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Kelly C. Ruggles - Financial Planner

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Kelly C. Ruggles is the founder of American Reliance Group Inc. which helps retirees and preretirees learn about their financial options after retirement.

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Kelly C. Ruggles - Financial Planner

  1. 1. Kelly C. Ruggles: Founder and President of American Reliance Group
  2. 2. Kelly C. Ruggles is a financial educator and fee-based financial planner based in Spokane, Washington. Along with nearly two decades of experience in the field of financial planning, Kelly C. Ruggles also is the founder of American Reliance Group Inc. which helps retirees and preretirees learn about their financial options after retirement. American Reliance Group follows a unique five-fold approach that ensures the comfort of clients during their retirement years when their individualized financial goals for retirement are met.
  3. 3. Kelly C. Ruggles maintains that education is the key when it comes to successful retirement financial planning, and that teaching clients about intricate financial planning processes is essential. Kelly C. Ruggles simplifies complex retirement financial planning processes for the client. This process of simplification allows clients to understand how their money can be invested, giving them the knowledge to choose the best course of action to fit their budgets and requirements. Kelly C. Ruggles also has written several articles on the subject of retirement financial planning, articles that have been published in reputable financial journals.
  4. 4. Readers can read some of these articles on his Web site. Kelly C. Ruggles has written the book, 'Financial Concerns for Retirement,' in which he explained the need for retirement financial planning and how one should go about getting it. The various techniques and financial practices discussed in the book can be of great assistance to persons wanting to learn more about financial retirement planning. Still, it is advised that retirees consult their financial advisor before making binding financial decisions.
  5. 5. Kelly C. Ruggles' clients come from all classes of society, including businessmen, industrialists, government employees, and common Americans who want to live in security during their retirement years. Kelly C. Ruggles conducts regular workshops and seminars in Spokane to inform and educate people about the benefits of retirement financial planning.
  6. 6. About Kelly C. Ruggles Founder and president of American Reliance Group, Kelly C. Ruggles is an experienced, knowledgeable retirement investment expert. Learn more about Kelly C. Ruggles and retirement investment planning by browsing through http://www.kellyruggles.com
  7. 7. Contact: Kelly C. Ruggles American Reliance Group 1814 N. Normandie St. Spokane, WA 99205 http://www.kellyruggles.com TEL: 509-323-2887 FAX: 509-323-2889