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06.a dutch vocabulary

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06.a dutch vocabulary

  1. 1. http://uz-translations.net A Dutch Vocabulary BRUCE DONALDSON B.A. (Western Australia) Litt. Drs. (Utrecht) Deportment of Germanic Studies University of MelbourneA AEPress~ Melbourne, 1983
  2. 2. http://uz-translations.netPREFACEThis little book, although extremely fundamental in approach and intent. is all themore remarkable by virtue of the fact that no such work has ever been compiled forthe learning of Dutch. Numerous such vocabularies exist for French, German. Italianand Spanish, but Dutch seems always to have been the Cinderella of thelanguoges of Western Europe. I hope hereby to rectify thot situation in some smallway.This book is intended for the English-speaking students of Dutch wherever theyreside in the world and whatever course being followed; i.e. whether at asecondary or tertiary educational institution, ottending a private course, or homestudy. It is designed to supplement the limited vocabulary that all grammars areforced by necessity to use. In my opinion it is imperative that formal explanation ofthe grammar should be accompanied by some form of systematic vocabularylearning where a choice has been made by an experienced teacher of Dutchbetween basic everyday vocabulary that should be learnt immediately, and thatwhich can be left to the student to pick up later from his own interactions withnative speakers and from reading. I have made such a choice here, groupingcommon vocabulary items under general topics.By systematically working his way through this book, and at the some time followinga course in the language based on any of the existing grammars or languagelaboratory methods. the student should build up a good working vocabulary whichis free of the esoteric, and often difficult items which make dictionaries socomplicated to use for people starting out in a new language . This is no substitutefor a dictionary of course. but a dictionary is not a substitute for a book such as thiseither.The words have been put into groups of ten on overage - sometimes there are asfew as eight and sometimes as many as twelve; to have stuck rigidly to ten wouldhave forced me at times to leave out useful words or include some not so usefulones . Such grouping of the items should assist learning; for instance one can setoneself the task of learning one or two or more units a day and thus get a feeling ofprogress . By having grouped the words further under broad general topics. it shouldbe practical for example for teachers to set essays on those topics in which thestudent can attempt to use as many of the given words as possible. A furtheradvantage of grouping the words under general topics is the avoidance ofambiguity of meaning . Many words have a variety of meanings depending oncontext. but usually the meaning of a particular word is clear in this instancebecause of the other words in its ViCinity. On occasions it was necessary. for thesake of clarity, to footnote individual vocabulary items, but this has been kept to aminimum .The choice of words to be incorporated into or leff out of a book such as this issomewhat arbitrary and Subjective. Even computer compiled frequency lists aresubjective because they are based on arbitrarily chosen newspapers. magazines.novels eic. lists compiled in that way often grossly distort reality . To toke ahypothetical example. one could well find that if a frequency list for Dutch werebased on any of the well-known dailies of Holland , one would probably find that 3
  3. 3. http://uz-translations.netgosbel (gas bubble) and in ffotie (inflation) would be included while spruifje(Brussels sprout) and wekker (alarm c lock) would be left out. This list of 2860 words- my original goal was ± 3000 - is based on fwo Inevitably subjective factors:firstly my experience as a teacher of Dutch at tertiary level over a period of tenyears and secondly. and more importantly in my opinion, my perception of Dutchas a non-native-speaker of the language. Non-native-speakers are in a betterposition than natives to assess what is necessary vocabulary and what can be lefttill later, what one merely needs to know passively and what one must also be ableto use actively .The subject of choosing items for inclusion or exclusion brings me to a very difficultand important problem that I was continually confronted with . Certain words are soimportant as to be indispensable to the foreigner living and learning Dutch inHolland e.g. boerenkoOI(curly kole) and BTW(Value Added Tax), whereas suchconcepts are Quite possibly unknown to the American, or Australian or SouthAfrican who has never been to Europe a nd may never go. On the other hand, amop Is an everyday cleaning instrument, in Australia anyway, which I felt Inclinedto include, but the Dutch don·t know the implement. The dictionary will tell you thata mop is a stokdweil, but that is not exactly what we cali a mop. When waShingfloors the Dutch simply use a dweil (floor-Cloth) which is something which I for onedo not possess or have ever used . Most Dutch people would probably translatesandwich with boterham but a Dutch boterhom consists of only one slice of bread,which, what is more, is usually eaten with a knife and fork . Ten Bruggencatesdictionary renders sandwich as follows: twee sneetjes brood met iets ertussen;l thusthe word sandwich wi!! not be found in my corpus. Such problems are of course tobe expected when attempting to equate one culture with another.Deciding which Dutch words to include wos actually only holf the problem; nowthey should be translated turned out to be no mean task. As this book will bemarketed throughout the English-speaking world, it was often difficult, evenimpossible, to decide which English translation would be universally acceptable .Zwembroek, for example, would be translated differently even from state to statewithin the Commonwealth of Australia, so it was impossible for me to