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Digital Marketing and Monetization for Kenya's Music Industry


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Digital Marketing and Monetization for Kenya's Music Industry

  1. 1. Paid,  Owned  &  Earned  Digital  Media?     Paid   Owned   Media     Media   Earned   Media   The  Digital  Marke7ng  Mix  
  2. 2. Owned  Media:  Your  Web  Site  
  3. 3. Earned  Media:  Your  Social  Media  
  4. 4. Paid  Media:  Google  AdWords  
  5. 5. What  are  your  objec7ves?   Awareness?   Digital   Music  &   Fan   Merchandise   Rela7onships?   Objec7ves   Sales?   Adop7on?  
  6. 6. What  ac7on  do  want  them  to  take?     Register?   Explore?   Contact?   Digital   Calls  to   Ac7on   Subscribe?   Download?   Purchase?  
  7. 7. The  RACE  Methodology   REACH   CONVERT           ACT           ENGAGE   People   Based  on   Achieve   Through   Wherever   Call  to   Interac7on   Time   they  are   Ac7on  
  8. 8. Responsive  Web  Site  Design  
  9. 9. Content  Management  System  
  10. 10. SEO,  In  a  nutshell   Page  Coding   •  Code  all  pages  to  conform  to  SEO  best  prac7ce   •  Enable  Search  Engines  to  find  and  catalogue  the  informa7on  in   the  web  pages  more  effec7vely   Keywords   •  Keyword  Research   •  Enrich  site  copy  with  keywords  and  keyword  density   •  Inject  keywords  into  page  7tle,  meta  tags,  etc   Link  Building   •  Search  Engine  Submissions   •  Directory  Lis7ngs   •  Ar7cle  Submissions,  Blog  Posts,  Blog  Comments,  etc  
  11. 11. Google  Analy7cs   •  Analy7cs  tell  you  how  visitors  found  your  site   and  how  they  interact  with  it.     •  Analy7cs  compares  the  behavior  of  visitors   who  were  referred  from  digital  adver7sing,   keywords,  search  engines,  and  emails,  giving   valuable  insight  into  how  to  improve  your   site's  content  and  design.   •  Google  Analy7cs  is  one  of  the  most  popular   globally,  and  free  to  use.      
  12. 12. Unique  Visitors      
  13. 13. Making  Sense  of  YOUR  Content   •  Is  comprised  of  images,  graphics,  copy  (text),   video,  audio,  documents,  etc.     •  Has  to  be  developed  and/or  repurposed  for  the   target  users  to  achieve  maximum  impact.     •  Brevity  is  key  due  to  users  “scanning”  rather  than   “consuming”  it  all.     •  Regular  content  updates  ensures  con7nuous   engagement.     •  Accuracy,  relevance  and  context  are  important.    
  14. 14. The  Next  BIG  Thing:     Content  Marke7ng   •  Content  marke7ng  is  a  marke7ng  technique  of   crea7ng  and  distribu7ng  relevant  and  valuable   content  to  a`ract,  acquire,  and  engage  a   clearly  defined  and  understood  target   audience  –  oben  with  the  objec7ve  of  driving   profitable  ac7ons.  
  15. 15. Content  Marke7ng:  RedBull  Stratos  
  16. 16. Viral  (Content  Marke7ng)   •  Viral  marke7ng  refers  to  marke7ng  techniques  that   use  pre-­‐exis7ng  social  networks  and  other   technologies  to  produce  increases  in  brand   awareness  or  to  achieve  other  marke7ng  objec7ves   (such  as  product  sales)  in  a  self-­‐replica7ng  manner   •  It  can  be  delivered  by  word  of  mouth  or  enhanced  by   the  network  effects  of  the  Internet  and  mobile   networks  in  the  form  of  video  clips,  interac7ve   games,  advergames,  ebooks,  brandable  sobware,   images,  text  messages,  email  messages,  or  web   pages.    
  17. 17. Viral  Marke7ng:  Gangnam  Style  
  18. 18. Key  insights  on  Content  Marke7ng   •  Success  comes  from  commidng  to  the  hard  work   (RedBull  Stratos  took  7  years  to  put  together)   •  BIG,  consistent  ideas  that  move  YOUR  “TRIBE”     •  Brands  are  now  publishers  as  well  as  marketers   (RedBull  Stratos  achieved  over  US$  120M  in   equivalent  ad  spend  brand  visibility)   •  Use  the  “hub  and  spoke”  approach  to  leverage   YOUR  brand  content  across  ALL  available  digital   plajorms  (fish  where  the  fish  are,  wherever  it  is,   Mobile,  Facebook,  Twi`er,  etc).    
