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Domain Name Creation and Registration

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Ways to create a domain name and register for the World Wide Web.

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Domain Name Creation and Registration

  1. 1. DUiViAIh! NÄEViIiQG
  2. 2. INTERNET STUDIO Cassim' ; Vazir
  3. 3. INTERNET STUDIO (l: 'v.1' 4'
  4. 4. AFFIXED INTERNET STUDIO Cassmibfuzà'
  5. 5. INTERNET STUDIO II 5d toonie Adobe Flock Multiply Sphere Amazon Fox Pandora Wink Apple Grouper Pluck Yahoo! Dapper Indeed Rewer Yelp Ether Inform. com Riffs Expo | .ive. com Shadows Repurposed words. Such names can't be generically descriptive, because then they wouldn't be protectable trademarks, so they usually work through metaphor or indirect association. These names are short and come ready- made with rich, often multiple associations. Expect to pay money-possibly a lot-to secure the URL. Trademarking can be tricky too.
  6. 6. INTERNET STUDIO -urrnnrér lrlfllllllš Attensa attention Cfvlet computer netNork ebay edgeio eSnips iPhone iTunes Wikia Zoho Soho Zune tune Zvents events Words slightly changed in pronunciation and spelling- usually with a letter replaced or added. I f people recognize the word, you get all its rich meaning while still having a distinctive name. People might not recognize the word, and some names can be cheesy or gimmicky.
  7. 7. DOMAIN NAMES INTER NET STUDIO AFFIXED WORDS Browster Findory Performancing CoComment Friendster Postsecret Dogster Napster Feedster Omnidrive These are all novel forms consisting of a real word and a real prefx or suffix. Notice how common the -ster suffix is. Can be distinctive and meaningfxl while remaining relatively short. œNS Can sound contrived. The meanings added by affxes are limited in variety and usually abstract (which means not very vivid).
  8. 8. DOMAIN NAMES INTERNET STUDIO MADE UP, OBSCURE WORDS Bebo Ookles Simpy Meebo Plaxo Zimbra Odeo Humana Short names that are either made up or whose origins are so obscure that they might as well be made up. Made-up names can be short, cute, and very distinctive (and therefore easy to trademark). Made-up names don't provide much ready- made meaning to work with (all the meaning has to come from sound symbolism). Good ones are hard to think of, and when they're short the URLs are likely to be taken.
  9. 9. Attention Google Talk Powerset TechMeme Trust JotSpot Rapleaf Webshots Bloglines Jumpcut Salesforce Wordpress BlueDot Measure Map SearchFox Wdeo Egg Bubbleshare Netvibes SocialText YouTube Facebook Newsgator Songbird FeedBurner OPML Editor TagJag Filmloop Pageflakes Tagworld DOMAIN COMPOUND Firefox Photobucket Tailrank N WORDS The practically limitless number of possible combinations makes it easy to create a unique name. Interesting meanings can be created through the combination of words. No huge drawbacks, which is one reason that compounds are popular, but they are longer than many other kinds of name. INTERNET STUDIO tlzsarrrzfńrżd'
  10. 10. 37 Signals iLike PlanetWeb 2.0 Adaptive Path Lastfm rawsugar AllofMP3 LinkedIn SecondLife AllPeers MyBlogLog SimplyHired Amie Street MySpace SixApart CollectiveX PayPerPost StumbleUpon Each of these names consists of two words put together, with the first word receiving the main emphasis in pronunciation. (It doesn't matter if there's a space between words). This is the simplest way to create new words. DOMAIN NAMES Sound linguistically natural and have clear meanings because they follow regular rules. Phrase names can be long. Can sound awkward when used as nouns if they are not already noun phrases (e. g. Have you tried iLike? ) INTERNET STUDIO Wmrrr-_Vąr
  11. 11. Maxthon max+ marathon Microsoft microcomputer + software Netscape net + landscape Newroo new +kangaroo PubSub publish +subscribe Rebtel rebel+telephone Rollyo roll +your own. or roll + your own Sharpcast sharp + broadcast Skype sky+peer-to-peer Technorati technology + literati Vlhkipedia wiki + encyclopedia Zillow zillions+pillow, with overlap of -ill- Names that follow normal rules for putting words DOMAIN NAMES together to make phrases (other than compounds). When they work can be short and elegant. Same advantages as compounds. œNS When they don't work, blends can be awkward and/ or have obscure meanings. INTERNET STUDIO CcvssfrrilVlzsà'
  12. 12. INTERNET STUDIO ! tillit Automattic automatic, mat -> matt Consumating consummating, consumm -> consum[e] Farecast forecast, fore -> fare LickelyShip lickety split, split -> ship, the verb Memeorandum memorandum, mem -> meme Meetro metro, met -> meet Ivieevee teevee/ IV, tee -> me[e], the pronoun Writely rightly, right -> write Words or phrases that have been modified slightly to evoke an appropriate second meaning. Similar to blends, but they involve a coincidental similarity between part of the main word and the second evoked word. Pun names can be fun and memorable. CCNS Nothing sounds dumber than a bad pun.