know exactlywhat one says In Britain and America, and even had I known this, space would nothave permitted all alternatives . I thus opted for a neutral descriptive translation,swimming trunks, although I would not personally ever use that expression . In suchinstances the reader will simply have to substitute the word most commonly usedwhere he or she is living. I have certainly always done my best to avoid peculiarlyAustralian expressions where I was aware that our use of English differs fromoverseas e.g. snoepje - sweet, piece of candy, whereas in Australia one wouldsoy lolly . I am reasonably confident that my translations will be generallyacceptable to Britishers, but mv limited knowledge of American English hasundoubtedly led to some expressions sounoing unfamiliar to inhabitants of thatcontinent. I have, however, kept American usage in mind wherever possiblee.g. kroan - tap, faucet .On occasions I also had great difficulty in deciding whether an EngliSh compoundnoun should be wri11en as one word, two words or hyphenated, a problem thatdoes not often arise in Dutch. In my defence, should anyone disagree with mydecisions, I Quote Fowler, generally regarded as the authority among speakers ofBritish English: .. . its (Le. use of hyphens) infinite variety defies description. No twad ictionaries and no two sets of style rules would be found to give conSistently thesame advice .24
  4. 4. http://uz-translations.netIn cases where it is not immediately obvious where the stress falls on a word, thesyllable to be stressed Is printed in bold type. I have not for instance indicated stressIn a word like begrijpen, but I have in hengelen, g itaar and p a spoort, because,although those words do not have on irregular stress like stadhu/s andburgemeester, they are nevertheless words which the non-native-speaker may beinclined to stress incorrectly. The stress in verbs such as ultdrukken is always given ,thereby indicating that they are separable .The symbol indicates a strong or irregular verb. It would have been unwieldy togive the principal ports of all irregular verbs and to indicate whether they tokehebben, zijn or both in the perfect tense. Such information can usually be quiteeasily gleaned from dictionaries and grammars .Where more than one translation of a Dutch word is g iven. a comma is used toseparate synonyms. Wherever a semi-colon is used. however, what follows is onalternative meaning of that Dutch word e.g. p aprika-pepper, capsicum;paprika .In conclusion, a word about the illustrations. They are intended first and foremostsimply to liven up the pages of this book. Such a book can easily become tedious tolearn from - after all, vocabulary learning is hard work, but the sight of on amusingsketch with a relevant sub-title is psychologically relieving and at the same time theexpressions being illustrated are all the more likely to stay in the students mind . AUthe captions which accompany the illustrations attempt to illustrate an importantpoint of grammar or particular Idiom in addition to using in context some ofthe words given on the page . Translations of the Dutch captions are given onpage 6.1 Bruggencote. K ten. Engels Woordenboek, Wolters-Noordhoff. Groningen, 1973.2 Fowler, H.W. A Oictionary of Modem English Usage. Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1965 (p.255) . ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSMy thanks are due In the first instance to Peter Dodds of Melbourne for supplying mewith the many charming drawings that will, I hope, help endear this little book to allwho use It . In addition I would like to thank Rolph Martens of Melbourne for hiscareful scrutiny of the English translations as well as Paul van der Plank of leiden andAnita van Leeuwen of Utrecht for the assistance they offered in ensuring that thecorpus of Dutch words is current and correct.Bruce Donaldson ABBREVIATIONS(adj.) adjective (n.) neuter noun(c.) common gender noun (pl.) plural( fern.) feminine, female (pron.) pronounced(fig.) figurative (s.o.) someone(Intr.) intransitive verb (s.t.) something(lit .) literally (tr.) transitive verb(masc.) masculine 5
  5. 5. http://uz-translations.net1 TRANSLATIONS OF CAPTIONS 130 A deserted island with coconut palms 133 The stream meanders through the1 Numbers refer to the first section 01 the page.i, country-side 136 Theres a thunder-storm 1 A rolled-up sleeve 139 A rainbow has just appearedI, 4 The Scots wear such a skirt 7 Formers wear clogs 142 The doctor is examining a patient 145 The priest has caught a cold! 10 A small chest full of fabulous jewels 148 One can change foreign curencies ati 13 16 The woiter is serving a customer Somebody who sells used cars this bonk 151 He put a coin in his money-box 19 This old couple hove been marr ied for 154 This piOUS monk is praying forty-two years 157 The Christmas tree haS been nicely 22 A very old man with a walking slick in his decorated hond 160 Tulips bloom in spring 25 The toddler is crowling on the tloor 163 These three indoor plants are on the 28 The two young people are very mUCh in w indow sill love with each other 166 A wreath for a dead person 31 The kiddies have finally fallen asleep 169 The Easter Bunny carries his eggs in a 34 This labourer hos a hoiry chest basket 37 He has a blister on his heel 172 Hes crying because he has foiled on 40 English judges always wear wigs exam 43 lOOk whOI you con do with chewing 175 The teacher is writing something on the g,m board 46 The cake tastes really delicious 178 The professor is somew hat absent- 4Q Hes hoving a sip of apple juice minded 52 Hes full ; hes eaten too many vege- 181 The Greek alphabet is very difficult, isnt tables it? 55 A caterpillar feels at home in a pear 184 This Jew speaks Hebrew and lives in 58 Please give me real coffee, not instant Israel coffee 187 The typist can type very well 61 Delicious cheese from Switzerland 190 On this shelf are two copies o f the same I 6A A slice of bread w ith raspberry jom on it bOOk 193 The king is the Mod of state 67 This