  19. 19. (Hub  and  Spoke)  Content  Marke7ng   Google   YouTube   Mobile   LinkedIn   Web  Site   Twi`er   Blog   YOUR   BRAND   Facebook   Consumer   Email   Engagement  
  20. 20. Tradi7onal  VS  Social  Media   Tradi&onal  Media   Social  Media   Brand  in  control   Audience  in  control   Monologue   Dialogue   Message  repe77on   Adap7ng  the  message   Focused  on  the  brand   Focused  on  the  audience/adding  value   Educa7ng   Influencing/involving   Adver7ser  creates  the  content   User  generated  content/co-­‐crea7on  
  21. 21. Social  Media:  Rules  of  Engagement   Listen   Par7cipate   Facilitate   Generate  Buzz   Develop  Community  
  22. 22. 5  success  factors  for  social  media     Engage  your  audience  and  make  the  campaign  fun:   Reason  to  par7cipate  (offers,  games,  challenges,  puzzles)  Give  them  something  to  remember,  share   and  talkabout     Create  something  permanent  for  post  campaign:   Campaigns  are  7me  sensi7ve–create  something   If  your  campaign  messaging  is  consistent  with   that  can  last  aber  the  campaign  finishes  e.g.   brand/product,  then  it  has  longevity     Youtube  video,  photo  collage,  applica7on  
  23. 23. 5  success  factors  for  social  media   Consistency  of  message  with  the  brand/product   Requires  collabora7on  with  members  of  the  community   Members  who  are  involved  will  usually  be  generous  in  sharing   People  like  to  be  part  of  something   informa7on  with  others  within  their  network   Encourage  Conversa7ons  online  and  offline   People  who  have  knowledge  can  help  create  a  level  of  connec7vity   Empower  the  community  by  engaging  them  in  conversa7on   with  other  current  and  poten7al  customers  via  word  of  mouth  
  24. 24. Social  Media  Dos  and  Don’ts   Dos   Don’ts   • If  possible,  update  your   • Always  acknowledge   Post  regular   fans  before  the  media,  or   the  fans  efforts  to   updates.   at  least  at  the  same  7me   Ignore  comments   engage   or  ques7ons   • Always  reply  in  an   Provide   individual  manner   customer   service   Fail  to  update   community  on   major  offline   Answer   • Or  let  users  know  you  will   ac7vi7es   be  in  touch  with  an   ques7ons  within   answer  soon   less  than  3  days   Use  social  media   • Communica7ons   Engage  with  the   to  broadcast  the   should  be  adapted  to   same   their  medium,  one   community  –   communica7ons   size  doesn't’t  fit  all   dialogue  with   than  offline   them  
  25. 25. Mobile  Marke7ng   •  Over  90%  of  all  phones  in  Africa  are  mobile.   •  At  the  end  of  2011,  Africa  had  650  mobile   subscribers.  At  the  end  of  2012,  this  number   will  rise  to  735  million   •  Kenya  now  has  approximately  30  million   mobile  subscribers  –  75%  mobile  penetra7on   •  Mobile  accounts  for  over  98%  of  ALL  Internet   subscrip7ons  in  Kenya  –  this  trend  is   consistent  in  most  of  Africa.     Sources: GSMA and the Communications Commission of Kenya
  26. 26. “Mobile”  is  highly  fragmented   Call   Call/Text   GPRS/EDGE   Bluetooth   Mobile   WAP   QR  Code   Apps   Email   WIFI   GPS   Email   3G   Augmented   Reality   4G/LTE  
  27. 27. The  reality  is  that  as   much  as  90%  of  mobile   internet  usage  in  Africa   is  done  over  low-­‐cost   brands   feature  phones  that   typically  have  GPRS/ EDGE  speeds.  The  most   popular  mobile  internet   device  from  research  is   the  Nokia  1680  Classic  
  28. 28. The  inexpensive  Huawei   IDEOS  kicked  off  Kenya’s   smartphone  revolu7on  2   years  ago  as  hundreds  of   thousands  of  units  sold.   Android  is  the  fastest   growing  smartphone  OS   in  Kenya.  Smartphones   are  less  than  10%  of  ALL   mobile  internet  usage  in   most  of  Africa.    
  29. 29. Africa  has  become  a   global  hotspot  for   mobile  app   developers  on   feature  phones  and   smartphones.   However,  the  reality   is  that  Africa  is  a  very   nascent  mobile  app   market  with  reach   oben  being  less  than   5%  of  total  mobile   internet  traffic.    
  30. 30. 7  Keys  to  Content  Marke7ng   Data  is  the   Brands  are   Content   Content   Great  ideas   Storytelling   Strategy  and   founda7on   now   needs  to  be   MUST  have  a   and  crea7ve   binds  content   commitment   for  great   Publishers   GREAT   purpose   lead  the  way   together   is  key   content  
  31. 31. Digital  Distribu7on:  iTunes  
  32. 32. Digital  Distribu7on:  Spinlet  
  33. 33. Digital  Distribu7on:  IroKing.com  
  34. 34. Independent  Mone7za7on:  Gumroad    
  35. 35. Independent  Mone7za7on:  Mdundo  
  36. 36. Thank  You!   Moses  Kemibaro   Dotsavvy  Limited   No.  25  Duplex  Apartments   Upper  Hill  Road,  Upper  Hill,  Nairobi   tel:  +254  (20)  8077108/9   email:  moses@dotsavvyafrica.com   twi`er:  @dotsavvy   web:  www.dotsavvyafrica.com