  13. 13. Bix e. g. Bix Beiderbecke] Jajah F Jajah Watamba , a fictitious Spokesperson Kiko a name in Japanese and other languages Ning a Chinese name Riya the name of a founders daughter Some names are either pitched or recognizable as PEUPLES people's names. N NAMES I f the audience for a name doesn't see the connection, the name is just like a made-up one. These names are short and give personality to a company (or product or service). Aside from personality, these names don't provide meaning to work with. Might not be available as URLs. INTERNET STUDIO C: t : MN r: 7'
  14. 14. INTERNET STUDIO AOL America Online FIM Fox Interactive Media Guba Gigantic Usenet Binaries Archive These are names made up of the first letter of each word in a much longer phrase name. Sometimes the letters are pronounced individually, in which case we can just think of them as initials, and sometimes the combination of letters is pronounced as a word, in which case it's an acronym. These names provide short mnemonics for long, descriptive phrases. œNs ZzzzzzAlso, sometimes initials are short when written but long when spoken. For example, the initials www have nine syllables when spoken, while the phrase world wide web has three.
  15. 15. INTERNET STUDIO crzssiniNazü Consider your domain name carefully. i biLly/ gpijlin Experts Exchange Who Represents Pen Island Therapist Finder Mole Station Nursery Speed of Art expertsexchange. com whorepresents. com penisland. net therapistfinder. com molestationnursery. com speedofart. com
  16. 16. bit. ly/ domain-naming
  17. 17. Get Started
  18. 18. STEP 1 : PURCHASEAWEB HOST You need a few things to get started: o a domain name o disk space o bandwidth H ostGator. com is probably the cheapest hosting services available. It also gives you a month buy month option. hostgator. com INTERNET STUDIO C. ) ; situ . Nlrżrr
  19. 19. W Toi-Frre 3„ , „ , "` 74:: : loc‹Il. -.i'›, ›., /. 'i J , IŁ Now marna om 5,000,000 doman' „u c, ... -. ‹-. ›~. -i. n‹-I :4.: ‹.>' Ĺ| ltn'. ..^ #agil/ Jh t. Unlimited Web Hosting i ' --Ś ` Web Hosting made LASY And AFFORDABLE! ` ; z &MLIMTTIĹD t ws: w: i: . > ` "yh QTEK( S*› tk 'vgioc idT ~ ~ ` g) : an/ Jos A, a wma «ç ? ma . , Sonnar'. i › ' w( -w . . . . „A . .;‹. Get Started with HostGator Web Hosting Todayl l . ;› . .h I'. "i4 . .çg. ›„ . „ l . .i g, , l . fuœsvbołfnxn g _ . UNLIMTTIDDo-ww-'ą _ . UNLIMITED Dorianna - uwomrreu ora. soon» , . UNLIMXTEDO-'uSa-. ça `, . ununnen ora. Scouts» , n UNLXMITED Baum d": n UNLIMITED Bu 'I n UNLIMITED Bu unum o 'ih-ind Srm Cr" “(43% n 'łüriżi SKL Cf' „'i( I FREE ? Viv : 'r 55L ä . a MTŁ Te In: ( mmz» słanng at$3.96/mo' : Starting at$6.36lmo' c staring aŁSIOJG/ mo' ę .3 ; i'ęAiI""^_7" c '; i^oA"N “ni-_f cççmçnin a ; P orman now › oszpecą ›row › ORDER now › 'mza ^r^Ł-, . Ir"'41tt: h'I: Hosroazor Control Panel Easy Stresu-Elder (l: Diff 'n'e (Fvwm 4_ vr-a : i . iw fcrvml n Th- »~34 ! i n n not 'm- wi) wu: - [bru. „vt TRY' (PAW I 17KM} TNV Stl} 'v iHMÄ' , WMU Start Your Website With HostGator Today! n w ›min . .- 794 «hms-w w _ 9;: - liv-WV, /T›-‹'u-. :„ . ›- m- 57c my: n; , :w , i to 'r : na . vnm ion rne'. mu Liv-wwe'
  20. 20. %GUGDmG St_ep_1„: Choose a Dong@ : aI. .|' l IIi. . v. lZ. :0'›i“I„, He pw -‹ . , . i 'e rm. nam a rm. - . .i-se . ri emm; Twem mw EnterDorrain Name: Enlcr Domain Name: Inmani CONTIIIUE TO STEP 2 } CONTINUE T0 STEP Ż b coupon coda' SPRING You mw : husnu ouv "oni mii. nr n : amori Chwiluk! Q 201l łbxüatntcom
  21. 21. Package Type Baby . Ati. ; p. . Ust-mame cassini . e . ..‹. ą-. „ ‹› [FUG %GI9Q3& Toll Free- LoC 'lz Billing cycle ` z Now hosting over 5,000,000 domains' l. h i. ń› i. , - t, : ñ 'a . LIVECNAT tcp Z 1 Month @P 7.96/mo 20.00 Percent OFF 3 Security Pin Billing Information First Name Last Name Email Company Home Phone Cell Phone Address Address 2 City Cassini Nazir Payment Information fi} crecm card PayPal
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  23. 23. „ T I* ż-Ji-i-iś-_i-U ix -: isian-Jills
  24. 24. A. Welcome, Cassini Nazir r' . 37 t (fiat „a ~›- CUCK Ni'. E Generalnemu; „. jq. l.›„„1?, ł_, ł.; _11„011 0 l` n v, J . L C ` Ticket l Sublecl Last Updated Last Flesponder . r - 1 - v ^ ‹ › ›‹ l t" r l Billing Details `JĄ „,3 F A' y` , ' ›‹: __ ID Primary Domain Username Password Package Price Renew Dale Status ` v SH' Iostvowelcom casslnl Baby 9.95 0421/11 Actlve 806704 SupportTlckeis p yp H "' 7 r ' Invoice! Package Due Dale Dale Paid AmountPald . ~ l ; "1 ' ' SH~806704 20l1-03~21 2011-03-21 524.47 „i a . .i‹ llrwcl. : l* 'ory , TfçlCr : :ls Hosting Packages ›l contact Ua By F`l'or'= . ! E66.9642857
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