box of confectionery has been 196 The politician is g iving a speech opened by someone 199 Hes driving much toa fast 70 This little mouse has eaten and has then 202 A brand ne w racing cor gone to sleep in the corner 205 This boy is hitch-hiking 73 The cat has just g iven birth , she has only 208 The train is about to cross the bridge three kittens 211 The cow is grazing in the meadow 76 The roosler crows 01 live oclock every 214 The wheat must be harvested now morning: cock-a-doodle-doo 217 The thief has been caught red-handed 79 Snails like green leaves and is being arrested 82 Pearls are found in oyslers 220 A pleasant lillie square with a monu- 85 He is in the attiC ment 88 The curtains are still closed 223 A nice little shopping street 91 There is now 0 p icture on the wall 226 A well-known Itatian chef 94 Here is on old fashioned bath tub w ith 229 A tremendously tall building hot water in it 232 He IS in the a rmy 97 The housewife has just vacuumed 235 A bomb has exploded here 100 The kettle is boiling 238 Hes learnt to swim well 103 Shes putting something in the fridge 2.:11 This lady has been waiting for the bus for 106 The lable has been set Quite a whi le 109 That tree was unfortunately chopped 244 The ch ild has sat down on its potty down 247 This nice mill is situated behind a high 112 This televis ion isnt work ing any more dyke 115 Boy, how well she can sing 250 Kees is terrib ly proud of his new kennel 118 This sock has already been darned a 253 This lad has been awfully naughty few times 256 Belween the trees youll find some 121 He likes the smell Of Ihat mans cigar mushrooms 124 The photographer is taking a photo of 259 The post-office is on the square this couple opposite the bank 127 The passport must be stamped by the 262 The puppy runs outside customs officer 265 She we ighs much 100 much 6
  6. 6. http://uz-translations.netKLEDING CLOTHINGde heren-, domeskleding mens, ladies wear 1hat ondergoed underwearhat hemd singlet, undershirthat overhemd shirtde t-shirt t -shirtde kraag collarde mouw sleevede monchet cuffde manchetknoop cuff linkfen opgestroopte mouwde knoep button 2de gasp bucklede gulp flyde broak pants, trousersde onderbroek underpantsde spijkerbroek jeansde broekspijp trouser legde riam (om)l beltde zak pockethat (confectie)pak (ready-mode) suithat unifo rm uniformhat colbe rt suit coot, jacket 3de smoking dinner suitde toga academic gownde pyjama pyjamasde ochtend-, kamerjos dressing gownde bodjas bath-robede regen-, ovarjes raincoat. overcoatde bontjas fur coatde trui jumper, pulloverhat vest sweater, cardigan1 On with reference to items of apparel. can be either omor aane.g. t have a betf on (om). I have a coolon (oon). 7
  7. 7. http://uz-translations.net4 de jurk dress de avondjurk evening gown de onderjurk petticoat, slip de rok shirt de onderrok half slip, petticoat de blaes blouse hat slipje underpants, knickers de ponty(pl.-s) panty-hose, tights de nylons (nylon) stockings de beha 1 bra, brassiere de nachtjopo n nightdress, nighty De Schotfen dragen zon rokje5 de zwembroek swimming trunks hat badpak swimsuit (Iodies) de bikini bikini aan-, ulttrekken · ,-doen · to put on. toke off zich aan-, ultkleden to get dressed, undressed zich o mkleden to get changed de moat size de voering lining slacht/goed gekleed badly/well dressed possen to fit staan to suit de ritssluiting zip6 de stof material. fabric de kunststof synthetic material de zijde silk het f1uweel velvet hat katoen cotton de wal wool de kant lace hat nylon nylon hat linnen linen 1 BH is the usual abbreviation for busfel1ouder.8
  8. 8. http://uz-translations.netzijden silk(en) 7ftuwe len velvetkatoenen cottonwollen woollenkanten lacenylon nylongeruit checked, tartandruk gaudystrak tightlos loose80eren lopen op klompen.de schoen shoe 8 de klomp clog de laars (pI. laarzen) boot de pantoffel. slot slipper de sandaal sandal de hak heel (shoe only) de zool sole de (schoen)veter shoe lace de schoensmeer shoe polish poetsen to clean (shoes)de sok sock 9de (nylon)kous stockingde kniekous knee-socksde (zonne)bril (op) (sun) glasses (on)de (hals)ketting (am) necklace (on)de oorbel earringde armband (om) bracelet, bangle (on)de (trouw)ring (aan) (wedding) ring (on)de verlovingsring engagement ringde zakdoek handkerchiefde sjaal scarfde handschoen glove 9
  9. 9. http://uz-translations.net10 de want mitten de broche, speld brooch de haarband hair ribbon de (strop)das tie de muts cap de pet (peaked) cap de hoed hat o p-, a fzetten to put on, toke off (0 hot) de handtas handbag de portemonnale purse de portefeulUe wallet Een kistje vol p rochtige juwelen11 de ede!steen precious stone de ha!fede!steen semi -precious stone het juwee! jewel de diamant 2 diamond de robiln ruby de saffler sapphire de smara gd emerald het goud( en) gold (adj.) hat zUver( en) silver (adj.) hat tin(nen) pewter (adj.) WERK In.) EN BEROEP In.) WORK AND PROFESSION12 de boon job de betrekking job, position full-time , part-time full-time, port-time het bijbaantje extra job de vakbond trade union de staking strike staken to strike het loon wage(s) het salaris salary de loonsverhoging increase, raise lid zijn· van to be a member of 1 The eu in such French and Greek words is pronounced like Dutch ui. 2 The names of such precious stones are common gender when one particular stone is referred to, but are neuter when diamond etc . as a substance is intended.10
  10. 10. http://uz-translations.netwerken to work 13het werk workde arbeider labourerwerkloos unemployedde werkloosheid unemploymentin de WW lopen· 1 to be on unemployment benefits, the doleaanstelien to employde werknemer employeede werkgever employerde boos, chef bossDe kelner bedient een klantde kantoorbed lende clerk 14de manager managerde vakman (pI. -lui) expertde technicus (pl . -ici) techniciande postbode postmande bus-, bus, vra chtwagenchauffeu r truck driverde conducteu r conductorde architect architectde verpleger nurse (masc .)de verpleegster nurse (fem .)de servee rster waitress 15de kelner, ober waiterde journalist journalistde loodgieter plumberde timmermon (pI. -lui) carpenterde electricien electriciande automonteur mechanicde schilder pointerde horlogemaker watchmakerde schoenmaker shoemaker, cobbler1 ww - Werkloosneidswet( lit . unemployment law). 11
