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Yemen progect

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Yemen progect

  1. 1. YEMENour blood is fuel for our revolution(translation)
  2. 2. Slide #1Yemen was once divided into north and south Yemen. South was acommunist state, North being republic. They were unified in 1990.Yemen prides itself as the only republic in the Arab peninsula. The rest arekingdoms and emirates ruled by one ruler family or person.Arabic is the official Yemeni language.Yemen kingdom was ruled by Ethiopian Christians around 528 ADA unesco world heritage site were it much remains as it was 600 years ago.The 2 explosive ladan parcels ,interested before there indendened Usdestinations ,were just the last terrorist is threat to come out of Yemenchrisms day 2009http://islamawareness.net/MiddleEast/Yemen/history.html
  3. 3. Slide #2A problem that my country has that I want to solve is the high murder rate.The second highest in the world. 54.8 out of 100 people in Yemen own a gun3.2 people out of 100k gets murdered by a gun. Many Yemeni children whoaccidentally killed their loved ones while playing with guns kept at home, fleeimmediately after the incident fearing punishment from their fathers. Theybecome separated from their families and drop out of school.
  4. 4. Slide #3Solutions to this problem could be ban of some guns or all guns. Or theycould get a better police force.They might be able to send us a better police force in trade for somethingthey need.
  5. 5. Slide #4A final solution would be to improve on the career option for a officer ormilitant and give better training camps we do need help from the rest of theworld to solve this problem.