERSONAL STYLE AND BEHAVIOUR Good team player Proven ability to communicate at all levels and in particular display fluent verbal and written communication skills consistent with operating at Member and senior management level and in explaining complex investment and financial matters to non financial managers. Ability to deal competently with high level internal and external contacts Able to work on own initiative Produces written communications, which are clear, fluent, concise and jargon-free, and are readily understood by intended recipient(s). KEY COMPETENCIES/ ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS Ability to work to tight deadlines and prioritise. Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret and evaluate very highly complex data and present it in an understandable format High level of numeracy with the ability to perform calculations accurately and at speed Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to confidently influence persuade and negotiate Thorough understanding of local democracy and associated processes, practices and culture required for delivering strong, healthy local governance. Ability to attend work early when required to undertake the money market dealing. April 2009 Core HR & OD Department
  6. 6. Appendix 3 Competency levels The list below states the level needed in each competency for effective performance in a role. 1. Role requires a generally low level of competence. It may only require an awareness of this competency, or may provide experience to operate at a higher level. 2. Role requires a moderate level of competence, the ability to cope with standard problems/common situations, and competence at day-to-day application. 3. Role requires a high level of competence, the ability to cope with unusual/non-standard problems and issues, and awareness of alternative options and approaches to situations. Requires ability to guide or advise others in this area and is able to look ahead and anticipate future needs. 4. Role requires an exceptional level of competence and advanced application. Requires ability to develop innovative approaches, stretch others’ thinking and challenge them to excel by setting exceptional standards. Results focus: (new) Sets and delivers stretching targets, in line with the Corporate Plan & Priorities and with Ealing’s standards and procedures; seeks and takes responsibility for enhancing performance; does what is necessary to achieve the required output, rather than just performing a set of tasks. Level 4 Customer focus: Actively seeks to identify, understand and give priority to meeting customer needs. Acts in accordance with the needs of customers (external or internal), partners and the wider community. . Level 3 Job expertise: (new) Has the necessary technical and professional knowledge and expertise, and uses it effectively. The areas of job expertise required vary significantly between services and between roles. The areas required in any specific role must be discussed with individuals. . Level 4 Communication: Uses clear language that can be understood by mixed audiences. Communicates effectively (speaking, listening, in writing and when presenting), as required. . Level 4 Change orientation: Looks for and proposes ways to improve service and will, if necessary, challenge the status quo to produce improvement. Shows initiative, and adapts to change requirements, by continually striving to improve processes, activities, and own performance. . Level 3 Managing self: Effectively organises self and projects as required, using Ealing systems, processes and policies. Can describe own strengths, development needs, impact and approach. Takes personal responsibility for own role and own development as a result. . Level 4 Working in teams: Co-operates with others, by working together, supporting and influencing colleagues, and being a part of a range of teams as appropriate. Shares information with colleagues and partners to enable them to carry out their roles more effectively. . Level 3 Managing people and business (For managers only): Manages the performance and development of all staff who report to them in a way that supports the Ealing vision and values. Encourages and supports staff and colleagues to develop to their full potential. Demonstrates sound financial, business and resource management. . Level 3 Leading in the organisation (For managers only): (new) Leads change and ensures effective implementation through programme and project delivery. Provides direction for the organisation and individual departments. Gains commitment from stakeholders to the vision, strategy and the resources required. . Level 3 April 2009 Core HR & OD Department
  7. 7. Appendix 3 April 2009 Core HR & OD Department