  11. 11. http://uz-translations.net 16 de autohandeloor car salesman de (rijks)ambtenaar civil servant de (polltie)agent policeman de brandweerman fireman de relsagent travel agent de makelaar broker; real estate agent de vuilnisman (pI. -nen) dustman, garbage collector de winkeller shopkeeper de verkoper shop assistant (masc.) de verkoopster shop assistant (fern.) lemand die tweedehcnds cutos verkoopt 17 de (heren)kapper (gents) hairdresser. barberI de kapster hairdresser (fem.), knippen to cut (hair)I de koopman (pI. -lui) de typlste merchant typist (fem.) de secreta ris secretary (masc.) de secretaresse secretary (fern.) tikken, typen to type de pollticus (pI. -lci) politician de aannemer contractor de metseloar bricklayer 18 de maatscha ppelijk social worker (-st- -fern .) werk(st)erl de bibliotheca ris librarian (masc.) de bibliothecaresse librarian (fern.) de vertegenwoordiger (sales) representative de slager butcher de bakker baker de bouwvakker builder. construction worker de ingenieu r engineer de tekenaar draftsman de kruier porter de visser fisherman 1 The word werkster on Its own refers exclusively to 0 cleoning lody or charwoman . 12
  12. 12. http://uz-translations.netDE FAMILIE THE FAMILY 19hat gezin (nuclear) familyhat famllielid (pI. -Ieden) relativeverwant (met) related (to)getrouwd (met) married (to)de vader fatherde moeder motherde zoon sonde doehter daughterde man mon; husbandde vrouw woman; wifeOit oude echfpaar is tweeenveertigjaor gefrouwdde zuster sister 20de broer1 brotherhat zusje younger. little sisterhat broertje younger. little brotherde schoonouders parents-in-lawde schoonvader father-in-lawde schoonmoeder mother-in-Iowde schoonzoon son-In-lawde schoondochter daughter-In-lowde schoonzusfer sister-in-lawde zwager brother-in-lawde oem uncle 21de tonte auntde neet " nephew, cousin (masc.)de nicht niece, cousin (fem.)de achterneef, -nicht second cousinhat kleinkind grandchildde klelnzoon, -doehter grandson,-daughterhat ochterkleinkind great grandchildde grootouders grandparentsde grootvader (opa) grandfather (grandpa)de grootmoeder (oma) grandmother (grandma)1 The full form bloedernowodays refers fa a brother in a religious order only. 13
  13. 13. http://uz-translations.net22 de (bet)overgrootouders (great)greot grandparents de peetoom godfather de peettante godmother het petekind godchild de pleegouders foster parents de stiefouders stepparents het stiefkind stepchild de wees, het weeskind orphan het weeshuis orphanage het bejaardentehuis home for the aged fen oeroude man met een wande/stolt: inzijn hand DE MENS MANKIND, MAN23 de mens( en) human being, person (people) het kind child de tienja rige etc. ten-year-old etc. de 65-plusser pensioner de gepensioneerde pensioner de leeftijd age van middelbare leeftijd middle-aged de juffrouw (unmarried) woman, miSS. young woman de heer man, gentleman de dame lady dames en heren ladies and gentlemen24 de meneer man, gentleman; sir, Me. de mevrouw woman, lady; madam, Mrs. dejongen bay het meisje girl dejeugd youth (collective) de jongelul young people de buren neighbours de buurmon, -vrouw neighbour de we duwe widow de weduwnoor widower14
  14. 14. http://uz-translations.netde baby (pl.-s) baby 25de kinderwagen pramde kinderkomer babys room, nurseryde wieg cradlehat slaapliedje lullabyde luier nappy, diaperde fop speen dummyhat babypoeder baby powderde tweeling twinde drieling etc . tripletDe pouter kruipt over de grondhat snig kind only child 26de ongehuwde moeder unmarried motherde peuter tiny tot (pre-kindergarten)de peuterspeelzoal, creche crechede kleuterschool kindergartende kleuterleidster kindergarten teacherde speeltuin playgroundhet speelgoed toys (collective)een stuk speelgoed a t oyhat vQorgeslacht ancestors, forefathers 27de voorouders ancestors, forefathershet nageslacht descendentsde voornaam christian, first namede achter-, familienaam surnameheten 1 to be callednoemen (naar) to call, to name (after)de bijnoom nick-namehat odres address1 NB: Hoe fleel u/je? - Whats your nome? Ik heel Wim _ My name is Wim, 15
  15. 15. http://uz-translations.net28 het gevoel (pI. -ens) feeling het zintuig sense het geluk happiness; luck de vreugde joy blij glad, happy tevreden satisfied gelukkig happy droevig sad opgewonden excited gedeprimeerd depressed Deze twee jonge mensen zijn hortstikke verliefd op elkoor29 de liefde love houden van to love de vriend friend: boyfriend de vriendln friend: girlfriend de verloofde fiance(e) verloofd engaged verkering hebben met to "be going with s.O . verliefd zi;n op to be in love with de verhouding relationship, affair kussen, zoenen to kiss de kus, zoen kiss30 moe t ired vermoeid weary de vermoeidheid tiredness, weariness ultputten to exhaust uitgeput exhausted bezorgd worried gastvrlJ hospitable vriendelijk (tegen) friendly (towards) aardig nice (of people) egolstisch selfish krenterig miserly, mean16
  16. 16. http://uz-translations.netde sloop sleep 31slapen · to sleepdromen to dreamde droom dreamde nachtmerrie nightmarewakken worden · to wake up (intr,)wakker maken to wake up (tr.)in sloop vallen· to fall asleepopstaan · to get up; stand upwei te rusten sleep well, good nightDe kindertjes zijn eindelijk in sloopgevallenHET MENSELlJK LlCHAAM THE HUMAN BODYhet hoofd head 32het voorhoofd foreheadhet hoar hairhet gezicht facehet oog eyehet ooglid (pi, -Ieden) eyelidde wimper eyelashde wenkbrauw eyebrowde neus nosehet oor earde mond mouth 33de lip lipde tand 1 toothde kies molarhet tandvlees gumsde kaak jawde tong tonguede kin chinde wang cheekde keel throat1 However, To have (a) toothache is alwavs It:iespijn hebben. 17
