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Ge’s two decade transformation case study solution

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Ge’s two decade transformation case study solution

  1. 1. GE’s two-decade transformation: jack Welch's leadership
  2. 2. Specific strategic actions taken by jack Welch  Recession , high interest rate, strong dollar  1 or 2 (Fix, sell or close) into three circle concept of Vision  Five page strategy book  Eliminated sectors level  Downsizing, destaffing and delayering  Increases sales and earnings  Focus values, bring change in culture  Focus on organization’s software  Focus on management style such as openness, facing reality etc
  3. 3.  Took to initiatives Work out and best practices  provide open forum for employees to share views and improvement of businesses  Businesses are global, not companies  Focusing on skill set and mindset of employees  Held session C  Focus on compensation package  Developed GE’s Crotonville  Set ideal leadership profile  Leaders can be characterized in four ways  Introduced 360 degree feedback process
  4. 4.  Developed boundary less company  Introduced the idea of stretch  Initiated towards services businesses  Six sigma quality intiative  Focused on A players leaders with 4 e’s  Introduced E-Business
  5. 5. Comparison of Lack Welch with other CEO Jack John Decentralization Increase productivity High turnover High cultural change Task oriented Centralized decrease productivity Low turnover Low cultural change People oriented