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105: BOB Measurement, Compartments & Options

Get a bug out bag of proper size that will hold everything you need. Understand the size, pockets and options to have knowledge when looking for a Bug-Out Bag.

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105: BOB Measurement, Compartments & Options

  1. 1. 105: BOB Measuring, Compartments and Options By Ken Jensen
  2. 2. Are you a minimalist who keeps little more than a granola bar in your bag, or do you feel that you need to fit a Skyscraper, 300 bandaids, an AK-47, and a puppy in it? If you follow my tips, it doesn’t matter what size Bug Out Bag (BOB) you want. You will be able to find it. http://theprepperpodcast.com/chooseyourbob
  3. 3. Get a Lightweight Pack that will Hold Everything You Need If you go hiking much, you know one simple mantra: “When feet become miles, ounces become pounds.” http://theprepperpodcast.com/chooseyourbob
  4. 4. Nights Capacity Bag Weight (Gear Not Included) 1-2 20-50 Liters 1.5 – 4.5 Lbs 2-3 50-60 Liters 2.5 – 5 Lbs 3-5 60-80 Liters 2.5 – 5+ Lbs 5+ 80+ Liters 4 – 6+ Lbs Determine what you need in capacity based on this chart. http://theprepperpodcast.com/chooseyourbob
  5. 5.  Bigger isn’t always better.  Bug Outs are stressful and are not the time for added weight.  My recommendation: Learn skills, reducing gear, reducing size and weight. The typical person would do well to grab a 50-60 liter pack for most situations. http://theprepperpodcast.com/chooseyourbob
  6. 6. To obtain the proper fitting pack, measure your torso, NOT OVERALL HEIGHT. This is the only real way to measure for one. Your body design is different than everyone else. http://theprepperpodcast.com/chooseyourbob
  7. 7. You don’t want to unload every bit of the contents in your bag just to get to your gear. When it matters most, you can get to your gear by choosing the right pack and understanding its parts. Choose one that organizes and compartmentalizes everything so it is easy to get to your stuff. http://theprepperpodcast.com/chooseyourbob