  17. 17. , http://uz-translations.net 34 de board beard de snor moustache 1 de hols neck (front) de nak neck (back)t. hat (jeugd)puistje de (steen)pu;st pimple boil de meeeter block-head de wrot wort de (zomer)sproet freckle ,, de maag stomach , de bulk de novel beUy navel • Deze arbeider heefl 8fJn horige borst • 35 de hand hand I. de yinger finger de duim thumb de wijsvinger index finger de middelvinger middle finger de ringvinger ring finger de pink little finger de vingertop finger tip de (hand)palm palm de nagal nail de muis ball of the hand 36 de schouder shoulder de arm arm de onderorm fore-arm de elteboog elbow de pols wrist de polsslag pulse de borst chest ; breast de boezem bosom hat middel waist (general) de taille waist (narrowest part) de heup hip 18
  18. 18. http://uz-translations.netde Ingewanden intestines, innards 37de dikke dorm large intestinede dunne dorm small intestinede blinde darm appendixde lever liverde nier kidneyde blaas bladderde galblaas gall-bladderde klier glandde schildklier thyroid glanddelong lungHij heett een bloor op zijn hlelhet been leg 38de dij thighhet scheenbeen 2 shin-bone, tibiade knie kneede kuit calfde enkel anklede voet footde zool solede hiel heelde teen toehet skel et , geraamte skeleton 39de schedel skullderug bockde ruggegraat backbone, spinede bot bonede merg marrowde rib ribde spier musclehet achterwerk, de bit len bottomde kant arse, bum1 Been/benenmeons leg/legs while been/beenderenmeons bone/bones as in the substance bone and dogs bone; one usually refers to ones own bones as borten.2 The wOld shin is always rendered in the plural in Dutch e .g. een schop tegen je schenen - a kick on your shin. 19
  19. 19. ,J http://uz-translations.net 40 hel hart heart de oder vein de spatader varicose vein de slagoder artery hat bleed blood de zenuw nerve de pees sinew de he rsenen brains hetlid limb; penis de tedematan limbs de rimps i wrinkle r --- . Engelse rBcMers dragon alfijd &en pruik I " 41 de scheiding parting de pony (pron. ponny) fringe de vlecht plait de bakkebaard(en) sideburn(s) de paardestaart pony-tail de krul curl krullig curly de kruin crown (of the head) de pruik wig hat hoarstuk toupee 42 hat geloot countenance de pupil pupil hat verhemelte palate hat gehemelte palate de mondholte oral cavity de stembanden vocal cords de slokdarrn gullet, oesophagus de bloedsomloop c irculation hat zenuwstelsel nervous system 20
  20. 20. http://uz-translations.netde sloop temple 43de oorlel ear-lobede amandelen 1 tonsilsde vingerafdruk finger printInslikken to swallowzich verslikken to choke on s.t.zijn neus snuiten· to blow ones nosefronsen to frown, wrinkle ones browknipogen to winkKijk eens wat je met kouwgomkunt doenvoelen 2 to feel 44zien" to seeproeven to taste (tr.)horen to hearknikken to nodkauwen to chewgapen to yawnademen to breathehoesten to coughniezen to sneezeboeren to burp, belchneuken, naaien, ." I " , to fuckde adem breath 45het speeksel salivahet oorsmeer ear waxhet snot snotde urine urinede pies pissde ultwerpselen (pl.) excrementde poep pooge str9nt shithet zweet sweatde boer burpde traan tear1 De amondel also means the almond.2 Vaelenls always reflexive when used intransitively e.g . Ik vael me niet lekker _ t dont feel well . 21
  21. 21. http://uz-translations.net 46 huilen to cry, weep plassen to piddle, pee een plasje doen· to piddle, pee poepen to poo naar de wc gaan · to go to the toilet een kleine boodschap doen· to do a number one een grote boodschap doen 0 to do a number two de bips bottom, bottie het gat bottom, bottie de penis, plasser, pfemel penis, doodle De taart smoakl echt neerlijkI; 47 lang talt kart short , ;" dik lal mager, dun 1 thin mooi pretty, beautiful lelijk ugly kaal bald vel greasy (of hair) rimpelig wrinkled ETEN EN DRINK EN EATING AND DRINKING 48 honger hebben 0 2 to be hungry dorst hebben· 2 to be thirsty trek/ zin hebben 0 in to feel like S . (load) .t verzadigd, vol full (of food) dronken, zat drunk smaken J to taste (intr.) lekker nice, tasty verrukkelijk, heerlijk delicious 1 People ore always mager and things a re dun. 2 Ik neb erge nonger/dorsl_ I om very hungry/thirsty, 3 Proer deZ8 oppel: hi} smookl geed - Taste this apple ; it tastes good . 22
  22. 22. http://uz-translations.nethet eten food 49eten* to eatdrinken · to drinkde keuken kitchen ; cuisinehet hapje bite, nibblehet voorgerecht entreehet (hoofd)gerecht (main) coursehet nagerecht desserthet toetje dessert, ottersontbijten· to have breakfastde soep soupde pap porridgeHij neemt een slok appelsapde maaltijd meal 50het ontblJt 1 breakfasthet middageten lunchde lunch lunchlunchen to have lunchhet avondeten dinnerdineren to dineeen hapje eten to have a snaCk, bitede borrel drink (alcoholic)bo rrelen to have a drinkhet slokje sipproost cheersde drank drink 51de wijn winehet bier beerde pils beerhet mineraalwater mineral waterde seven- up lemonade (aerated)de jus (dorange) orange juicehet (slnaasappel)sap (orange) juicehet appelsap apple juicemet/(zonder) prik (non- )aerated, carbonated1 The definite article is alwaVs used with meals e,g . bij het ontbijt - at breakfast. v66r de lunch _ before lunch. 23
  23. 23. http://uz-translations.net1I 52 de groente (sing.) vegetables de sic salad; lettuce de krop sic head of lettuce de kaol cabbage de zuurkool sauerkraut de rodekool red cabbage de boerenkoal curly kale de bloemkool cauliflower de Chinese keol Chinese cabbage het spruitje Brussels sprout Hij is verzadigd: hi} heeft fa veal groente gegeten 53 de komkommer cucumber de tomaat tomato de oordappel potato de andljvie endive de spina zie spinach de boon bean de spercis-, snijboon green bean de tuinboon broad bean de ui onion de knof1ook garlic 54 de pompoen pumpkin de wortel carrot; root de (winter)peen carrot (large) de knolraop turnip. swede de (rode) biat beetroot de selder!j celery de p a prika pepper, capsicum; paprika de (dop)erwt (green)pea de rad ijs radish de Spoanse peper chilli 24
  24. 24. http://uz-translations.nethet witlof chicory 55het peultje snow peade artisjo k artichokede asperge asparagusde champigno n champignon, button mushroomde paddestoel mushroom, toadstooldetauge bean shoots (Chinese)de raba rber rhubarbde aubergine aubergine, egg-plantde courgette zucchiniEe n rups voelt zich huls in een p e erhet fru it fru it 56de appel applede slnaasappel orangede mandarlJn mandarinde citroen lemonde grapefruit grapefruitde peer pearde pruim plumde p erzik peachde abrikoos apric o tde bes berry 57de braam blackberryde aardbei strawberryde framboos raspberryde rodebes red currantde zwartebes black currantde kruisbes g ooseberryde kers c herryde vijg figde passievrucht passionfru itde o nanas pineapple 25
  25. 25. http://uz-translations.net58 de druif grape de tros druiven bunch of gropes de banaan banana de rozljn raisin, sultana de noot nut de walnoot walnut de hazelnoot hazelnut de pinda, olienoot peanut de pindakaas peanut butter de kokosnoot 1 coconut Geef mij alsjeblieff acMe kame, geen aplasJcaffie59 de (riet)suiker (cone) sugar de basterdsuiker castor sugar de poedersuiker icing sugar het suikerklontje sugar lump de koffieboon coffee bean de oploskoffie instant coffee de cacao ! t·< cocoa kruiden to spice het kruid spice, herb de vanille (pron. -ilje) vanilla60 de origa no oregano het bieslook chives het basilicm basil de pepermunt peppermint de peterselie parsley de tijm thyme de foelie mace de roosmarlj n rosemary de solie sage het laurierblad bay leaf de kruidnagel clove 1 The nut is a kakosnoot but desiccated coconut is often ref e rred to as kokos.26
  26. 26. http://uz-translations.netde waterkers water cress 61het kaneel cinnamonde nootmuskaat nutmegde peper pepperde anlls aniseedde kerrie(poeder) curry powderde gember gingerde venkel fennelde azljn vinegarhet vet fat, drippingVerrukkelijke kaas uif Zwifserlandhet zulvelprodukt dairy product 62de melk milkde magere/volle melk skimmed/full cream milkde kaas cheesede roomboter butterde (slag)room (whipped) creamde margarine, boter margarinede karnemelk buttermilkdejoghurt yoghurtde via custard (ready-made)jonge/belegen kaas young/mature cheesehet gehakt minced meat 63het rundvlees beefhet varkensvlees porkhet lamsvlees lambhet schapevlees muttonhet kalfsvlees vealmager vlees lean meatde kip chickende (rook)worst (smoked) sausage (also a collective)het worstje sausage (individual) 27
  27. 27. http://uz-translations.net64 de vleeswaren sliced meats, smallgoods de ham ham het spek fatty bacon, bacon fat de biefstuk fillet steak de karbonade pork chop het wild game de eend duck de patrljs partridge de tazant pheasant de kwa rtel quail fen botertlam met frambozenjom erop65 de vis fish de markreel mackerel de haring herring de forel trout de kabeljauw cod de paling eel de schol plaice de tong flounder de ansjo vis anchovy de inktvis octopus, squid66 de gist yeast het (volkoren)meel (wholemeal) flour het zelfrijzend bakmeel self~raising flour de bloem flour (for cakes, not bread) het brood bread, loaf of bread het raggebrood rye bread het volkorenbrood wholemeal bread het broodje bread roll het krentenbrood fruit loaf de krentenbol currant bun de boterham slice of bread (and butter) het stokbrood French bread 28
  28. 28. http://uz-translations.netde saus sauce 67de jus gravy (meat juices)binden to thicken, bind (gravy)de maizena cornfloursmelten to meltde tomatensaus tomato sauce(Iaten) ontdooien to (let) thaw, defrostInvriezen- to freezedejam jamde honing honeysmeren to spread (butter etc .)Dit doosje snoep in100r iemondopengemaaktde patat (p l.) chips, French fries 68de mayonalse mayonnaisede mosterd mustardde ketjap, soja saus soya saucefrituren to deepfryde (olllf)olie (oliv·e)oilde slasaus salad dressingde appelmoes apple saucede snoep confectionery, candy 69het snoepje sweet, piece of candyde chocola chocolate (COllective)het chocolaatje chocolate (individual)het ijs ice; icecream (collective)het ijsje icecream (individual)de drop licorice (collective)het dropje licorice (individual)de koek tea cake, honey cakehet koekje biscuithet gebak pastries, cakes (collective)het gebakje pastry, cake (individual)1 /(08kis only used lor one particular sort 01 cake which is very common in Holland and usually eaten with butter on it. Otherwise coke is used lor plain buttercake and aorllor cokes with fruit , creom elc. on them. 29
  29. 29. http://uz-translations.net70 Chinees(-Indisch) eten Chinese( -Indonesian) food chine zen to eat Chinese de nos(s)i (goreng) fried rice de bami (goreng) (fried) noodles de loempia Chinese spring roll de sambal chilli pedis hot , spicy de tjap-tjoy chop suey de foe-jong-hal Chinese omelette het stokje chopstick de rijst(tafel) rice(table) Dil muisje Ilee" QeQeten en is toen in de hoek goon s/open DE DIERENWERELD FAUNA71 de leeuw(ln)l lion(ess) de tijger tiger de luipoerd leopard de olifant elephant de kameel cornel de neushoorn rhinoceros het nijlpaard hippopotamus de ka ngoeroe kangaroo de gira f giraffe de buffel buffalo72 de beer bear de ijsbeer polar bear de ezel donkey de muilezel mule het hert deer de bever beaver de des badger de muis mouse de rat rot de mol mole het stinkdier skunk de eekhoorn squirrel 1 A male and 0 female of animals are expressed by the words £len mannetjeand £len wijtje; note a lso £len monneljesoop!wijfjeSoop etc , - a male/female monkey etc.30
  30. 30. http://uz-translations.netde haai shark 73de zeehond sealde walrus walrusde walvis whalede dolfiln dolphinde aap monkey. apede vas foxde wolf wolfhet konlln rabbitde haas harede goudvis goldfishde slang snakeDe kat heeft net gejongd; ze heeftmaar drie poesjesde krokodll crocodile 74de schildpad tortoise, turtlede pad toadde kikker, kikvors frogde hagedis lizardde hond dogde kof(er) cat (tom)het hondje pup(py)het katje kittenhet huisdier pefde marmo t guinea pigjongen to give birth, to lamb, calve etc.het paard horse 75de hengst stallionde merrie marehet veulen foalde koe (pI. -ien) cowde stier bullhet kelf (pI. kalveren) calfhet schaap sheepderam ramdeooi ewehet lam (pI. -meren) lamb 31
  31. 31. http://uz-translations.net76 de geit goat het varken pig de zeug sow de big piglet de gans (p. -zen) goose de kip chicken, fowl de krielkip bantam de hen hen de haan rooster. cock het kuiken chicken (baby) kukelek u cock-a-doodle-doo de kalkoen turkey De haan kraait iedere oeMend om vij uur: kukeJeku77 de eend duck de park let budgerigar de kano rie(vogel) canary de papegaal parrot de kakatoe cockatoo de duif dove, pigeon de mus sparrow de ooievaar stork de ekster magpie de leeuwerik la rk de zwaan swan78 de reiger heron de meeuw seagull de pelikoan pelican de pinguin penguin de struisvogel ostrich de pauw peacock de vink finch de zwaluw swallow de spreeuw starling de roofvogel bird of prey32
  32. 32. http://uz-translations.netde adelaar, arend eagle 79de havik hawkde valk falconde kraai crowde raaf ravende nachtegaal nightingalede roodkeel robin red-breastde lepelaar spoonblllde merel blackbirdSiakken /usten groene bloderenhet insekt insect 80de vlieg ftyde bromvlieg blowflyde mug mosquitode bij beede bijenkorf beehivede wesp waspde krekel cricketde sprinkhaan grasshopperde libel dragon-flyde mier antde tor, kevar beetlede luis lousede termle t termite, white ant 81de spin spiderhet spinneweb spider webde rups caterpillarde duizendpoot millepedede schorpioen scorpionde vlinder butterflyde mot mothde worm wormde slak snail; slugde kakkerlak cockroachde vic (pI. -oien) ftea 33
  33. 33. http://uz-translations.net82 de garnaal prawn, shrimp de kreeft crayfish, lobster de krab crab de mossel mussel de oester oyster de schelp shell het weekdier mollusc het zoogdier mammal het buideldier marsupial Parels worden in oesters gevonden83 het dier, beest animal verharen to shed hair ">, ~ ,~ aaien to pat, stroke kammen to comb de halsband collar aan de lijn on a leash dresseren to train (0 dog, horse) zindelijk house-trained de kooi cage het hok pen, kennel het voer (pet) food84 het vel skin (of an animal) , fur de stoart tail de kop head (of an animal) de poot paw, foot, leg de snuit snout bijten - to bite de tepel nipple de uier udder de hoorn horn het gewei antlers34
  34. 34. http://uz-translations.netde vogel bird 85het nest nest(ult)broeden to brook , (hatch out )het ei eggleggen to layultkomen to hatch (out)de vleugel winghet kuiken chick, young birdde bek beakde snavel billde veer featherde klauw clawHij is op zolde rTHUIS AT HOMEde woonkamer 1 lounge-room, living room 86de slaapkamer bedroomde badkamer bathroomde rommelkamer junk-roomde keuken kit chenhet waskeuken laundryde kelder cellarde zolder attic.top floorde vliering attic, lofthet trappenhuis stairwellde trap stairs, stairway 87de tree (pI. treden ) stepde stoep front step; pavementde drempel thresholdde mat matde ( voor)deur (front)doorde bel bellbellen to ring, ring the bellhet slot (pI. slaten) Jockde sleutel key1 This room. which is v ery impo rtant in a Dutch house. ha s a variet y 0 1 names : huiskamer. voorkamer. zi/kamer. 35
  35. 35. http://uz-translations.netSS dieht, gesloten closed op slot locked het roam window de ruit window pone het luik shutter het plato nd ceiling de grond floor; ground de vloer floor de hoek corner Oe gordijnen zijn nag steeds dieMS9 de bank sofa, couch de stoel chair de leunstoel armchair de kruk stood de schrijftatel ( writing) desk het bureau ( writing) desk de serre a lcove, glazed veranda de erker bay window het gordlJn curtain het rolgordijn blind de luxaflex venetian blind(s)90 de vensterba nk windo wsil l de sChoorsteen(mantel) mantlepiece de haard hearth, fireside de boekenkast bookc ase de boekenplank b ookshelf de boekensteun b ookend de voos vase de lamp light, lamp de (gloei)lamp light, bulb , globe de schakelaar switch de kaars (pI. -rsen) c andle de kandelaar candlestick , candle holder36
  36. 36. http://uz-translations.netde lont wick 91de klok clockhet horloge watchhet schilderl) painting. picturede poster (pron. long 0) posterhet affiche posterde kachel heaterde centrale verwarming. cv central heatingde meubels (pieces of) furniturehet meubilalr furniture. furnishingsgemeubileerd furnishedInrichten to furnishEr hongt nu een schllderij oon de muurhet huis house. home 92de flat flat. apartmentde verdieping. etage floor. storeyhet dak roofde dakpan roof tilede gevel gablede schoorsteen chimneyde muur wall. garden wallde wand wallhet hek fence (low); gatede brievenbus letterboxhet bed bed 93het eenpersoonsbed single bedhet tweepersoonsbed double bedhet ledikant bedsteadhet hemelbed four poster bedde deken blanketde donsdeken duvet. down quilthat lakan sheethet (hoofd)kussen pillow; cushionde sloop pillow slip 37
  37. 37. http://uz-translations.net94 de kast cupboard, wardrobe de 1 (pl.laden) 0 drawer de ladenkast chest of drawers het nachtkastje bedside cupboard, commode de wekker alarm-clock het matrc s • mattress het opklapbed,!<~stoel fold-up bed, chair een bed o pmaken to make a bed Oit is een ouderwetse badkuip met warm water enn95 het bad bath de badkuip bath tub de douche shower het douchegordlln shower curtain zich douchen to shower de douchecel shower recess de wastafel wash basin de spiegel mirror de spons sponge de zeepbak soap container de handdoek towel96 de wc toilet het toile t toilet de plee 100 het wc-papler toilet paper de bril toilet seat doorspoelen to f1ush de riolering sewerage het riool sewer de wc-borstel toilet brush het ontsmettingsmiddel disinfectant de tegel tile38
  38. 38. http://uz-translations.netschoonmaken to clean 97opruimen to tidy uppoetsen to polish , clean (silver. shoes)schrobben to scrubde prullenmand waste-paper basketde vuilnisemmer, -bak rubbish bin, trash cande stofzuiger vacuum cleanerstofzuigen to vacuum cleana fstoffen to dustDe huisvrouw heeft zojuisf gesfofzuigdhet zeemleer, de zeem chamois leather 98de ramen zemen to clean the windowshet stoffer en blik shovel and brushde bezem broomvegen to sweepde dweil floor-clothdweilen to wash (floors)het schuurmiddel powder cleanserverven to paint 99de verf paintbehangen ° to wallpaperhet behang wallpapervernlssen to varnishhet vernis varnishde vloerbedekking floor coveringhet (vloer)kleed rughet tapllt carpet 39
  39. 39. http://uz-translations.net100 de was doen · , wassen· to do the washing, wash de wasmand washing basket de (was)knijper peg de wasmachine washing machine de centrifuge spin-dryer centrifugeren to spin-dry het wasmiddeL -poeder detergent. de waslijn washing line aan de lijn hangen · to hang on the line drogen to dry droog dry nat wet Het water kookt101 het fornuis stove de kookplaat hotplate de pit gas jet. burner de mixer mixer het cakeblik cake tin de bakvorm cake tin de bakplaat baking tray een cake/taart bakken to bake a cake een ei/uien bakken to fry an egg/onions vlees braden to fry meat grillen to grill de pottenlap pot mitt102 de ketel kettle de thee tea de koffie coffee de theepot teapot de koffiekan, -pot coffee pot thee/koffie zetten to make tea/coffee water koken to boil water de thee laten trekken· to let the tea draw~ het koffiezetapparaat coffee machine40
  40. 40. http://uz-translations.netde/het aanrecht kitchen bench 103de gootsteen sinkde geizer hot water systemde warm-, koudwaterkraan hot, cold water tap, faucetde stop plugde afwas/ vaat doen to wash up, do the disheshet afwasmiddel detergentde afwosmachine dishwasherde theedoek tea towelZe zet iets in de koelkostde koel-, ijskast refrigerator 104het vriesvak freezer comportmentde vrieskost freezer (separate unit). deep-freezede diepvries deep freezeinvriezen " to freeze (tr.)laten ontdooien to defrost. let thawhet ijsblokje ice blockde groentebak vegetable comportmentaan-, a fslaan" to switch on. off (intf-)(Iaten) aanbakken," to burn, stick (food) 105 aa nbrandenaangebokken, aangebrand burnt. baked onaan de kook brengen· to bring to the boil(Ioten) koken to boilstoven to stewsudderen to simmero pwormen to heat up. reheatfoeren to stirzouten " to saltverzouten " to oversalL salt too much 41
  41. 41. http://uz-translations.net106 de pan pot , saucepan de koekepan frying pan de/het deksel lid de snelkoker, snelkookpon pressure cooker vuurvost ovenproof dekom bowl het vergiet colander de houten lepel wooden spoon de schep ladle de/het broodrooster toaster de zeef stra iner, sieve De totel is g edekt107 de totel table de tofel dekken to set the table o pscheppen to serve up de onderlegger, · zetter place mat het bestek c utlery de vork tork het mes knife oon to tel zitten · to sit at the table bidden · to soy grace; pray eet smakelijk bon appet it smakelijk eten bon appetit108 de afwasborstel washing· up brush de vaatdoek dishcloth de weegschaa scale wegen " to we igh de rasp grater raspen to grate de citroenpers lemon squeezer ultpersen to squeeze (lemons etc.) het schort apron het recept recipe het kookboek recipe book42
  42. 42. http://uz-translations.nethet gereedschap tools (collective) 109de zaag sawzagen to sawde hamer hammerha meren to hammerde spijker nailde schroef screwde schroevendraaier screwdriverde beitel c hiselde bijt axe(o m)hakken to chop (down)de sleutel spanner; keyDie boom werd he/oos omgehoktde tuin garden, yard HOtuinteren to gardende kruiwagen wheelbarrowde schop spade, shovelspitten to d igde hark rakeharken to rakede (tuin)slang hosede broeikas glass housede vijver pondhet bloemenperk flower bedde schutting (wooden) fencede electricitelt electricity HIde stroom currenthet sto pcontact power-point, plug , socketde stekker plug (of an appliance)het verlengsnoer extension cordde kortsluiting short circuitde zekering, stop fusedoorbranden, -sloan to blow, burn out 43
  43. 43. http://uz-translations.net RECREAIIE EN ONTSPANNING RECREATION AND RELAXA liON112 de televisie, tv television hat televisietoestel television set de kleurentelevisie colo ur tv de zwortwit-televisie black and white tv (ap) de radio (on) the radio hat beeld picture hat scherm screen hat g eluid sound de antenna antenna, aerial hat net channel t6 hard too loud b ljstenen to adjust Deze fe/avisie doe! he! niet meer113 de uitzending broadcast ultzenden " to broadcast de ontvangst reception ontvangen" to receive hat progra mmablod tv and/or radio guide hat feuilleton 1 serial de a f1evering episode de (speel)ftlm (pI. -s) film, movie hat nieuws news hat weerbericht weather report114 de pick-up record player de geluldsinstolia tie hi· fi system de ploat record de langspeelplaat, alpes LP de single, singel single de hoes record cover de bondrecorder tape·recorder de box (pI. boxen) speaker de versterker amplifier de drooitafel turntable 1 See footnote 10 section 10.44
  44. 44. http://uz-translations.net 1de pian0 piano 11Sde vleugel grand pianode cello (pron. sello) cellode viool violinde gltaar guitarde/het klaveclmbel harpsichordde fagot bassoonde trompet trumpetde trommel drumhet orgel organde harp horpde hobo oboeWaf kan ze g09d zingen, zeglde drums drums 116de fluit flutede blokfluit recorderhet strlJkinstrument stringed instrumentde snoor string (of violin etc.)de toets (piano) keystemmen to tunegoed/ slecht gestemd in/out of tuneop de moat der muzlek in time to the musicde klarinet clarinetde zanger(es) singer 117zingen· to singhet lied (pl. -eren) songde melodle tune , melodyde muzl.k musicmusic.ren to ploy musicde musicus (pI. -ici) musiciande muzlkant street musician. buskerdansen to dancede dans dancehet ork.st orchestra1 To play the plano. guitar etc. Is p iano/gitaar spelen i.e . without an article. 45
  45. 45. http://uz-translations.net 118 het spel(letje) (pi speren) game koarten, kaartspelen to play cards biljarten to pla y billiards tennissen to play tennis hockeyen to play jockey voetballen to pla y football het doel goal schoppen to kick scoren to score de bal ball Deze sok is a/ een poor keer gestopt", 119 de vingerhoed thimble• naaien to sew de naaimachine sewing machine de naald needle breien to knit de breipen knitting needle haken to crochet bord uren to embroider herstellen to repair stoppen to darn 120 het patroon pattern het goren thread de bol wol boll of wool de streng, het klosje goren skein, reel of thread schllderen to paint de(water-, olie-)verf (water, oil) paint het penseel paint brush (artists) tekenen to draw de tekening drawing 1 It is a lso possible to say in Dutch biljort spe/en, tennis spe/en, voetba/ spe/en etc. 46